How to Archive Someone’s Tweets on Twitter {UPDATED 2024}

What comes to mind right away when you think about Twitter? Is it a contentious debate from one of your well-received tweets or amusing small talk that you engaged in? 

Well, the app will continue to rank among the most well-known in the social media space regardless of how people view it. Twitter users are conscious that a straightforward one-line tweet from them has the potential to go viral or cause cancellations. Therefore, we have one small piece of advice for you while you are here: you must be cautious when tweeting!

How to Archive Someone’s Tweets on Twitter

Can you say the same thing to your earlier self, who was eager to sign up for Twitter for the first time? Now that you can, what happens to the tweets already sent? 

We know that some tweets make you feel embarrassed, and not everyone enjoys looking through their profiles to find embarrassing tweets. So, instead, why don’t we search for ways to archive tweets? 

Today, we’ll talk about how to archive someone’s tweets on this blog. So, are you with us? You must be sure to stay with us through to the finish to learn everything about it.

Can you archive someone’s tweets on Twitter?

Our Twitter archive is available for download, and doing so is pretty simple. Most of you, we are confident, are aware of the process. 

Please don’t panic, though, if you have no clue what it is. This topic will be covered a little bit later in the blog. 

Whether you can archive someone’s tweets on Twitter is our primary concern in this situation. To be clear, Twitter hasn’t previously provided us with a tool that allows us to archive someone’s tweet.

However, there’s no need to fret over it because it is not a dead end. Where there is a will, there’s always a way! So, we expect you to check out the other sections to see what can be done!

Using a third-party tool/website can help

We believe you may have anticipated this answer! After all, Twitter doesn’t yet have a function that enables us to archive other people’s tweets. 

There is a tonne of these tools available online, but not all of them are trustworthy. Perform a comprehensive background check before relying solely on a website. 

You can look at TrackMyHashtag if you have no idea where to start. You can use it to keep track of comments about any hashtag, keyword, or mention. 

Additionally, it aids in getting past Twitter data pertaining to hashtags, keywords, or usernames. We assume you already know that you should obtain Twitter archives using the historical data feature. We say this because you will have access to the accounts’ earlier messages. 

We think a lot of you are unsure of how to proceed with the stages. Please follow us because we are here to assist you.

Steps to use Trackmyhashtag to download Twitter archives

Step 1: Open Trackmyhashtag on your preferred web browser. 

Step 2: Do you see the hamburger icon at the top right corner of the page? Please tap on it.

Step 3: An options menu will appear on the screen. Please select Historical data from the menu.

Step 4: A request data option should be present on the page. Click on it next.

Step 5: Enter your name, email, and search term next. 

Step 6: You must type in your start date and end date as well. 

Step 7: Finally, you must click on the submit button. 

Please be aware that the Historical Twitter dataset’s cost is based on the number of tweets.

Use Twitter API

If the previous solution doesn’t work or you merely require more trustworthy options, we have one more for you. We must warn you, though, that the strategy has a drawback: Only 3,200 tweets are available to you. We claim as much in light of the present limits.

You should visit this link to access the Twitter API. It has historical data that can be searched using sophisticated filtering tools for either the last 30 days or the entire archive of public tweets. Additionally, you can obtain and interact with tweets, compile a collection of them, and filter them in real time.

Downloading your Twitter archive – An essential step guide to follow

We are aware that there aren’t many options for Twitter to archive someone else’s tweets. We won’t hold the app responsible for that since the concept itself seems a little strange. However, we can always retrieve our Twitter history, and you are also not specifically barred from doing so. 

Do you know how to retrieve your Twitter archive? Let’s guide you through the stages so that you don’t get lost along the way.

Steps to download your Twitter archive

Step 1: Open your Twitter account and tap on the profile icon at the top left corner. 

Step 2: Go down until you see the Settings & Support option. Tap on it once you see the option. 

Step 3: Upon doing so, you shall see the Settings and privacy option. Please click on it next.

Step 4: You must opt for the Your account option at the top of the next page. 

Step 5: An option called download an archive of your data must be present here. Please click on it. 

Step 6: Please verify your password on the next page to continue. 

Step 7: There must be a request archive option next. You should click on it to proceed.

That’s it; this is how you can easily view all of your tweets. You must now wait for the app to compile your tweets and deliver them to the email address you provided when you registered. The Twitter staff may need a few days to prepare the download.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. Can I access recent messages from a private account using Twitter APIs? 

No, you must ensure that the account you are targeting is public to get current tweets. 

2. Can I delete tweets in mass on Twitter? 

The Twitter Help Center states that there is no method to delete tweets in bulk on Twitter. Therefore, the only choice is to manually delete each one one by one.

And that’s a wrap

We’ve made a choice to end this discussion now. Let’s review the subjects we have already discussed. 

We covered how to archive someone else’s Tweets on Twitter. Additionally, we have discussed downloading our Twitter data. Ensure you read through the entire explanation of the topic we provided. 

Please leave a comment below if we were able to adequately address your concerns. The blog can also be forwarded to individuals who might require these solutions. Please bookmark our website so you never miss a tech-related update if you are interested.

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