Can Snapchat IP Address Be Traced? {UPDATED 2024}

We live in a new world of technology in which everything we do leaves a trace. However, Snapchat, a popular messaging app among its peers, was built on the idea that things should not last forever. 

This app exemplifies a transient messaging app. So, well, you can very well imagine that the images on the app fade after the recipient views them. This social networking platform indicates a new direction in social networking, with users, particularly millennials, wanting to communicate in real time.

How to track Snapchat IP?

The app is popular because it removes the limitations of longer-term forms of communication, meaning we can be raw and candid in our conversations. We’ve all had days when we’re worried that we don’t have enough social media followers or that our work isn’t getting enough notice. Honestly, we all can admit it without feeling guilty to our core. 

However, because Snapchat is a direct communication, these problems are inherently absent, which makes it even more famous than it already is. However, even this one-of-a-kind social networking site is periodically vulnerable to internet harassment and assaults. Quite unfortunate if you think deeply.

At some point, we or someone we know may have been caught up in this downward spiral. So, in this circumstance, what are your options? Of course, blocking them is one thing, but blocking is not the best solution all the time, and we guess you are aware of it. 

We recommend tracing them using their IP address. If this method piques your interest, we are sure you have many questions. What’s an IP address and how can we retrieve someone’s IP address using Snapchat are what we will address today. 

What is an IP address? 

Finding a way to pull out someone’s IP address without knowing what it is is crazy. You don’t have to worry if you don’t know, though, since we’re here to explain everything to you.  

An IP address, or Internet protocol address, is a string of digits connected to everything on the Internet.

Alright, let’s put it this way: You’ve probably encountered numbers and characters like 99:200:676:76 or AB11:HG11:3636:6GHF:7676:9292:565H:464S. These are the IP addresses as we identify them.

An IPv4 (internet protocol version 4) IP address is the first collection of integers we use as an example! The second set of integers is called an IPv6 address (internet protocol version 6). 

Is it possible to trace someone’s IP address on Snapchat?

Snapchat, like any other social media site, is a privacy-conscious service. They collect critical information about you and your device but never share it with others simply because someone asks them to. 

So, while it does collect your IP address for privacy purposes, it never makes it public. Now that Snapchat is out of the question, is it time to look for some viable alternatives? Continue reading if you want to understand more about them.

Alternative methods to track someone’s IP address

IP addresses are sensitive information, so the chances of apps actually revealing it to you are minimal. However, there are times when we must obtain someone’s IP address, and more than half of those present are dealing with such situations. 

Perhaps someone is dealing with cyber bullies who are mimicking everyone to obtain vital information. Anyone using an online platform, let alone Snapchat, should never underestimate these scenarios. 

To assist you in dealing with Snapchat’s negative characteristics, we’ve compiled a list of Snapchat-exclusive ways to determine someone’s IP address. We hope you give the upcoming sections a chance to make yourself aware of them. 

The Snap Map tool

Snap map on the Snapchat app is the most entertaining and privacy-invading feature available if not properly managed. This live interactive map never reveals your IP address but does much more. It can pinpoint a person’s position in real time. 

Someone may have spied on your account or seized control of it, among many other possibilities we will explain later. However, if your ultimate aim is to track their whereabouts, the Snap map feature can help. Anyone’s location may be viewed in real-time if they have enabled the feature in the form of a Bitmoji character if they have one.

Do you wish to know how to view someone on a Snap map? If so, please follow the step guide below. 

Steps to view someone’s location via Snap Map:

Step 1: On your Snapchat app, head to your profile by tapping the profile icon from the upper left corner. 

Step 2: Scroll and tap on the Snap Map present on the screen. 

Step 3: Once you do it, you can see your Bitmoji

Step 4: Trace the grey status bar under their names and the timestamp to find out the person’s current location. 

Alternatively, tap the Friends tab at the bottom right corner and find the person you’re trying to locate. 

Command prompt

How many of you know our Windows operating systems already have a command prompt? The command prompt, sometimes called cmd.exe, is a Windows utility that allows us to execute commands. 

It has enabled us to run a script to obtain someone’s IP address through Snapchat. Why not give a command prompt a go if you’ve never used one before or have lately realized how beneficial it is for discovering someone’s IP address?

You are aware, however, that for the command prompt to operate, you must have a Snapchat account loaded on your desktop, which is reasonably simple now that the app is available there. 

Remember, if you’re moving forward with this method, you must stop all your windows background apps! Grab your devices and follow the steps when you check these boxes. 

Steps to use the command prompt:

Step 1: Open Snapchat and tap on the target individual’s chat. 

Step 2: Strike a conversation with the person to proceed. 

Step 3: On your computer, tap on the combination of Win+R, and you will find the run box.

Step 4: Input cmd if it is not already present by default and tap on OK to continue.

Step 5: Enter netstat –next to your name, and tap on the enter key next.

There you go; you can now view the person’s IP address. 

