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Twitter is a popular social media platform that enables users to express their thoughts as tweets. These tweets are limited to 280 characters and can include text, images, and videos. Users can follow other users to see their tweets in a news feed and also like, retweet, and reply to them. 

Twitter is often used for sharing news, updates, and personal thoughts and has become a popular platform for public figures, celebrities, and businesses to connect with their audiences. It has also been used for activism, journalism, and real-time reporting of significant events. 

Twitter IP Address Finder – Find IP Address from Twitter

Being such a giant portal, Twitter has some preset set rules and regulations when it comes to the privacy of the users. The developers have ensured that the users’ privacy, security, and data are maintained and stored securely. You can never get anyone’s location or IP address directly from Twitter. But have you ever wondered if you can get a person’s IP address and location via Twitter?

If you are in a difficult situation, you may desire to track down the individual behind the account.

While law enforcement is always there to assist, you can also use your strategies to insure you are not being targeted. Whatever your motive is, we have you covered! Twitter will undoubtedly not reveal its users’ location or IP address, but we have acquired some tools and a workaround to assist you. However, it is critical to remember that we are only sharing methods for good.

Stick with us towards the end of this article, and we guarantee you to have some cool and techy workaround ways to find the IP address of a user from Twitter. So, without further ado, let’s dive deep into the detailed methods and steps to find a user’s IP address from Twitter. 

Method 1: Employing an IP Grabber

IP Grabber conducts its operations uncommonly and innovatively. It generates tracking links that seem and behave just like conventional links. There are lines of code hidden in the URLs that take the IP address and send it to us. Let’s go over the steps in detail.

Step 1: Select an individual link of interest. If the target person enjoys watching sports, choose an image or video link related to it. Transfer the link to your clipboard using ctrl+c. 

Step 2: Open your browser and navigate to the Grabify website.

Step 3: Paste the copied link into the “Enter a valid URL or tracking code” section upon opening the website. Simply select “create URL.” The resulting URL should be copied and saved. It will be used to gather data regarding the intended user.

Step 4: Open your Twitter account and message the intended target with the copied URL. Make sure they click the link since only when they do will the IP address and other information become available. Send the link to them in a non-suspicious manner.

Step 5: After the user clicks the link, return to Grabify’s website and select the “tracking code” option.

Step 6: At this point, just sit back and unwind as the website displays all the details on the target user, including their IP address, location, Internet service provider, etc.

Method 2: Using CMD for securing the IP address. 

Windows command prompt is a very effective tool for executing and running commands on the computer. You can even view the IP address of a user connected to your computer with the appropriate command. This method makes it very simple to track IP addresses, and once you have the IP address, you can quickly visit other third-party websites to ascertain the user’s location. Let’s go through each of those points in more depth to give you a clear understanding of everything.  

Step 1: Download the Twitter app on your desktop and sign in with your registered credentials. Keep your phone nearby in case they ask for identification verification.

Step 2: We must be careful that no other programs are operating in the background to capture a specific IP address. Clear all active applications besides Twitter in the task manager after opening it.

Step 3: Open Twitter and send that individual a text. As soon as they go online, we can identify their IP. Make sure the person stays online during this process, and it would be even better if you could get them to give you a video or voice call.

Step 4: Hold the user’s interest while launching the command prompt, press Win+R on your keyboard, and type cmd into the dialogue box. 

Step 5: Type “netstat -an” into the command prompt and press Enter. Your computer will now show you the list of IP addresses connected to it, and one of them will be the IP you’re looking for.

This is how simply a command prompt works, and you can quickly grab someone’s IP address using the command prompt. 


1. Do the techniques mentioned above require a lot of technical expertise to use?

No, using the command prompt or the Grabify website does not require you to be an expert computer user or techie. To achieve the desired results, simply follow these easy instructions. However, having a basic understanding of it will help the process go more quickly and smoothly.

2. Will the IP Grabber link function effectively if it contains the URL of a random online movie or image?

Yes, any URL given to IP Grabber has a few extra lines of code added to it. What sort of link it must be is not specified. It will function just as well with any form of URL. Just be careful to choose something the target can relate to; otherwise, there’s a significant risk they’ll become suspicious.

3. Is choosing Grabify always accurate for tracking someone’s IP address?

Yes, Grabify is a particularly effective tool for capturing IP, and because of this, it is more well-known than other services. Once you have the URL and have sent it to the intended recipient, creating the IP address and location is a simple process that Grabify’s algorithm takes care of for you.

Wrapping Up!

Twitter is a social media platform that allows users to post and interact by expressing their views and thoughts as tweets.  Twitter will undoubtedly not reveal its users’ location or IP address, but we have shared some acquired tools and a workaround way to assist you. Open your browser and navigate to the Grabify website. Upon opening the website, paste the copied link into the “Enter a valid URL or tracking code” section and follow the rest of the steps to witness the magic.  The command prompt is a very effective tool for executing and running commands on the computer, as discussed in this article. 

As promised, we have mentioned all the reliable methods that help you find a user’s IP address from Twitter. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try the methods mentioned above!

We hope this article was useful in understanding how to find the IP address of a user from Twitter. If you cannot find anything, let us know in the comment section below, and we will help you find the right solution!

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