Why Is TikTok Not Showing Me On FYP? {UPDATED 2024}

TikTok started out as a lip-syncing app, with youngsters, particularly Gen Z, having a fun time-making video. However, the app has become much more than that today, and there’s no denying it. 

Today, TikTok has steadily become one of the most sought apps, and well, the good news is that it’s not limited to only Gen Z anymore. You find people from different age groups and all walks of life coming together as creators as well as viewers to enjoy the video. 

TikTok FYP Only Showing Following? Here’s Why?

However, not every day is sunshine and rainbows on the platform because, at times, it decides to give you glitches you’d rather not want. 

Is TikTok acting up for you as well? Many TikTokers are agitated by this glitch and wish to know the cause of this error. 

Nobody wants to see the same old videos on a repeat telecast. Also, there’s a curiosity that arises that makes us want to find out why TikTok FYP is only showing the following and whether there is a way to fix the glitch. 

We’re sure we are all on the same boat seeking solutions, and what better way to solve the problem if not reading the blog together? Let’s help you seek some answers today. We hope you take the plunge to discover the answers. 

What if FYP on TikTok? 

TikTok FYP or the For You Page shows new and refreshed content all the time, so it’s really a given why people absolutely love the page on the platform. 

People consider it to be the secret cause of getting viral on the platform, so it is really a dream to get featured here. 

It’s an incredible page for always discovering something new to watch; who knows, you’ll find a new creator to follow or perhaps a new hobby.

Do you know what the best part of this page is? Well, we say the location. Yes, you heard that right. You automatically land to the FYP once you open the app; isn’t it so cool?

TikTok algorithm basically servers you posts from creators you don’t follow but perhaps end up liking based on your engagement and interaction on the platform. 

Still didn’t get it? Picture this: You are a chef who loves experimenting with food, so of course, you follow fellow cooking enthusiasts and like their videos, right? Now. TikTok algorithm will fill your FYP with cooking videos from chef creators from all over!

That’s basically how TikTok FYP works! So, expect to see a lot of fun videos and follow diverse influencers and creators to follow on this page. 

However, if you’re fed up with watching the following all the time, it’s time to change a few things, don’t you think?

Let us look for the reasons for this problem below. 

Reasons TikTok FYP is only showing following

We will outline a couple of reasons why FYP is only showing TikTok following to you. So, proceed ahead to know more about them!

Reason 1: Video reposting or re-uploading 

We know how the TikTok algorithm is, right? It will often present you with popular meme trends and videos that are viral. 

So, when a clip is viral, everyone jumps on the board to copy it hence resulting in multiple clips similar to that. People even repost or reshare the videos with some twists if they want. So, you have to check the creator of those videos to see if you’re seeing the same person or different people with the same concept. 

Reason 2: You’re using a different account

How many TikTok accounts do you have, and how often do you get confused using the two? Well, we ask because we suspect you have yet again mixed up your multiple accounts. 

It’s possible that you’re not using your regular account, and the secondary one is in use currently. 

As a result, the videos you’ve already seen can appear on your other account under the impression that you’ve never seen them. Do you understand this?

Steps to switch your TikTok account

Step 1: Click on Your profile button in the lower right corner of your TikTok account.

Step 2: There should be a swipe-down option at the top from which you may choose the account you’re logged into. 

When you return to your for you page and refresh after selecting your default account, you should be able to see the fresh content.

Checking the internet should typically be the first thing on your mind, but that’s okay if you didn’t think of it. We know that if the internet is not working, you can’t possibly update your app resulting in the same videos you have seen countless times already.

Please try to refresh your internet and attempt to open the app again after that. If your issue is fixed, you are aware that the next time it arises, you should verify your connection.

Reason 4: TikTok glitch

Technical glitches can be quite a headache if you ask us. Well, it’s the servers crashing; you need to wait it out. You can check other platforms to see if other users are having the same issue as you in order to confirm a TikTok bug. Wait till the TikTok team fixes the issue.

Reason 5: Your app needs to update

You cannot work on your app if it’s lagging behind in updates. Frequently updating apps can assist with bug fixes, and you definitely need it at the moment. If you have spent a lot of time without updating your app for a long time, it could result in minor glitches, like seeing old clips in the FYP. But it is a minor error, so don’t worry about it.

Possible fixes

We will mention a couple of additional fixes that can be of help, so please check them out below.

Fix 1: Click on not interested on the video

TikTok’s algorithm is based on what they believe you want to see. The algorithm loves to cater to your tastes, so FYP is curated according to your preference.  

Perhaps you’ve already viewed the video a few times, or it’s more well-liked by your target audience, and they want to display it to you again in the hopes that you’ll watch it again. Well, the app is certainly wrong because you don’t want to rewatch it.

The ‘I’m Not Interested’ option in the click-down menu of the video can save you. Please tap on it to show the algorithm that you don’t wish to see those videos anymore.

Fix 2: Move past the video quickly

TikTok will begin to recognize that you are not interested in this video they are putting out for you if you don’t interact with them. Yes, so run once you see those weird videos approaching your feed.

You should not comment or leave likes at all. This is the simplest and most straightforward approach, and after a few tries, it will work!

Fix 3: Report the problem to TikTok

We believe you’re in for hard luck if none of the methods worked. Well, TikTok support can help you out, so make sure you reach out to them.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. Is it possible to solve FYP by just displaying the following by reinstalling the app?

Reinstalling has indeed worked for some people, so feel free to give it a shot. It can work out if the app is giving you trouble.

2. Should I turn off my phone because the TikTok FYP only displays the following?

Well, that depends on the issue you’re facing, but please try this approach to see if it helps. 

In the end

We are near the end of our discussion! Have you understood our discussion in the blog? 

Make sure you comment down your thoughts so that we know if you have more doubts or queries. 

The issue is simple, and so are the fixes, so we hope you can fix them without the help of the TikTok support team.

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