LinkedIn IP Address Finder – Find Someone’s IP Address from LinkedIn {UPDATED 2024}

LinkedIn: A platform for professionals to create and communicate with people! The platform is of great help when you desire to meet true industry professionals. Additionally, the app has a long history of helping users find jobs in their respective fields. You can receive news on the most recent trends in your field and network of contacts through this app.

LinkedIn IP Address Finder – Find Someone’s IP Address from LinkedIn

Creating content on LinkedIn opens up a world of possibilities for job seekers. You must also constantly polish your accounts in order to make relevant contacts.

We know that users on the platform need to remain at the top of their games. So, people naturally run into individuals who offer fake employment offers when looking for a job sometimes.

There are moments on LinkedIn that make you particularly vulnerable. You are at more risk of mindlessly clicking links, not knowing that a scammer is impersonating a recruiter from a reputable organization.

We should be able to locate someone’s IP address via LinkedIn to manage the matter expertly. We can block their IP addresses or divulge their locations this way.

We will therefore discuss LinkedIn IP address finders in this blog today. So, have a seat and read the entire blog below.

Can you find someone’s IP address via LinkedIn?

We know that you have searched for the IP address of a person on LinkedIn and failed! Well, it is because the platform does not display this detail publicly.

But we hope you aren’t disappointed by this information because you have other options that would help you. Therefore, let’s spend more time trying these strategies to discover which will be effective for us.

Command prompt: Your one-stop solution

Unfortunately, the command prompt remains an unheard aspect of the windows operating system. But for those of you who use it, you know how easy it is to run and execute commands here. Well, we will guide you even if you have no idea how this would work to grab someone’s IP address.

There are two requirements in order to use it for capturing IP addresses: Close all the background apps in the system and initiate a conversation with the target user.

Follow the steps below if you have checked these two requirement boxes.

Steps to use the command prompt:

Step 1: To begin, you need to enter Win+ R simultaneously on your system.

Step 2: The Run window will appear on the screen. You must tap on ok if cmd is filled in by default. Otherwise, enter cmd in the field.

Step 3: The command page will appear next. You must type in netstat –an next to your name and run the command.

You will see the IP address soon after executing the command.

Grabify IP logger: Will the tool be effective?

Before we proceed with this method, answer one question! How good are you at social engineering skills?

Well, you need to be quite good if you wish to use this method, and this is why we are asking you about it. So, in case you haven’t stumbled across Grabify ever, well, we would like you to know about it a little.

Grabify is an IP logger that helps to shorten the URL and, of course, helps capture IP addresses. It basically works effectively on various social media apps, and LinkedIn is no exception.

It won’t cost you anything to use this open website, and the steps you need to follow are really simple. Before you begin, you should only remember to copy a URL for any content (videos or blogs).

Steps to use Grabify to capture IP addresses via LinkedIn:

Step 1: This is a website, so you need to open Grabify on your web browser.

Step 2: You should paste the URL in the space allotted for it and then click on that create URL button.

Step 3: You must agree to all the terms and conditions of this website to continue.

Step 4: There must be a section that reads: Link information. You should go down and click on the new URL button.

Step 5: Open LinkedIn on your device.

Step 6: Go to the chat you have with the target person on the platform.

Step 7: Paste the new URL on the chat.

Don’t paste the new URL randomly. Have a conversation first, and make sure the topic revolves around the URL you are about to send them.

Step 8: Return to Grabify once you are sure they have opened the link.

Step 9: See the section that reads: Results. Look over the IP address column to see the person’s IP address.

Creating a personal IP logger

Third-party apps like Grabify are wonderful and widely used. But you should note that not everyone falls for them because they are easily identifiable.

We believe this method will work for you if you need your plan to work on the first try without raising any suspicions. You should create a website first for this method.

We know you are dreading the method already if you lack coding skills. But you can always look for people who might give you a little helping hand.

A hosting plan and a custom domain name are equally necessary. You can go for free hosting plans but never settle for a bad domain name. We advise you to go for the dot com domain name.

You should go to LinkedIn and send the link to the target user. It is time to persuade them to follow the link to your website. You will get their IP address when they follow the link.

Wrapping up

We have reached the end of the blog. So, let us discuss the topic of our conversation. We talked about how to find someone’s IP address via LinkedIn.

LinkedIn does not publicly display the IP address, so we chose alternate methods to find it. We took help from the command prompt in the beginning. Next, we advised you to use the Grabify IP logger. Finally, we talked about creating your personal IP logger.

Did our blog help you get the IP address of your target user on LinkedIn? You can write to us in the comment thread below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Grabify safe to use?

Yes, the Grabify IP logger is a safe and reliable website that many people use today. Moreover, they don’t need you to enter any information that may put you in a sticky spot. So, you should use the app without worrying about it.

2. Why have I received so many IP addresses while using the command prompt?

You have received a clutter of IP addresses because you forgot to close all the background applications. So, closing them is necessary in order to make IP tracing easy.

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