How to Get Notification When Someone is On Call {UPDATED 2024}

Technology has dramatically shifted how we work, and several innovations have made our lives simpler. Cell phones are, without a doubt, one of the most brilliant creations. We all can collectively agree on it, can’t it?

How to Get Notification When Someone is On Call

Phones have seen many improvements over the years, and we’ve gone from using button keypads to full-screen touch devices. Our cellphones’ notifications have grown to be a very important feature. Sometimes, these tiny reminders may actually keep us out of trouble.

Therefore, despite how annoying they might be at times, we usually leave these notifications on, right? In fact, we at least occasionally check them to never miss out on anything.

When you are online, or occasionally even when you are not, you receive app alerts depending on that app. You receive notifications for device updates on a regular basis and for online group meetings.

Do you want to receive notifications when someone is on the call? We’re here with the same question, so don’t worry! So, you’ve found the right place because this blog will be where we discuss it.

Anyway, let’s dive into the blog to get the answers without wasting more time. Please stay with us till the end so that you may learn everything.

Can you get a notification when someone is on call?

We know you wish to have a notification alert when someone is on call since it can help save a lot of time. Unfortunately, there is no such feature available yet. Therefore, there is no method for you to receive notifications while someone is on call.

Although the news is upsetting, there is yet more in store for you. We can thus confirm that you may receive notifications from the apps you use, even if you are on a call with someone. You need to simply follow the paragraphs below if you are keen to learn how.

How to enable app notifications on the device? A basic step guide to follow

Notifications are messages you get from your respective apps, which are purely internal settings for your device. So, if you want, you may receive notifications even when you are on a phone call from your apps.

They assist you in maintaining the app’s upgrades so that you don’t skip out on them while being busy somewhere else. The steps are listed below if you wish to learn how to set up app notifications on your smartphone.

The instructions are simple to follow, and you may finish in a few seconds. So, make sure to check them out and follow them.

Steps to turn on app notifications on your device:

Step 1: Navigate to the Settings on your device. You should see the gear icon and tap on it to access the settings menu.

Step 2: Enter Notifications on the search field on this page and tap on the result.

Alternatively, you can scroll down and find this option to access it.

Step 3: Upon following the previous step, you will enter the notification page. Please turn the toggle on for notifications for all the apps present on your device here.

You can leave out the app for which you believe that the notifications aren’t necessary.

Wrapping up

Let us discuss the main topics that we have explored today in the discussion. So, the topic of our conversation was regarding call notifications. We discussed how to get a notification when someone is on call.

Well, this is one of the most-asked questions that many smartphone owners seem to have. We figured that this was not something we could know since we don’t get notifications when someone is on call.

However, we went ahead and covered how to activate our app notifications in the section after that. We have given you step-by-step instructions to follow to avoid any other confusion.

We hope the instructions were clear to you and that you had no trouble completing them. You may follow us to learn more about how-to tutorials for various technological topics.

Also, tell anyone who requires such answers about the blog. Please express your thoughts about the blog in the comments so we can learn what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you tell if someone is on another call?

It is simple to determine if someone is on another call. You can ring them and check whether they pick up or if they are currently not available or busy.

We can tell that someone is talking to someone else when we phone someone and the automatic answering service says they are busy on another call. You may either call them back later or keep calling them.

2. Can I hear incoming call notifications while on another call?

When someone calls you while you are on another call, you can undoubtedly hear them. The majority of devices use beep noises to alert users when someone else calls them at that time.

But people who are engrossed in conversations might miss it. You will receive missed call notifications on your phone, which you can check out later, so don’t worry.

The best way to ensure that you never miss important calls is to converse on the phone while it is on speaker. You will be able to see any incoming calls by doing so. Alternatively, you can periodically check your phone while speaking to check for calls.

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