How to Find the IP Address for a PS4

Have you wondered if it is possible to track a user’s IP address on PS4? It may sound strange, but it is certainly possible. In this article, we have every piece of information you will need to get started.

It is prevalent for users to interact with others on PS4 via voice chat. There are several options for anonymity with gamer tags and privacy settings; people can talk to each other online. But sometimes, conversations can escalate to different hurtful comments, viewing the highly competitive nature of the game. The heated conversation can lead to various threats being hurdled at each other. One of the popular ways to threaten your opponent is by discovering their IP address and discovering where they live.

PS4 IP Address Finder – Find IP Address from PS4

So if someone finds out your IP address, how exactly will they do it? Unfortunately, discovering someone’s IP address is not that difficult. You should protect yourself and your personal information when surfing anything online. It is also essential to know how your IP address can be discovered so that you can protect yourself.

Internet Protocol Address, also known as IP Address, is a unique address to identify the device’s geographic location, like region, country, and ISP, among millions of other devices. However, most of us do not know how to track IP addresses from different devices.

So, how to find an IP address on PS4?

In this article, we will provide you with different methods to find addresses from PS4. So, let’s get straight into the details.

Methods to Find IP Addresses From PS4

Let us take a look at all the methods to find IP addresses from your PS4!

Using PSN Resolver

PSN Resolver is one of the most widely used PS4 IP tracker tools that can obtain IP addresses with the help of PSN ID. PSN ID is the PlayStation ID similar to a username of PlayStation. To obtain the ID, you have to select the profile of the target and grab their IP address by copying his username. Then, go to webpage, paste the username in the given field, and click on resolve.

However, this method is not always effective. If you can not locate the IP address on PS4, do not worry. We have mentioned various PS4 IP trackers below.

Grabify–PS4 IP Grabber

Grabify is a website application that can obtain the IP address using a URL or a tracking code. All you need to do is create a Grabify URL and send the link to the target. Once the target clicks the link, the tool will immediately grab their IP address. Here’s how you can obtain someone’s IP address using Grabify:

Step 1: Select a web URL that might interest the target and copy it.

Step 2: Go to the Grabify IP Logger webpage, paste the URL in the box and click on “Create URL.”

Step 3: Click on “I Agree and Create URL” when asked to accept the terms, conditions, and privacy policy.

Step 4: You will be redirected to an information page. The new URL created can be used as bait to attract the target. The tracking code will be obtained once he clicks the URL.

Step 5: Now you have to send the Newly created URL to the target, and you can also manipulate him to click this link. Once the target clicks the link, go to the Grabify homepage and input the tracking code you just received. All information about the target user, like IP Address, country, and user agent, will be listed on the homepage.

Using Wireshark

Wireshark is the most commonly used network protocol analyzer used to track IP addresses from PS4. Since PS4 runs on a P2P connection, the IP address can be obtained by other gamers and vice versa. Let’s see how you can obtain an IP address from PS4 using Wireshark.

Step 1: Download the Wireshark application from the official website and install it on your PC.

Step 2: Link your computer to a router and connect your PS4 to the PC using the ethernet cable. Ensure that you enable the connection-sharing option on your PC to allow the PS4 to connect to your network.

Step 3: Open Wireshark, and the packets will reach your console. You can see them in Wireshark and pick the linked IP address.

Using Command Prompt

You can use Command Prompt to track a user’s IP address from PS4. All you need to do is chat with the target user and establish a shared internet connection.

Step 1: Start your PS4 console and determine the target you want to get the IP address.

Step 2: Ensure that you have a connection with the target and ask him to join the PS4 party or message him directly.

Step 3: In the search box, type cmd, right-click the command prompt, and click on Run as administrator.

Step 4: In the cmd prompt window, type netstat -an command and click enter. Then check the newest established TCP tag that will help you track the IP address with the help of an IP location finder.

It can be terrifying if anyone threatens you online, especially if you are unaware of their capabilities. If you educate yourself, these everyday threats will not pose a threat to you whatsoever. It may sound terrifying, but it is an unrealistic threat. They can even cause a DDoS attack that can shut down your internet connection. It is essential to understand that this can not be executed with just your IP address alone; they need to learn a few other skill sets as well.

Prevent PS4 IP Tracking

Now you know how to obtain the IP address of another PS4 user, you can also get exposed without suitable protection. As stated earlier, it is possible to mask your IP. Anyone using the tricks mentioned above to collect your IP address will receive a fake one with phony geolocation.

There are various ways to mask your IP address, especially on PS4. You will only need PS4-specific proxies, which are available in services like High Proxies, MyPrivateProxy, or Blazing Proxies.

Wrapping up

It is always best to stay familiar with protecting yourself online, but also essential to determine that none of those mentioned above IP-grabbing tricks should be used cruelly. Although it is not illegal to grab someone’s IP address, using them against them is.

Online gaming can lead you to receive threats, which can be a depressing experience and can make you stress about your privacy. Staying educated about the tricks mentioned in the article will increase your knowledge of better defending yourself online.

We hope you find this article useful. Which method worked for you? Let us know in the comment section below!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it unlawful to obtain someone’s IP address?

No, it is not illegal to obtain someone’s IP address as it is publicly available. What is unlawful is abusing their IP address and personal information in an ill-intent way.

2. Can I prevent tracking of my IP address on PS4?

Even though you cannot prevent tracking, as an IP address is required to play online, you can take steps to mask your actual IP address.

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