How to Fix Instagram Post/Reel Stuck on Preparing or Uploading? {UPDATED 2024}

If you’re a consistent Instagram user, you know the excitement of sharing a new post or reel with your followers. But what happens when that excitement turns into frustration as you stare at the never-ending “Preparing” or “Uploading” screen?

Whether you’re a content creator striving for engagement or simply want to share your special moments with friends and family, we understand how you feel when these situations pop up. That’s why we have come up with a solution. 

How to Fix Instagram Post/Reel Stuck on Preparing or Uploading?

In this blog, we’ll help you resolve those pesky, stuck posts or reels on Instagram. We’ll delve into the reasons behind this issue and equip you with troubleshooting techniques that have proven successful for Instagram enthusiasts like yourself.

So, enough; it’s time for new hacks. Let’s get started. 

Can you fix Instagram Post/Reel stuck on preparing or uploading?

You’re eagerly waiting to share your content with the world, but it seems like it’s stuck on a hinge. Unfortunately, it’s a problem many Instagram users have experienced, and it can happen for various reasons. 

There are a few troubleshooting apps that could break free of this absolutely annoying situation. Just know that you’re not alone in this struggle, and we are going to show you all the measures it takes to post that awesome content you have stored.

Why is an Instagram post or reel stuck on preparing or uploading?

If you find your Instagram post or reel stuck in the “Preparing” or “Uploading” stage, there are several reasons why this might happen. We might not be able to pinpoint just a single reason why this is happening; however, ruling out the possibilities one by one can help. So, here are a few reasons that trigger this Instagram situation. 

Poor internet connection

Uploading an Instagram post or reel can take forever if you have a weak or unstable internet connection. So, your best guess is to check if you’re connected to a reliable Wi-Fi or cellular network. Analyze if your internet is the villain here or if it’s just Instagram messing with you, like it usually does now and then. Consider moving closer to your router or switching to a more stable network if necessary. Got a friend nearby? Ask him or her to share a hotspot and see if that works.

Large file size

Uploading large file-size media can tremendously slow down the content upload process. Media like high-resolution images, lengthy videos, or multiple clips can take longer to process and upload. Your next best solution is to consider resizing or compressing your media files before uploading them. Because reducing the file size will speed up the uploading process and ensure your content is delivered in its best version.

App or server issues

Occasionally, Instagram’s app or servers may encounter glitches or technical difficulties that disrupt the upload process. These issues are usually temporary and get resolved quickly. If you find your post or reel stuck on “Preparing” or “Uploading,” try the ever-go-to method of closing and reopening the app or simply wait for some time before attempting to upload again. That leads us to the next common issue…

Outdated app version

Using an outdated version of the Instagram app can lead to issues when you try to post something on the platform. So, just think, when was the last time you updated the application? If you couldn’t remember, it’s time to update! Install the latest version of Instagram and keep an eye out for future versions as well. Updating the app can help you fix any bugs or glitches causing the upload delay.

There is a teeny tiny chance that your Instagram account may face temporary restrictions or violations that prevent you from uploading content. If you have received any notifications or warnings from Instagram regarding your account activity, address the issues accordingly. 

Review the guidelines, ensure compliance, and rectify any potential violations. Resolving account-related issues will help you resume sharing your posts and reels smoothly without interruptions.

Temporary Instagram feature limitations

Instagram introduces new features or updates now, and then that may have temporary limitations or issues when uploading specific types of content. So, keep an eye on official Instagram announcements or their support page for any common issues or limitations. 

How to fix an Instagram Post/Reel stuck on preparing or uploading? 

Now that you know the possible reasons, here are a few troubleshooting hacks that can come in handy in this annoying situation. You can attempt the following steps.

Close and reopen the Instagram app

You might have already tried this, but by any chance, it just slipped your mind to close the app and reopen the app. This action can help refresh the app’s processes and potentially resolve any temporary glitches or issues that might be causing the problem. By doing this step, you give it a chance to start afresh and attempt the upload again, hopefully without getting stuck this time.

Restart your device 

When dealing with endless uploading issues on Instagram, restarting your device can be a helpful troubleshooting step. Sometimes, devices’ temporary system glitches or software conflicts can hinder the smooth operation of apps like Instagram. By restarting your device, you give it a clean slate, allowing it to reset and potentially resolve any underlying issues that might be causing the upload to get stuck. 

Clear the cache of the Instagram app

Caches are temporary files that apps store to facilitate faster loading and smoother operation. However, these cache files can accumulate over time and lead to errors. By clearing the Instagram app’s cache, you essentially remove these temporary files, allowing the app to start fresh. 

By clearing the Instagram cache, you can free up storage space on your device and potentially resolve any performance issues you may have been experiencing. 

Remember, clearing the cache will not delete any of your personal data. It only removes temporary files and data that Instagram stores on your device.

Uninstall and reinstall the app

If all else fails, uninstalling and reinstalling the Instagram app can be a final troubleshooting step. This action ensures that you have a clean installation of the app without any lingering issues. Once you reinstall the app, log in to your account and attempt the upload again option to see if the problem persists.

With these tips and tricks, you have a better chance of resolving the issue of your Instagram post or reel getting stuck on the “Preparing” or “Uploading” stage. If the problem continues even after trying these troubleshooting steps, you may need to reach out to Instagram’s support team for further assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How do I fix my Instagram post when it shows “Preparing”? 

Here are a few methods that can come in handy: Close and reopen the Instagram app, restart your device, check for app updates and install them if available, clear the cache of the Instagram app, and finally, uninstall and reinstall the app. 

2. Is there a posting limit on Instagram?

Instagram hasn’t explicitly stated any limits; however, the platform often restricts spam activities if the algorithm detects them.  

3. Can you get banned for posting too much on Instagram? 

Too many posts and engagement, such as likes and comments, can portray you as a bot; hence, Instagram may block your activity for a while.

In the end 

We covered all the troubleshooting steps, from checking your internet connection to clearing the Instagram cache to every classic reinstalling method. Even though it sounds cliche, sometimes patience is the key. Just put a hold on the issue and let Instagram resolve it. 

So, if you find yourself trapped in the frustrating cycle of “preparing” or “uploading,” fear not; it’s just for the time being. We hope this blog has helped you find solutions. If you have further queries, drop us a line below.

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