How to Disable Direct Messages (DMs) on Instagram {UPDATED 2024}

Instagram has changed the game for every social media platform out there! The craze over Instagram has taken over the world and given rise to a whole new world. This is no surprise seeing Instagram’s rapidly increasing population over the years!

How to Disable Direct Messages (DMs) on Instagram

What is more surprising is that even the most prominent business brands have shifted to Instagram as a part of social media marketing. Besides providing straightforward communication with people throughout the world, Instagram has also given an easy method for small business to run their business online and reach their audience over the internet.

You can directly text them through the Direct Message (DM) feature to communicate with someone. The DMs allow you to video/audio call someone, text them, send them pictures, voice notes, GIFs, and so much more! You can also send stickers. DMs are one of the most accessible forms of communication.

But have you ever come across a time when Instagram messages drive you crazy? Getting random texts from people can sometimes be annoying. Moreover, receiving texts from people that you do not want to talk to can also be crazy. So, there may have been a chance where you see random people sliding in your DMs, and you feel, “oh man, can I disable my DMs, so I do not have to deal with these anymore?”

There are various reasons why you may think of turning off the texts on Instagram but is that even possible? We did our thorough research about this feature, and unsurprisingly, we came across a few methods that can help you get some peace of mind with your DMs!

So, in this article, we will list multiple methods to disable your Direct messages on Instagram without any complicated steps. So, without further ado, let us get into the details below!

Does Instagram Allow You To Disable DMs?

Unfortunately, there are no ways by which you can turn off the messages on Instagram. You can only disable them for certain people. Apart from that, you can only limit the messaging on Instagram. But that doesn’t seem like a bad option to limit people from texting you, right? After all, you want your account to be a safe space between you and your friends.

Let’s get straight into the details about how to disable direct messages (DMs) on Instagram.

1. Disabling DMs From Strangers

Instagram sets default settings that messages from strangers as well as followers or following lists will arrive in your Instagram requests folder. You can easily control who can message you and disable them if you do not want to get messages from random people on Instagram. Here’s how you can do it.

Step 1: Open your Instagram application and go to your profile screen.

Step 2: A three-bar icon is located on the top right corner of the profile screen. Click on it and select the settings option from the menu.

Step 3: Click on privacy from the settings menu.

Step 4: Now, click on the messages option from the privacy menu list.

Step 5: If you do not want to receive texts from your followers, click on Your followers on Instagram.

Step 6: Click on “Don’t receive requests.”

2. Turn off Notifications

You can turn off message notifications entirely if you do not want to receive messages from anyone instead of muting a few people. Once you turn off the notifications, you will no longer see their message popping up on your screen. However, they can still send you messages.

Here’s how you can do it.

Step 1: Go to settings from the profile section and click on the second option named “Notifications.”

Step 2: You can see a toggle option named “Pause all.” Click on it to temporarily stop receiving notifications such as comments, live, followers, and messages.

You can also turn off notifications for messages and calls by just clicking on the option underneath. If anyone sends you a message, you will not receive any notification for it. You can only view them in your inbox.

3. Muting a Contact

You can mute their chat thread if you want to pause receiving messages from a few contacts. Even if the contact sends you a message, you will not get a notification. If your online status is turned on, the other person can see your online status on the chat thread.

Open their chat thread and click on their name located on the top to mute their contact. Turn on the mute message situated next to it. You can even mute their call notifications. No person will never know that you have muted them, so you can be assured you are safe and have peace of mind!

4. Restrict The User

If you restrict a user, you will stop receiving messages from the contact. It is a substitute for blocking someone.

Any messages from restricted contact will be directed to the message request folder rather than the regular chat thread folder. In this way, you will not receive any notifications or new messages from them. The other contact will not know if you have restricted them and will also not be able to see your activity status. Here’s how you can restrict a contact.

Step 1: Click on the “info” option located at the top right corner of the user chat thread.

Step 2: Scroll down and select the “restrict” option and confirm it.

That’s it! The user is now restricted.

Wrapping up

Over the past few years, Instagram has gained significant popularity and plays a vital role in influencing the world. Without Instagram’s presence, we cannot imagine how different the world would be now!

From communicating and sharing your favorite memories online to running your business online, things have become highly easier due to Instagram’s exceptional functionalities. While one of the most popular features is DMs, it can be pretty annoying when people keep texting you, and you do not want to interact with them.

If you were curious about how to disable your direct messages on Instagram, the methods mentioned above would help you do that without any hassle! So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and tackle the unwanted DMs right away!

We hope our article helped you find the right method to disable DMs. Over to you. Which method worked for you from the listed ones above? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you turn off read receipts like WhatsApp on Instagram?

Unfortunately, no. You cannot turn off read receipts or the seen option on Instagram. A person can see whenever you open their text, so there is no way to turn off your read receipts on Instagram.

2. Can someone text me if my Instagram account is private?

Yes, anyone can text you whether you have a private or public account. Anyone can see the send a message option on the three-dot icon on your profile.

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