How to Get Notification When Someone is Online on Facebook {UPDATED 2024}

Facebook, which is now known as Meta, has been one of the most popular social media platforms that enable users to stay connected with their loved ones across the globe. Facebook has been popular for more than a decade now. Remember when you would come back from your school to check your Facebook account every day and talk to your friends and crush through the platform?

How to Get Notification When Someone is Online on Facebook

Ever since the platform has evolved, Facebook has been great for talking to your friends and family who live away from you as it makes communication easier. However, you may know that Facebook lets you know when someone is online. You can see if your friend is active and send them a message.

But, everyone has been in a situation where you keep waiting for your friend to come online to talk to them. While Facebook lets you know when someone is online, can you get a notification when someone comes online?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you get a notification as soon as someone comes online on Facebook so that you can initiate a conversation without breaking it into pieces? Of course, you do not want to keep waiting with your eyes glued to their profile to see if their status changes to ‘active now.’

In this article, we will see if it is possible to get a notification whenever someone comes online on Facebook. If yes, what are the ways?

So, are you curious to know the details? Let’s get into our article!

Can You Get a Notification When Someone Comes Online on Facebook?

Sadly, Facebook does not give you an option to get a notification whenever someone comes online. Whether you use Facebook on your browser or laptop, there is no way you can get notified if someone comes online. If you open Messenger, you can see people who are currently active, but you will have to check the active user’s list manually.

The only way you can find out if someone is online on Facebook is by checking their active status. You can open their profile on Messenger, and if they are online, you can see their status as ‘active now.’ However, if they are not online, you will see their ‘last active’ with time or no status if they have turned off their last active on Messenger.

Now, if you are exceptionally impatiently waiting for someone to come online, you can keep their chat window open. But, if you are talking to multiple people, it is impossible to keep everyone’s chat window open. On the other hand, it is practically impossible to keep their chat window open 24 hours to see their active status because there may be a chance that they would not come online.

Although it may be disappointing to know that you cannot get notifications whenever someone comes online, Facebook avoids adding this feature to protect its user’s privacy. Often someone can be online, but they will not respond to you. The person doesn’t need to be ignoring you. There may be a chance that they logged into their account to check something important or have their internet on all the time.

Now, if you start getting notifications for the user’s when they come online, this will be an invasion of people’s privacy. Moreover, your privacy will also be invaded because other people can be notified whenever you come online. Lastly, it will create plenty of disputes between people as many people will assume someone is purposely ignoring them or so.

Therefore, as long as this feature does not exist, enjoy your peaceful Facebook experience!

Should You Use Third-Party Applications To Get Notifications When Someone Comes Online?

It is evident that if there is no direct way to get notifications when someone comes online on Facebook, you will look for alternate methods. If you do your research online, you will know multiple third-party applications and websites exist!

These applications and websites are all third-party and not linked to Facebook in any way. However, they boast of providing you with features that Facebook doesn’t, including getting notifications whenever someone comes online on Facebook. But, despite all the possibilities that third-party claim to provide, most of these websites and apps are scams or do not work.

Facebook has strict policies when it comes to user privacy and security. Facebook prohibits users from using any third-party applications and websites. Besides not working at all and wasting your time, it also contains severe security threats such as stealing your personal data.

We also do not encourage our readers to use third-party applications and websites to override Facebook’s privacy policies. If you know someone who is using third-party applications or websites to get notifications for when someone is online, you can give it a try. Remember, use these applications and websites at your own risk.

Wrapping up

Facebook has still remained popular despite being here for over two decades. With its acquisition of WhatsApp and Instagram, it has continued to stay relevant with all the new features to keep users excited.

Since you can effortlessly communicate with your friends and family on Facebook, you may want to know when they come online so that you can talk to them in peace. Unfortunately, you cannot get a notification if someone comes online, but you can check their active status on Messenger. You can see their active status turn to ‘active now’ with a green dot whenever they come online.

Note that we do not encourage third-party applications and websites to invade anyone’s privacy and create unnecessary disputes. So, all you can do is wait until Facebook decides to launch this feature so you can use it without putting your security at stake.

With that, we hope this article was helpful to know how to get notifications when someone comes online on Facebook. Over to you. Did you find any legit method that worked for you? Let us know in the comments section below!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there any application that will help me get notifications whenever someone is online on Facebook?

Unfortunately, Facebook itself does not allow you to get notifications when someone comes online. However, you can see someone’s last active and active status on Messenger by opening their chat window.

2. Which is the best online notifier for Facebook in 2022?

Facebook does not officially provide any feature where you can get a notification when someone is online. Various third-party applications can provide you with a feature that will alert you with a pop-up whenever someone is online. Still, these applications can be risky to use due to security concerns.

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