Instagram Reels Downloader – Download Instagram Reels Videos {UPDATED 2024}

Instagram is the best platform for finding up-and-coming influencers, content creators, and businesses. Know that the app has everything you’ll need to find your perfect customers if you’re a startup or an aspiring creator. 

Instagram Reels Downloader – Download Instagram Reels Videos

Instagram reels are in vogue and have become the platform’s marketing king. The app provides amazing methods to reach audiences. You can share stories, upload photos and videos, and, of course, Instagram reels. 

The question of the hour is “how to download Instagram reels videos” today. Read on to learn all about it today.

Instagram reels – An essential guide

Do you frequently hear creators discussing how Instagram reels are important for going viral and driving engagement? It may have left you pondering what it is and how to make one.

Let us start by stating that Instagram reels are full-screen vertical videos designed to draw viewers in. It is easy to locate them because they have a tab of their own on the home feed. 

You can record, clip, and upload videos and pictures to your feed. They can last up to 90 seconds on the page. Additionally, they provide a library of audio tracks that users can use as the background. You might find it interesting that they are currently among the features on the platform with the fastest growth. 

Reels allow everyone—including businesses, creators, and aspiring influencers—to express their creativity. 

Given how well-liked the reels are, shouldn’t people be curious about how to create their own Instagram reels? We understand, so if you’re prepared to film your first reel, look at the instructions below.

Steps to create an Instagram reel

Step 1: Open Instagram and click on the + icon at the navigation bar at the bottom.

Step 2: Slide through the options and tap on Reel.

Step 3: Swipe up to open your Gallery and drafts. Please select your photos and videos from here. 

You can also record videos by long pressing the camera icon.

Step 4: Search for an audio track to sync to the reel, make edits, add filters, and tap the Share button. 

Can you download Instagram reels?

Let’s cut to the chase-

Have you ever tried downloading videos? It is possible to download Instagram reels, but the process is trickier than you think. 

You can download the reels to your camera roll. However, The app doesn’t have a download option for reels of other people’s videos. 

The app has no helpful feature that allows you to download reels from other users. You can only save the reels that remain on the app. 

However, you can use the accessible workarounds to download the reels if you want to. So, let’s shoot our shot and see which workaround is easy for us to try. 

Method 1: Download the Instagram reels 

You can never go wrong with Instagram reels! This visual content has gained steam over time, so the gram is full of them nowadays. 

Viewing a creator’s reels might inspire you to create something similar. Wouldn’t it be preferable for you to download the video immediately so you can access it later? 

We do believe that this is the best course of action at this time. We’ll explain how to download an Instagram reel so you can use it as motivation in the future.

Steps to download the Instagram reel on the app

Step 1: Open your profile page by tapping on your profile icon at the bottom right. 

Step 2: Scroll down to the reel in your post grid and click on it. 

Step 3: Do you see the three vertical dots in the upper right corner? Please tap on it. 

Step 4: There must be a download button in the options list. Click on it to proceed. 

Step 5: You will get a Saved to camera roll message on the screen. 

Head to your device’s photo gallery to view the Reel!

However, this method has a downside! You cannot obtain someone else’s videos using the same method. 

There won’t be any vertical dots at the top area to start. Let’s check out the next approach to see what we can do in this situation. 

Method 2: Save someone else’s Instagram reel on the app

You cannot download an Instagram reel in your camera roll if it belongs to someone else. However, know that even if your options are limited, you can still save the video on the app itself. 

Want to know how? Just check out the steps below. 

Steps to save someone’s Instagram reel on the app

Step 1: Open the reel you wish to save on the app. 

Step 2: You will see the three vertical dots at the lower right corner of the reel. Please click on it. 

Step 3: You will see two options at the top: Save and Remix the original Reel.

Please click on the save button.

Please take note that the three vertical dots at the bottom are only visible if you access the reel via the reel tab or the explore page. 

The icon should be present in the upper right corner of the Reel if you locate it in your home feed. The reel is now saved on the app! 

You will, of course, need to view the saved Reel in the future. So, here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Go to your profile page

Step 2: Tap on the hamburger icon in the upper right corner. 

Step 3: You will find the option that says Saved in the pop-up menu list. Please click on it. 

Step 4: Tap on the All posts option and click on the reel you just saved for viewing it. 

Method 3: Use third-party apps

Never undervalue the influence that third-party Instagram reel downloaders have. You can find many websites that offer free downloads by trying to find terms like “Instagram reels downloader.” 

Downloading any video is a straightforward process if you have them. Please note that most of these websites or apps do not permit you to download Instagram reels from private accounts. 

We’ve provided a list of a few websites that may be of use to you:



Instagram Reels Downloader

We will tell you the basic guide to download reels via this website below, so check it out to avoid getting confused along the way. 

Step 1: Go to Instagram and open the target reel. 

Step 2: Click on the share icon under the Reel next to the comment icon

Step 3: Can you see the copy link button? Please tap on it. 

Step 4: Open any of these websites above and paste the link in the field, and tap on the Download button. 

Your reels will be downloaded easily in your camera roll with this technique. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. Are third-party Instagram reels downloaders trustworthy?

We cannot assume that all of the website links you discover online for Instagram reel downloaders are trustworthy. However, you can find a lot of reliable websites and applications that will help you download the video. You can use the websites listed above if you don’t find any reliable websites.

2. How to unsave an Instagram reel?

You have now successfully channeled your creative energy and created a strong Instagram reel using the video you recently saved. Now that the video’s purpose has been served, shouldn’t you remove it? Let’s help you with removing the reel easily.

Steps to remove an Instagram reel from the saved section on the app:

Step 1: Go to the hamburger icon at the upper right corner of your profile. 

Step 2: Find the saved button in the list and tap on your target list on the next page. 

Step 3: Go to the bookmark icon at the far right corner under the reel and tap on it. 

The icon will immediately turn from black to white, meaning it has been unsaved. 

In the end

Instagram reels have completely changed the game on the app. It makes the obsession with saving or downloading them completely understandable. 

Please check out the methods we’ve shown you for downloading Instagram reels. We trust the methods are easy, and that you can carry them out effectively. 

Let us know what you think about the blog in the comments! Remember to bookmark our website so you can learn about tech-related content.

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