How to See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile

One of the most widely used social media platforms is Facebook, where users enjoy spending a lot of time. If you open a person’s Facebook account to learn more about them, you will end up knowing where they are at the moment.

But are you also one of those people who worries that others are monitoring them on Facebook or that random strangers are looking at their profiles? Stalking is becoming widespread on Facebook these days because of the site’s expanding user base.

How to See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile

We may have some advice for you on how to find out who has viewed your Facebook profile:

Access your Facebook account

You must access your Facebook account through a web browser, not a mobile device. Any browser will function, and we provide no specific recommendations. Just click right anywhere once you’re on the homepage or your timeline page.

View page source

View page source is one of the alternatives that will appear when you click right in a list of options. You can view your Facebook source with this option. To access the search bar after the page source has opened, press CTRL + F. (just like we do to search for any document or website content).

Enter “BUDDY ID”

After the search bar displays, enter “BUDDY ID” and press Enter. Once you press enter, a new page will load on which different Facebook profile IDs will be listed next to “BUDDY ID.”

Viewing Profiles

You can view the profile of the individual who viewed your account once you see all the profile IDs listed next to the BUDDY ID. Copy the ID, open a new browser, and type “ ID” into the search bar. Immediately, the profile of the person who saw your account will show up on your screen.

It is now time for a screenshot

For your records, you may even take a screenshot of the user who viewed your profile.

Additionally, Facebook now offers users the option to receive notifications when someone views their profile page. You can quickly learn a lot about your audience by following the straightforward steps below.

  • From your feed, click on pages in the left menu.
  • Go to your page option.
  • Now click on the Insights option in the left menu.
  • You will see a page view option on the left, click on the same.

Once you reach the page view section, you can see the profile through the below bifurcations:

  • People who viewed your profile through sections, e.g., posts, videos, pictures, etc.
  • Age and Gender of the viewer.
  • Country of the viewer.
  • City of the viewer.
  • The device which the viewer used to view your profile.

Facebook allowed this access to its user’s posts. There was various news about scams happening and strangers having everybody’s information.

How reliable are the outcomes?

These outcomes seem to be a reliable indication of who has been seeing your profile. However, it has also been argued that certain individuals appear on the list because you may have communicated with them on Facebook at some point in the past. However, you can test out these techniques on your own to see what outcomes you receive; from there, making a choice will be simple.

Do I have any other options for finding out who has viewed my Facebook profile?

There are numerous apps in the play store and app store that promise to be able to identify Facebook profile viewers. Be cautious, though, as these can also be fraudulent and bogus. Before downloading any app, you should carefully read the reviews and ratings, as these could cause your phone to malfunction.

Numerous apps only function to collect data, which is then sold online to other marketing firms or even hacked by others. Therefore, use caution if using a new app. Before deciding for yourself, find out what other people are saying about these apps.

Based on user input, reviews, and ratings, we are recommending two apps—one for Android users and the other for iPhone users.

Who viewed my Facebook profile? Stalkers? Visitors?

You may download it for free from the Google Play store. Along with many other features, this software provides information on users who have viewed your profile, posted, and even whose profiles you have liked the most. This app’s best feature is that it does not collect any of your personal information or post anything to your timeline. The data is neither shared with anyone nor kept on any server.

Who cares profile for Facebook

Additionally, iOS users can download this software for free from the iTunes store. Although the app can be downloaded for free, there is a charge to verify the viewer’s information. For instance, there is a one-time fee of $2.79 if you want to meet people under 35, a fee of $3.99 for 50 visitors, and a fee of $5.49 for 100 visitors. Since the software uses Facebook login credentials, no additional personal data is collected. Any payment you make will go through the iTunes shop, eliminating the possibility of fraud.

In addition, you might try the following:

Track the likes of your post. Keep tabs on each random person who likes your photos or posts; if they click the like button, they are almost certainly also viewing your profile.

Begin writing more posts to see if those people are simply browsing your profile or are paying attention to what you are posting. This comparison of who checks which posts can be reasonable.

You can publish links on Facebook and track each user’s IP address by using URL shortening applications like Grabify. Although it won’t reveal the names of those who saw your profile, the IP address will provide the location from which the views were made.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use my iPhone to see who has viewed my Facebook profile?

Yes, you can use your iPhone to see who has viewed your Facebook profile.

  • Launch the Facebook app and enter your Facebook credentials.
  • Select “Main Drop-Down” from the menu.
  • Visit “Privacy Shortcuts”.
  • Select “Who saw my profile” from the menu.
2. Can I view the list of Facebook friends I have requested?

Yes, you may view the Facebook friends you’ve asked to be your friends.

3. Can someone tell if I frequently check their Facebook page?

No, Facebook does not let you view how frequently people visit your profile (not even on an iPhone). Therefore, the person you are stalking won’t learn.

4. Who viewed my Facebook in 2022?

There are several ways to find out who has seen your Facebook post. The BUDDY ID method is one, and posting tracking URLs is another.

Although every tip in this article may help you find what you’re looking for, it’s not required to use them all to find people who have viewed your profile. If one approach doesn’t work for you, try another.

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