How to Restore a Deleted File in Google Drive

Google Drive is an excellent choice for arranging your digital files. Due to its user-friendly features and reliable storage system, you won’t ever have to worry about losing access to your crucial data again. 

How to Recover Deleted Files from Google Drive

Google Drive makes it easier to carry out your responsibilities, whether working on a project, safeguarding your private papers, or just being organized. The times are quickly changing, and digital storage has become a crucial aspect of our everyday existence. You’re not alone if you accidentally deleted a file from Google Drive. 

Using our methods, you can quickly and successfully recover those files, allowing you to keep working without further stress. You must follow us through to the end to learn everything there is to know. 

Can you recover deleted files from Google Drive?

The worst-case scenario for every computer user is accidentally deleting a necessary file. If you’ve faced this situation, you could feel rather troubled. 

The key question is whether recovering deleted data from Google Drive is possible. Please don’t panic; there are some ways to recover them, which could be easier than you think. Keep reading to understand how to restore files from Google Drive!

Method 1: Check your trash bin

You can never be too sure about anything nowadays, don’t you agree? The same is the case with files in your google Drive. One day you have it, and another day you don’t! Losing data is upsetting, but you need to be prepared for it. 

We must tell you there are ways to recover the deleted data from your Google Drive. Yes, you might be able to find the files that you thought were lost forever in the trash bin.

There is a catch: Anything in the Google Drive trash is permanently deleted after 30 days. You run the danger of losing your information forever if you are late.

Steps to check your Google Drive bin

Step 1: Tap the Google Drive app on your device. 

Step 2: The hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) is at the upper left area of the page. Please go ahead and tap it. 

Step 3: There must be an option called bin with a trash icon. You must click on it. 

Step 4: Tap on the three dots icon under the deleted file. 

Step 5: You will find the options menu appearing on the screen. It will have options like, Restore, Details, activity, and delete forever

Please select Restore from the list. 

If the bin is empty, it has been more than 30 days, and now they are deleted permanently. 

Method 2: Use G-Suite Admin Console

You are in luck if you are entrusted with recovering lost data from Google Drive as a G-Suite administrator! You can easily restore lost data and ease the worries of your users with the help of the powerful capabilities of the Admin Console. Thus, say goodbye to the concern of lost data and welcome to the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can recover it all!

Do you use a G-Suite? If so, this course of action is ideal for you. 

Steps to use the G-Suite admin console

Step 1: You must sign in to your Google Workspace account. 

Step 2: There must be an Admin Console option. Please tap it. 

Step 3: Tap the option called User Next. 

Step 4: Please choose the User whose data needs to be recovered. 

Step 5: Do you see the three dots icon on the page? Please click on it. 

Step 6: You will find the option to restore data from the menu. Click on it. 

Step 7: A pop-up window appears on the screen. The window will ask you to specify the time at which you wish to restore the deleted data. Select the date and hit the recover button. 

Method 3: Try Google Drive Support

The loss of important data can result in significant annoyance and even monetary loss, whether done intentionally or due to a technological problem. Fortunately, Google Drive provides a complete range of tools to assist users in swiftly recovering their lost files. 

Contacting Google Drive Support will help you recover your deleted data and stop any additional problems. Hence, let’s look at how Google Drive Support may assist you so that a deleted file doesn’t destroy your day.

Step 1: You must navigate to your web browser and visit Google Drive Support.

Step 2: You will find a search field under How can we help you tab. Please click on it. 

Step 3: Type in find and recover a file and run the search. 

Step 4: Under the find or recover category, you will find three options: Android, computer, and iPhone & iPad

Choose your device. 

Step 5: Go to the Contact Us section and tap Send yourself an email

Step 6: Confirm your associated email address on the next page and tap on the submit button. 

Step 7: You must use your desktop or laptop to access the link in your email to continue your file recovery submission. 

Step 8: You will get a Google Drive File Recovery Request (Action required) email.

The full message states: Hi, 

Thank you for reaching out to Google Drive Support. We’ll try to help you find your missing file(s).

Step 9: Tap the form link in the mail, and choose your email. 

Step 10: Please enter your password next and follow the onscreen instructions. 

Note that Google will send you another email stating that your files have been recovered next. 

According to Google support, there are some criteria under which your files can be recovered. We have listed them below-

  1. You created the file.
  2. You uploaded the file to Google Drive.
  3. You accepted ownership of the file from someone.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. How to recover Google Drive files from a deleted account and transfer ownership to another G Suite user? 

Steps to recover Google Drive files from a deleted account: 

Step 1: You must open your Google Admin Console with your super admin credentials. 

Step 2: Hit the users tab next. 

Step 3: Find the + Add filter option and select it. 

Step 4: Click the dropdown menu and choose recently deleted from the list. 

Step 5: Now, go to the target user and tap the restore button. 

Step 6: Access your Admin console and go to Apps to transfer the file ownership to another G Suite user. 

Step 7: You will find the G Suite option. Click on it and go to Drive and Docs.

Step 8: Choose transfer ownership from the menu. 

Step 9: You must provide the respective username and domain of the User in the From and To section. 

Step 10: Finally, click the Transfer files option to complete your action. 

2. Do third-party tools aid in Google Drive file recovery?

Some third-party apps allegedly make recovering lost files from Google Drive relatively simple. You must, however, be cautious while using such tools. Only use them if you are confident in their ratings and reviews. 

And that’s a wrap

We have decided to end this conversation now. So, let’s review the topics we’ve already covered.

We discussed how to recover deleted Google Drive files. Don’t forget about the three tried-and-true techniques we discussed. 

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