Bringing third-party apps into the mix

Our third-party tools come in handy when an app does not enable us to perform anything or restricts us from using a feature or option. We’ve all used one or more third-party tools for various purposes at some point. These third-party tools have come in handy on several occasions. 

But do you know how reliable they are? Few third-party apps are safe to use. However, we’ve all heard of cases where third-party services proved to be a major letdown. 

Many developers of such tools tempt you to use them by giving so-called premium services at much-reduced prices, only to get you in even more dangerous situations.

Knowing all of this, we hope you can see how they will interact with your device. As a result, you must do your share to avoid falling victim to showy third-party tools that are ineffective or shady.

It’s easy to become lost in the sea of third-party apps, but that’s why we’re here! Please look through some tools that may be useful to you right now. 

Grabify IP logger

Grabify will never escape your attention if you’ve ever Googled IP grabbers. This free open website has kept everyone enthralled because of how simple it is to use. 

The only need on your end is a basic understanding of social engineering. You capitalize on someone else’s silly error for your gain. It is, however, a challenging skill to master since you must be convincing if you truly want people to click on a link you have given them.

And, keep in mind, we’re all dealing with clever, evil-minded hackers or bullies, so building a trap and capturing them isn’t as simple as it seems in principle. You must be alert, vigilant, and watchful.

If you acquire someone’s IP address using Grabify, you may use it to determine their approximate location. We’ll guide you through how to use the Grabify IP logger to get someone’s Snapchat IP address below.

Steps to use Grabify:

Step 1: Please open your preferred browser and open Grabify.

Step 2: Upon reaching the Grabify website, scroll down to find the enter a valid URL field. 

Now, please ensure you have a perfect clickbait link that the target user can not resist to lure them into clicking it. 

Step 3: Do you see the Create URL option, tap on it. Once you see a prompt asking for the consent of your action, click on the I agree & create URL option.

Step 4: A new page will appear with your Link information. You will find the New URL with an option to change the domain/make a custom link. 

Step 5: Next, you need to copy the new URL and head over to your official Snapchat app.

Step 6: Scroll past your added contacts to find the person in target and tap on it to open the chat.

Step 7: Paste the link and wait for them to open it. And once they do, go back to your Grabify IP logger and refresh the page.

Step 8: Here, you will find the person’s IP address and location under the Results tab.

If the previous tools do not work, you should not remain idle and try another. This time, use, which makes obtaining the IP address from Snapchat easy. 

When you visit their website, you’ll see that they provide separate search features for numerous social networking networks. They collaborate with famous social networking networks, including Whatsapp and Instagram, as well as Tiktok, LinkedIn, and Skype.

You may obtain a full-length IPv4 and IPv6 address as well as the host nation’s location, region, and country code. Are you ready to learn how to use their services? Check out the steps below to learn everything there is to know about it. 

Steps to use 

Step 1: Open link on Chrome or your preferred browser. 

Step 2: Do you see the Snapchat IP lookup tab towards the end? Click on the Learn More option underneath it.

Step 3: You will land on the Snapchat IP Lookup Tool page. Scroll down to find the Snapchat Username Only field. 

Here, you need to enter the full Snapchat profile URL of the person in question and tap the search button.

Wait for a few minutes; then, you will receive their IP address.

Developing your IP logger

Have you ever considered putting your engineering degree to use, or are you a student of the liberal arts who has no idea what we’re talking about? 

Today we’ll speak about creating your IP logger because the one currently out there isn’t working for you, right? 

Yes, you read that right. If you believe, you can’t think again. If you’re a developer or know someone who is, you can create your own. After all, the IP-stealing apps are created by someone, isn’t it?

Furthermore, we feel that the chances of someone following a link on the customized logger built by you are significantly higher than the chances of someone following a link on the ordinary loggers scattered across the web. 

IP theft is not rare; digging deeper reveals how pervasive it has become. As time passes, more and more individuals choose to ignore such clickbait. Utilizing third-party programs has become increasingly challenging as users have become more aware of them.

You must be familiar with at least one programming language to create your own website. If you don’t, ask a friend or sibling who does, or pay someone, and you’ll be alright. Choose from various hosting sites to which you may acquire access to continue building your website. However, because free domains may not be high quality, we recommend spending a few chunks of your bucks there.

And after you’ve created your IP logger, you can repeat the process by sending the URL to someone whose IP address you want to trace on Snapchat. If that fails, go for those enticing links on YouTube or other websites that make their fingers quiver to click.

If they fall for your bait, you may search for their IP address on your website. You must let us know whether or if this technique works for you. 

Tracing people’s IP addresses on Snapchat- Is it a need?

It is not always necessary to trace an IP address. We understand that many of us are concerned that someone may obtain our IP addresses, but it is not every day that individuals delve into this topic. Furthermore, your IP address is not as secret as you would imagine. We’re all aware that it’s someplace on the internet.

