How to Divert Calls and Messages to Another Number

A telecommunications feature called call diversion, called call forwarding, allows incoming calls to be forwarded from the dialed number to another destination number. Any other phone number, voicemail, or other form of communication can be used as the destination number.

The benefit of call diversion is that it provides ease and flexibility in various situations. For instance, if a person needs to leave the workplace but is expecting an important call, they can set up call diversion on their mobile phone to still allow them to hear the call. 

How to Divert Someone’s Calls to Your Phone Number

If someone is on vacation, they can also set their calls to voicemail so they won’t miss any important calls while they’re away. Call diversion is crucial for maintaining communication while on the road.

Unconditional, conditional, busy, no answer and selective call diversion are several types of call diversion. Unconditional call diversion means that all incoming calls are instantly redirected to a different number without ringing or giving the caller a chance to answer. 

Have you ever wanted to divert your calls but didn’t know how? If your answer to this question was yes, then this article is where you can finally end your search. 

Continue reading the article until the end, and we will show you how to divert someone’s calls to your phone number.

Is Call Diversion Useful? 

Diverting someone’s calls to your phone can be a useful feature in several situations. Firstly, it is an excellent tool for businesses. Business owners can set up call diversion to ensure they never miss an important call, even when out of the office. This way, they can stay connected with their clients and customers and never miss a significant opportunity.

Secondly, call diverting is advantageous for one’s convenience. You can set up call diversion to your mobile phone, for instance, if you are at home and anticipate a crucial contact but need a brief break. You can still respond to the call in this manner and not miss it. Similarly, you can direct your calls to voicemail when on vacation or during a break so that you can enjoy your time without worrying about missing any crucial calls.

Thirdly, those with health concerns may find call diversion to be a helpful strategy. You can set up call diversion to a dependable family member or friend, for instance, if you have a medical emergency or need to be hospitalized. They can respond this way and notify the necessary people about the situation. 

The last use for call diversion is for privacy concerns. You can direct telemarketing or other unwanted callers to your voicemail box if you frequently receive their calls. You may protect your privacy and stop answering obtrusive calls by doing this.

Steps to Divert Someone’s Calls to Your Phone Number

If you are curious to diver someone’s calls to your phone number, here is a step-by-step guide. 

  1. Depending on your service provider and the sort of phone you have, the procedure for redirecting calls to your phone number may change. Here are some general actions to take instead:
  2. Verify the call-diversion option on your phone. The majority of contemporary cell phones come with a call-diversion option, but to be sure, it’s essential to check the manual or speak with your service provider.
  3. Depending on your particular model, you may need to open your phone’s settings to allow call diversion. Go to Settings > Phone > Call Forwarding on an iPhone. Go to Settings > Call Settings > Call Forwarding on an Android device.
  4. Enter the phone number where you wish the calls to be diverted: Enter the phone number you wish to be redirected to once you have visited the call forwarding settings. To prevent any missed calls, be careful to input the right number.
  5. Select the call forwarding type. Depending on your phone and service provider, you can have various call-forwarding choices. You might, for instance, be given a choice to forward all calls or simply those that reach your line when it’s busy or unanswered.
  6. Call forwarding must be activated when the number has been entered and the call forwarding type has been chosen. You might need to toggle a switch or click a button on your phone to activate the feature.
  7. Test the call-forwarding feature. Verify that the call is being forwarded to the right number by having someone call the original number to test the call-forwarding capability.
  8. Depending on your phone and service provider, the procedure for redirecting calls to your phone number may change. For further information on how to set up call forwarding on your phone, it is advisable to refer to your phone’s manual or service provider.

Wrapping Up! 

A call diversion communications function enables incoming calls to be redirected to a different destination number. It helps organizations and individuals stay in touch with their clients and customers while they are away from the office. 

Call diversion is a practical tactic for people with health issues. To set up call forwarding, enter the phone number, choose the call forwarding type, and test the call forwarding feature. Make sure the call-diversion option is enabled on your phone.

As promised, we have mentioned all the reliable methods that help you know how to divert someone’s calls to your phone number. So, what are you waiting for? Try the methods mentioned above and divert those calls to your device! 

We hope this article was helpful in understanding how to divert someone’s calls to your phone number. If you cannot find anything, let us know in the comment section below, and we will help you find the right solution!


1. How does call diversion operate? What is it?

You can divert incoming calls from one phone number to another using a call diversion feature, sometimes called call forwarding. The call is immediately transferred to the second number, a different phone or voicemail, when someone dials the original number.

2. Can I have calls diverted to my phone number from any other phone?

Most of the time, phone service providers offer the call diversion feature. It’s best to check with your service provider to see if call forwarding is included in your plan and how to set it up, even though some phones may already have this capability built-in.

3. Can I schedule a call to divert for particular hours of the day?

Yes, most phone service providers give customers a choice to program call diversion for particular hours of the day. This option may be helpful if you just want calls redirected to your phone during business hours.

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