How to Delete Conversation on Messenger From Both Sides

Facebook is one of the oldest social media platforms. The platform has been in existence for two decades now and still prevails as a popular and widely used social media platform in the world. When we talk about social media, Facebook was one of the oldest platforms that paved the way for other social media networking sites.

How to Delete Facebook Messenger Messages From Both Sides

Facebook recently changed its name to Meta. If you have been using Facebook for the last few years, you would know that initially, you could speak to your friends and family directly through Facebook. However, to make communication easier, Facebook switched the message section into a completely different application known as Messenger.

Messenger allows users to communicate better with plenty of excellent features. You can also audio, or video call your friends through Messenger. You can say it is simply for communicating to your Facebook friends in a less hassle method.

However, when you are talking to someone on Messenger, you may indulge in a funny conversation. But what if you accidentally send a message that you should not? While we know that you can delete messages from your end, the other person can still see the messages.

So, what happens when you send a wrong message to someone by mistake, and you don’t want them to see it. We all have been in this situation at least once, and it can leave you confused and panicked about what you should do and how to ensure the other person doesn’t see the messages.

If you are wondering how to delete messages from both sides on Facebook Messenger, don’t worry. We have got your back!

In this article, we have mentioned various ways to delete messages on both sides. So, continue reading until the end!

Methods to Delete Messages on Facebook Messenger Apps From Both The Sides

There are many instances wherein you want to unsend the messages you accidentally sent. You might wonder how you could delete the messages you sent from both sides. There are multiple ways to do so. Below are some of the most common methods for deleting messages from both sides:

1. Messenger Application For Smartphones

You can use the Messenger application’s unsend feature to delete the message you send from your and the recipient’s sides. Here are the steps to delete the message entirely from both sides.

Step 1: Launch the Facebook Messenger application on your Android or iPhone

Step 2: Visit your friend’s tab in the Messenger app whom you had a conversation with and with whom you want to delete the message

Step 3: Locate the message you want to delete from both sides

Step 4: Tap on the message until a pop-up appears. Generally, clicking on the message you want to unsend for 2-3 seconds works when you want to delete it entirely.

Step 5: You will see the “Remove” and “Forward” options in the pop-up. Click on the Remove option to delete the message from both ends effectively.

Using the above steps, you could quickly delete the message permanently from the recipient’s side from the Facebook Messenger app. You should note to use the “Remove For Everyone” option when selecting the message you want to delete permanently from both ends. If you choose the “Remove For You” option, the recipient would be able to read it, and there is nothing you could do after that action.

2. Messenger on PC or Laptop

Many people still use their laptops or PC to use the Facebook Messenger app. The convenience of accessing the application is why many users prefer a PC or laptop. In such cases, below are the steps you could take to delete messages from your PC using the Messenger application or the website.

Step 1: Access the Facebook Messenger application or website using a browser on your PC or laptop

Step 2: Log into your Facebook account by entering your credentials.

Step 3: Click on the Action gear icon.

Step 4: After clicking on the icon, a pop-up menu would appear with the options Report Spam or Abuse

Step 5: Choose either option and report the conversation by selecting the ‘I’m not interested’ option

Step 6: Tap on the Continue button to proceed.

Step 7: Now, deactivate your Facebook account using the General settings of the platform on your PC.

The above steps would not work for every user. However, these steps could easily ensure that the recipient does not read your message. Deactivating your account would be necessary since it provides that the message gets deleted.

Your chat tab from the recipient’s side would also not be visible once proceeding with the above steps. You could simply log into your account to make this method work after some time.

Wrapping up

So, that concludes our article! Messenger has made communication on Facebook easier. One can play games, send stickers, and GIFs, make audio and video calls, and more with Messenger. If you want, you can use the Messenger app exclusively. However, you would need to create a Facebook account to communicate with people on Messenger.

While you are talking to someone on Messenger, you may accidentally send a text that you shouldn’t. Unfortunately, Messenger does not allow you to delete messages from both ends. Unlike WhatsApp or Instagram, you cannot delete or unsend messages from both sides.

We are hoping that in the future, Messenger will roll out an update to delete messages from both sides. Don’t worry. We will be the first one to update you whenever Messenger rolls out the update!

With that, you can follow the methods we have mentioned above that will do the work until the new feature comes in.

We hope our article helped us to understand how to delete messages from both sides on Messenger. So, over to you. Did this article help you? Let us know in the comments section below!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I delete the messages from both ends when it was sent by someone else?

No. There is no method to delete any message that has been sent to your account by someone else. If you want to delete it, you can only do so from your side. The message would be visible on the recipient’s side.

2. Should I block the user with whom I want to delete the message?

You could block the recipient with whom you want to delete the message. However, this method does not ensure deleting the message in its entirety. Once you unblock the user, they would likely be able to see the messages that you sent.

3. Should I use a third-party application to delete the message entirely?

It would be better if you use the Facebook Messenger app since it allows you to delete the messages from both ends. Using a third-party application will be risky for your credentials and data.

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