TikTok IP Address Finder – Find IP Address From TikTok {UPDATED 2024}

Social media is the most popular avenue for content creators. The love and appreciation they get deserve on these platforms are immeasurable. 

It’s a dream to be creative and experience all the positive feedback after posting a video. However, occasionally, you may come across random individuals leaving negative comments on the video, enough to ruin the picture. 

TikTok IP Address Finder – Find IP Address from TikTok

In our opinion, giving an anonymous user this much authority is not the answer. And if things get out of hand, you can always try to get their IP address on TikTok. Continue reading to learn how to find someone’s IP address using the platform below.  

Can you find someone’s IP address from TikTok? 

We all need to extract someone’s IP address from TikTok for a number of reasons, but is this even possible? Does the app even let you obtain this data based on a user’s request?

We all have these questions in our thoughts right now! We shall address them to allay their concerns.

Let’s go right to the point: TikTok doesn’t give you access to someone’s IP address just because you asked for it. The app considers the information to be confidential due to privacy and security concerns.  

Keep in mind that it isn’t impossibly difficult. The app could stray from its policies and reveal the information if higher authorities are involved, and the IP address is necessary for essential reasons. 

What if you genuinely need this data to block a specific IP address? Will you be able to do this task by yourself? Let us explain how to do this in the parts that follow. 

Method 1: Grabify IP logger

How many of you have read about Grabify or at least heard of it? It is among the top open, free websites for obtaining an individual’s IP address. Furthermore, the steps are straightforward, so you don’t need to worry about the processes. 

They effectively provide users with a tracking link and assist them in identifying the user’s IP address. This URL shortener also functions as a location tracker, revealing the user’s nationality and, in rare cases, even city. 

Are you interested in learning how to use Grabify IP logger? Read the step-by-step instructions below. 

Steps to use grabify IP logger

Step 1: Open your browser and visit Grabify

Step 2: Please fill up the space designated for it with a TikTok video or another link that serves as clickbait. 

Step 3: Tap on the create URL button underneath and agree to the terms of service and privacy policy

Step 4: You will be directed to the Link information page. Please copy the New URL and paste it into the TikTok DM of the target user. 

Step 5: Make sure the TikToker clicks the link, then go back to Grabify, and scroll to the results

Do you see the IP/ Provider option? Here’s the person’s IP address. 

Keep in mind that the target user must follow you on Tiktok for the step to work. Therefore, be careful to start brief conversations on other social media sites or participate in their content to gain attention. 

Method 2: IP logger URL shortener

IP Logger URL shortener is another third-party free tool that helps in locating someone’s IP address via TikTok. Additionally, you may obtain an accurate GPS location using any mobile device. The tool is free and safe to use. 

Steps to use IP logger URL shortener

Step 1: Open https://iplogger.org on your browser. 

Step 2: Enter a valid URL in the empty field and tap the create a short link below. 

Step 3: Copy the shortened link and go back to TikTok

Step 4: Paste the newly generated link and persuade the person to click it. 

Return to the IP logger page when the person clicks the link to view the target person’s captured IP address.

Method 3: Create a dummy website

Do you have a website of your own? Utilizing the method will make things easier for you if you do. If not, keep in mind that creating websites is not a difficult effort. All you need is a basic understanding of computer programming, or at the absolute least, you need to know someone who can do the work for you. 

Ensure that your domain name is trustworthy and well-known so that the target user won’t think it’s suspicious. There are also many free hosting providers available. Therefore, pick them if you want the process to be inexpensive. 

You must provide content to motivate site users to click the link. Go to their TikTok DM now and request that they click the link. Once they do, your website will be able to quickly record the IP address. 

Reasons why you need someone’s IP address on TikTok

We don’t suddenly decide that we want to look up someone’s IP address, do we? There is always a reason for the action we want to do. Make sure you review the list of some of the most important reasons we have provided here. 


The internet is a place where you may learn new things, make friends, and perhaps even receive a chance to change your job. We cannot, however, ignore their evil side despite all of this glitter, right? 

Users who post content on social networking sites like TikTok can face bullying. They receive abuse in their comments or direct messages. 

Mild replies are not a problem, but it becomes a problem when someone continuously threatens and harasses you on the platform. This is an instance where tracking their IP addresses is beneficial.


Have you ever been unable to access your Tik Tok account? Maybe you tried to log in using your memory, but the password is incorrect. 

It appears that someone has hacked into your account. Hacking is a common offense on TikTok. Hackers need a basic understanding of social engineering and coding skills to hack into other people’s TikTok accounts. 

Your personal information may be used against you, and we don’t want that, do we? Finding IP addresses can thus help our attempts to catch the offender.  

IP Blocking

It’s not unusual to encounter weird strangers on TikTok who irritate you. You might choose to block their IP address to get out of these kinds of circumstances. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. Is it illegal to obtain a person’s IP address?

It may seem unlawful to obtain someone’s IP address; however, this is untrue. Anybody can access this information because it is often public information.  

However, what you do next with someone’s IP data might land you in trouble. Therefore, be careful not to engage in illegal activities after learning someone’s IP address. 

2. Do IP logging tools provide a person’s true IP address?

People have traditionally relied on IP-capturing tools to determine someone’s IP address. You should note the fact that they don’t always offer correct information. They might give you a general idea, yet there are times when the result is far from being true. 

In the end

Now that we have arrived at the end of our blog, let us take a minute to talk about the things we have discussed today. We have spoken about the potential for discovering someone’s IP address as well as many ways to find it. 

We hope our blog is instructive enough for you to recommend it to other TikTok users. Remember that we can dispel any last-minute uncertainties you may have with just one comment. Please follow our website for more tech-related content.

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