Facebook IP Address Finder – Find IP Address from Facebook {UPDATED 2024}

About 1.62 million people use Facebook every day. While it’s possible that 99% of these individuals have legitimate reasons for using Facebook, there’s a good chance that 1% of them are fraudsters or have phony profiles.

These accounts’ primary objective is to cause commotion on the social media network. It is imperative to report such Facebook accounts if they are disrupting local communities, corrupting your browser, or attempting to damage your Facebook page.

Facebook IP Address Finder – Find IP Address from Facebook

Alternatively, you might try to identify the user’s IP address and block them to stop their further disruptions. Capturing an IP address is quite helpful since it prevents you from falling into dubious con artists’ traps.

This post might assist you if you are the target of stranger conversations and want to discover who or where they are truly talking with you from. Here are a few quick and efficient techniques to get a user’s IP address from Facebook without more ado.

There are various reasons why you would want to learn the IP address of a Facebook user or page. Perhaps you are gathering information about your audience in order to provide customized services.

It’s possible that you’re getting offensive or spam messages from an unknown person on messenger. Those who wish to monitor someone may also easily spoof their identity and post false information on their page.

For instance, they may easily put New York as their hometown and update their profile with false information. They could also include the universities and institutions in New York from which they have received degrees. But how certain can we be that the data is correct?

That is when monitoring a Facebook user’s IP address enters the picture. It provides free access to the user’s precise and current position on Google Maps. If you’re a newcomer to Facebook, this post will show you how to locate someone’s IP address for free if they have a Facebook page or account.

Facebook IP Address Finder: What is it?

You can find the IP address of a Facebook account or page using the free online tool Facebook IP Address Finder. You may also use it to instantly monitor a Facebook profile’s whereabouts. Simply input the profile or page URL in the Facebook IP Address Finder and hit the Find IP button to get the IP address of the Facebook account. You might also enjoy some of our other pertinent tools, like our username generator and Instagram IP address finder.

Is it possible to track someone’s IP address on Facebook?

Why don’t we check to see if the app has any procedures in place for this before we extend our wings and attempt various methods to access someone’s IP address via Facebook? We mention this because, in your opinion, we must first understand Facebook’s perspective on the matter.

Let’s start by mentioning that Facebook records your IP address each time you log onto your account, which really is pretty much a given whether you’re aware of it or not. Of course, Facebook will share the IP address when there is a legal issue and the matter is brought to the notice of the proper authorities.

IP addresses play a crucial role in the app’s documentation of significant cybercrimes. But in this case, the cops are in control of these things. You are not required to tackle the circumstance by yourself. However, if these circumstances are not present, Facebook doesn’t really make this information public.

However, there are certain hacks that you can use—and which are simple to carry out—to discover someone’s IP address. Facebook also allows you to follow someone’s whereabouts if you simply want to, but it’s incredibly consensual. However, let’s do our best to obtain someone’s IP address via Facebook right now.

How to Find a Facebook Account’s IP Address

You don’t need to worry if you lack technological expertise yet need to find out where a Facebook member is. The steps listed below are easy to follow:

Step 1: Send a chat invitation to the person whose IP address you want to trace.

Step 2: Open the “command prompt” by selecting “start” on your smartphone while you are chatting with that individual.

Step 3: Pressing Windows + R will launch the command prompt if you are using a Windows device. Enter “cmd” and hit Enter in the dialogue box that displays.

Step 4: If you’re using a Mac, click the spotlight icon, type “terminal,” and then hit enter when you locate the Terminal tab.

Step 5: Type netstat-an into the command prompt right away. Be cautious not to enter any additional spaces or characters.

Step 6: Your screen will now show a list of IP addresses that look like numbers like The Facebook user with whom you are speaking is the owner of one or both IP addresses after this address.

Step 7: The next stage is to locate both domestic and overseas addresses. Then copy it and save these to your clipboard once you’ve located them.

Wrapping up

To reveal the place hidden behind these addresses is the most important stage. In order to achieve this, visit what is my IP address or another website of a similar nature and enter such IP addresses in the search field. On the resulting page, you can find out specifics about the user’s location, the device he or she is using to chat with you about Facebook, the operating system that’s running on it, and even his internet provider.

Guys, I hope this makes it simple for you to locate someone’s IP address on Facebook. Please leave a remark below if you have any queries or recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you find someone’s IP from Facebook?

Yes, you can track someone’s IP from Facebook or messenger.

2. Is it disallowed to track an IP address?

Only using IP monitoring for business-to-business marketing, not for personal use, is permitted.

3. How can I use Facebook to ping an IP address?

In the Command Prompt, type ping www.facebook.com -t.

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