How to Create Tinder Account Without Phone Number

Hey there, all you modern-day Cupids! Wish to dive into the world of digital dating but are hesitant to share your phone number with yet another app? 

Well, fear not. I’ve got the perfect solution to help you create a Tinder account without giving out your precious digits.

In order to create a Tinder account, you might have noticed the app asking you for a number. While it needs your phone number for verification, many of us are hesitant to add it. 

How to Create Tinder Account Without Phone Number

This may be due to various personal reasons. However, there must be a way to create a Tinder account without adding a phone number.

 In this blog post, we’ll explore the step-by-step process that allows you to maintain your privacy, all while swiping your way to potential love or at least a few entertaining conversations. So, Read this post till the end to know how you can get on Tinder without using YOUR phone number!

Tinder and Phone Numbers: Why Tinder Needs Your Phone Number?

When creating a Tinder account, you must have at least wondered if it is necessary. 

Do you really need to add a phone number to create an account on Tinder?

Nevertheless, here are a few reasons Tinder requires you to register your phone number. 

For Verification: By providing a phone number, Tinder can verify that a user is a real person and not a fake profile created by a bot or spammer.

For Security Reasons: Tinder uses your phone number as an extra layer of security to help prevent unauthorized access to your account.

To Contact You: Tinder may use your phone number to contact you for account-related issues, such as resetting your password or verifying your account if it’s been flagged for suspicious activity.

But, Tinder Does Not Show You Phone Number Publicly!

Tinder has always been committed to ensuring the safety of its users by strictly enforcing community guidelines. One of the ways in which Tinder prioritizes user safety is by not displaying phone numbers on profiles. This ensures that no one can use the app to track your phone number, and it remains private and secure.

Moreover, registering on Tinder with your phone number won’t notify your contacts or give them any indication that you are using the app (don’t worry, been there done that, hush!). you can block your number on Tinder to avoid coming across your profile while swiping, but they won’t know if you’re using the app.

Overall, Tinder’s commitment to user safety is unwavering, and its efforts to secure personal information are an important aspect of its platform.

Can you open a Tinder account without a phone number?

No, creating a Tinder account without a phone number is impossible. Tinder requires users to verify their account via phone number to ensure the authenticity of the account and prevent bots, spam, and fake profiles.

When you sign up for a Tinder account, you’ll be prompted to enter your phone number, and Tinder will send you a verification code via SMS. Once you’ve entered the code, your account will be verified, and you’ll be able to start using Tinder.

However, there are ways by which you can register with Tinder without using your own phone number. 

Want to know how? Let us show you.

Ways to Open a Tinder Account Without Using Your Own Phone Number

Let’s explore different methods to open a Tinder account without using your phone number below. 

1. Use Fake Phone Number Service (Paid)

platforms like “Dingtone” and “Dating Zest” offer these fake phone number services that allow you to verify your account quickly without having to use your personal phone number.

These fake phone numbers are designed for single use, while others have the capacity to be utilized multiple times. The cost of these phone numbers is determined by a variety of factors, including the provider and the services offered by that provider.


  • As the service is paid, the number is exclusive to you. There is no worry about getting banned or shadowbanned. Also, there are no worries about privacy issues.
  • You can choose from a range of numbers; you don’t have to stick to the default assigned number.
  • As the phone number is fresh, you will get a boost in matches.


  • Some users might now want to pay for such a service (but it is worth it)
  • Sometimes, the number can only be used once.

2. Use Fake Phone Number Service (Free) 

While the ideas are the same here as above, this is a free alternative. Services like “” offer you free phone numbers that you can use to verify your Tinder account.


  • It’s Free
  • You don’t have to share your own phone number with Tinder (safe from hacks and spam)


  • Won’t work most of the time
  • Tinder might ban or shadow ban you as multiple are using the same number, and it is against Tinder guidelines.

3. Use Google Voice To Verify Tinder

You can get a second phone number by using Google Voice. You can use it for Tinder verification too! Let us show you how

But before we start, If you are an Apple user, do these things before you start:

  • Uninstall Tinder From your device
  • Change your Apple ID and IP Address

Here is how you can use Google Voice to verify yourself on Tinder:

  1. download the “Google Voice” application on your device (Its available on both Android and iOS platforms)
  2. Tap on “For Personal Use.”
  3. Link your phone number.
  4. look for available numbers in your area and use them to verify yourself on Tinder

Note: In order to use the Google Voice service, you need to have a phone number that is based in the United States or a few European Nations (the list is given below).

One important thing to keep in mind is that Google Voice recycles phone numbers, which means that many users can reuse them. This means that you can be assigned a phone number that was previously used by someone, and there’s no way to know what that number was used for in the past. Who knows, they might even have used it to verify Tinder, right? But hey, it is worth a shot.


  • Free Service
  • The Phone Number is offered by Google (so there is no worry about the privacy issue)


  • The numbers are recycled, so it is possible that someone had already used it for Tinder earlier.
  • Only available in selected countries. Below is the list:
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

4. Ask A Friend For Their Number

If you have a Tinder account and don’t want to use your own phone number, you can always ask a friend for help.

You should keep in mind that using a phone number that has already been used to verify a Tinder account might not work. So ask for a number from a friend who wasn’t already on Tinder or doesn’t plan on creating an account.

Benefits of Registering on Tinder with a Secondary Number

There are several potential benefits to registering on Tinder with a second phone number. Here are a few:

  • Privacy: Using a second phone number lets you keep your personal phone number private and separate from your dating life. This can be especially useful if you’re concerned about your safety or don’t want to receive unwanted calls or texts from matches.
  • Security: If you’re worried about your personal information being compromised, using a second phone number can provide an extra layer of security. In the event that your Tinder account is hacked or your personal phone number is leaked, your real identity will remain hidden.
  • Matching: By using a second phone number to register on Tinder, you can potentially avoid the awkwardness of coming across unexpected people on the app, such as family members or friends.

Moreover, if you use a fresh phone number on Tinder, you get a boost on the platform as Tinder tends to restrict the returning phone numbers a bit.

Final Words

if you’re looking to sign up for Tinder without using your personal phone number, several options are available. While it may seem daunting at first, using a second phone number app, Google Voice, or a temporary phone number service can help you create a Tinder account while still keeping your personal phone number private.

 Of course, there are some potential drawbacks to using these methods, such as privacy concerns or issues with verification, but if you take the proper precautions and stay mindful of the risks, you should be able to use these methods safely and effectively.

We hope this article gave you answers to how to create a Tinder account without your phone number properly. If you have any confusion, let us know in the comments section below!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use a single phone number on two separate Tinder accounts?

Well, no, you can’t do that. It is against Tinder’s community guidelines.

2. What is the best method to register for Tinder without using a personal phone number?

We recommend going for paid burner number services like “Dingtone” and others to register with Tinder if you don’t want to use your own number. While the free methods also work, they are not so recommended.

3. How do I know if someone is using my phone number on Tinder?

To check if someone is using your phone number on Tinder without your permission, there are a few things you can do:

  • Look out for unexpected verification codes sent to your phone number by Tinder.
  • Check your phone bill for any unfamiliar numbers or texts that you don’t recognize.
  • Create a fake profile on Tinder using your phone number to check if someone has already used it to create an account. If you cannot create an account, that means the number is already registered on Tinder, and if it wasn’t you, then someone else might be using your number to run Tinder.

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