How to Find Gmail Account by Phone Number

Nowadays, it is difficult to find someone with absolutely zero email addresses. There is just so much going on with our emails, right?

We shop online, order food, and attend classes and meetups, which all require your email addresses and phone numbers! Nowadays, many websites would also ask you to enter your email addresses in their sign-up process.

How to Search for Someone’s Email Address by Phone Number

Besides, Email is known to be the best way for cold outreach. People are going digital, and the pandemic has literally given a new meaning to our digital lives, stating it as the new normal.

Accessing someone’s Email has become even more prominent now, don’t you think? Sometimes we find ourselves in a tricky situation where we have a person’s phone number but not the email address.

Well, we know what you are thinking right now! How should you search for someone’s email address by phone number is something that comes to mind right away, isn’t it?

We know because we think about it a lot too. Therefore, we have decided to talk about this topic, in particular, today to help uncover the answers we all want right now. So, what are you still waiting for? Let us delve right into the blog to learn more!

Can you find someone’s email address by phone number?

Let us begin by seeing whether pulling out someone’s email address by phone number is possible or not. Well, we won’t say there is a direct or official way to find someone’s email address just by having their phone number, but this isn’t an impossible task.

We can most certainly find someone’s email address by phone number through some available workarounds. Please look at the sections below in detail in order to see which methods work for your case!

Using a reverse phone lookup tool

Reverse phone lookup tools are significant today because the number of scam calls people get is scary. We may have no idea who exactly is calling us at odd hours or from random phone numbers. These third-party tools help us with the dilemma of picking up the call or letting it ring and block afterward.

You will find both free and premium phone lookup tools on the internet! Please make sure to look for tools that offer a high level of customer security and privacy to you.

Free tools may not be as reliable as premium tools. So, we believe you should go ahead with premium tools since they conduct targeted searches to help you better.

Are you confused about how these reverse phone lookup tools can come in handy in searching for the email addresses of someone? Well, you have to enter the person’s phone number in the field and search for it. The tool will run a search and show you the relevant details related to the phone number owner’s identity after a thorough search through millions of public records.

You will also receive the email address of the phone number’s owner via this search. Do you wish to give this method a try? You can go with Spokeo reverse phone lookup if you don’t find any suitable tool. Let us tell you the steps to use Spokeo in the section below.

Steps to use Spokeo:

Step 1: You must enter Spokeo and follow the link on your browser.

Step 2: Upon following the previous step, you will enter the official website for Spokeo. Please enter your ten-digit phone number in the field provided on the page.

Step 3: Click on the search now button on the page.

Spokeo will ensure that the searches are confidential. It will also help you trace the person’s social media profile if they can track it through the records.

Getting help from email finder tools

Do you have any knowledge of the many email finder tools available online? These services are quite good at giving you assistance in obtaining people’s email addresses. Finding someone’s Email might be daunting, but these tools make it a breeze.

These tools have different ways of working, including online applications and Chrome extensions. Today, these technologies play a crucial role in people’s marketing campaigns and aid with cold outreach.

However, a lot of companies utilize it to find and email their target leads. All you have to do is type in the person’s name and domain; the tools will instantly give you access to their email account.

You can choose from both premium and free plans for such tools. Please go ahead with,, or Lusha if you cannot seem to decide which tool to select. These tools are trusted by millions and make finding users’ email addresses effortless.

Online directories on search engines

The internet is an incredibly valuable resource for finding people’s email addresses. We are aware that many individuals advise typing a person’s phone number into the search field to check if any information can be found. However, there are slim odds that the strategy will work because your search browser will need more precise searches.

You can utilize online directories that are accessible for free and that record peoples’ phone numbers and email addresses. Please use the top Indian business directory websites like,, or to see if they can help you out.

Checking social media profiles

We are guessing that the method above has failed to work now that you are here. Well, there is no need to get stressed because we have another solution for you.

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine people without social media profiles, right? Why don’t you search for people on their socials, then? You can easily find their email addresses there.

Here’s a helpful tip: Please add the person’s phone number in your phonebook. The individual will then appear on pages if they utilize the platform after you enable the contact syncing feature that many platforms provide.

Although you might not be able to get their emails directly, you can DM them and ask them to provide them to you. Please ask them politely and be detailed when requesting their email addresses. You can search for them on LinkedIn in particular since it is a business networking website where individuals frequently have their email addresses displayed in public.

Call them on their phone numbers

If you already know the person’s phone number, you can always ring them and ask them for their email address! The answer is straightforward, and collecting the data doesn’t take much time.

You can easily employ this method if you and the other person are friends, classmates, or even coworkers at work. But if you’re looking for a job, it could seem strange to phone a random person merely to collect their email address! Hence, we insist that you only use this strategy if it appears reasonable.

Wrapping up

Let us look at the topics we have discussed as the blog comes to an end, shall we? The topic of our conversation was how to search for someone’s email address by their phone number!

We have talked about a couple of options that can be helpful to you in these cases. You can use reverse phone lookup tools or email finders on the internet. Next, you can also check online directories or check their social media profiles. Lastly, we discussed calling them on their numbers.

We hope these methods work in your favor and you can find the target person’s email address successfully. Let us know which strategy worked for you in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are third-party email lookup finders reliable in tracing someone’s email address?

We cannot promise they will be reliable and give accurate results. They work for some people while others complain they are useless.

We say that you use tools that offer free plans or trials if you have limited searches. You can unsubscribe from the plan later if you don’t need these email lookup finders anymore.

2. Are reverse phone lookup tools free?

You can find free reverse lookup tools for free if you search hard on the internet. But the premium tools do a much better job of giving you accurate results.

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