We all have different motives for tracing someone’s IP address on Snapchat. As a popular app among millennials and Gen Z, Snapchat is not immune to attacks and spammers, and it’s critical to keep these negative characteristics under control, right?

Of course, there are several reasons why it is vital to track someone’s IP address, and not all of them are criminal. If you want to learn more about them, please see the following sections. 

Cyber attacks: A bane in online existence

The growth of social media has resulted in a completely new communication landscape. However, as social media grows rapidly, it has offered the best of both worlds: a world of advantages and possibilities and a world laden with major cybersecurity dangers.

There have been numerous significant hacks on social media, and no matter how disappointing it is, there’s nothing much we can do. Looking at Snapchat now, you’d believe the app is secure, but we all know that there are unfortunate events on this social media app too. Unlike other social media networks such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, Snapchat is customized. However, cybercriminals regularly use your IP address to target you, leaving you vulnerable. 

They have rapidly discovered a means to infiltrate your messages and disturb the platform’s general calm for you. We recommend never communicating with people who are strangers to you! Why? Well, inviting attackers is not on your bucket list, right? 

You can ignore the methods they use to steal, modify, or even erase your information on the app. If you do not become aware of these critical aspects, you will spiral into this vicious cycle of crime and assaults. 

If you can access their IP address, you may determine where they live, narrow their country to at least the city, and follow their Zip Code if feasible. Of course, other elements play a role in catching an attacker, but knowing an IP address is critical information and one of the first indicators. Once you know where they are, it is much easier to track them down, and you must consent to it.

Blacklist someone

Time and again, we have felt the urge to enter our screen and slap someone left and right because of how truly annoying they are. Some people you meet online are easily the most pretentious people you must have met! 

Besides, it is not only strangers but also our friends with whom we have conflicts. Have we all been guilty of blocking someone during a heated argument?

Consider entering your Snapchat account and seeing nasty remarks, online harassment, or even threats from people you don’t know. It might happen on any other social networking site.

You can prevent someone from contacting you again, a technique we regularly employ. And, at its heart, every app makes the process simple for users. 

We commonly feel that blocking someone is an extreme option that we use when none of the app’s privacy or security measures work. There are several reasons why tapping that block button on someone appears to be the only realistic choice.

However, if the problem persists and you continue to receive messages like this, why not track their IP address the next time? This practice is commonly referred to as IP blacklisting/blocking.

When you employ this strategy, these random IP addresses are automatically denied access to your networks. So, if someone attempts to play games with your account, this solution is useful.

IP-based Marketing

Have you seen Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook polls asking people what product they will choose? That’s an amazing marketing technique, right? 

The thin line that separates us from choosing one brand over another is focused on genuine advertising. The notion of marketing has evolved slightly as a result of the internet and, of course, the emergence of social media. It provides a level of precision previously unavailable in marketing. 

These companies and brands utilize the method to target you depending on your IP address and display adverts right in front of your eyes. Your IP address is logged without your awareness when you visit their website. The amount of these personalized emails you get regularly has skyrocketed.

You open e-commerce sites like Myntra once and see thousands of the products you showed interest in lined up for you all over your social media! More domestic and international businesses are riding IP-based advertising on the web. 

Companies just give you things to make your travel more helpful and entertaining. Furthermore, brands may increase user engagement and conversions by using this IP address approach.

As buyers, we’ve employed this marketing strategy multiple times, purchasing things based on advertising that piqued our interest. Of course, by seeing such advertisements, firms profit, but who did all the labor in the background? Our IP address, of course.

Copyright protects your original works by guaranteeing that no one plagiarises them and that you are credited for them. We’ve all heard this word at some time during our academic careers and kind of hated it when the plagiarism count wouldn’t go down, no matter how much we wanted it. 

If you need to discover what’s causing these issues, it’s conceivable that someone has broken into your social media network. One of the most likely scenarios is that the offender gained your IP address. 

You should also be aware that you may be able to discover the IP address of the person guilty of all of this mayhem to track them down. Based on their IP address, you may determine where they reside, and this strategy, along with some rigorous cyber security methods, can perform wonders for you.

Frequently asked questions

Why can’t I see where someone’s Snap map is? 

If you can’t see someone’s snap map on the app, there’s a good chance they’ve enabled ghost mode, which means they want this information to be kept secret. However, if you are still ready to track their whereabouts using this means, please ensure that you ask them to disable this mode. However, we hope you don’t force this information out on that person if they are unwilling. 

Is it feasible for Snap Map to display the exact location of the person?

Snap map does not guarantee absolute precision in assessing whether or not it can present you with a specific location. It could, however, spark an approximate idea for you. So, you have to make peace with this fact. 

Summing it up

That’s it, dear readers and IP address enthusiasts; we have ended our lengthy discussion. We hope you find huge chunks of informational advice and approaches you can try. 

If you have more questions, please feel free to comment on them so we can read and answer them later. You can also follow our website for more tech-related tips and tricks. 

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