How Do You Put Spaces Between Names In PUBG? {UPDATED 2024}

BattleGrounds Mobile India is replaced by PUBG Mobile since it returned to India (BGMI). Now that their login data has been transferred from Mobile to the game, players will receive a free rename card. You might wish to utilize this free rename service to give yourself a new, fashionable name that includes unique symbols like Ninjà, àk 0, or S .

After installing the game, the first thing to do is to give yourself a name in BGMI. Many would claim that it gives you a character in the game, and some players can really use it in some extremely inventive ways.

How to Give Space in BGMI Name

We’ll demonstrate the top techniques for making a Battlegrounds Mobile India Stylish Name in this article. People have frequently encountered players with blank names rather than names at all. You might be wondering how that occurs. Actually, it’s quite simple. Do you know how to obtain a blank name in BGMI?

How Does BGMI Get Blank Names?

In BGMI, it is rather simple to generate a name that is invisible or blank. The new name you choose should contain unique symbols and characters, such as,, and. Until the new name is accepted, players can test various combinations of these symbols. These characters are invisible in this game. But the symbol may be seen.

Players must remember that they may only employ a maximum of seven special letters and a minimum of three special letters. Players can create unique names by using five or six special characters, either in uppercase or lowercase.

For the mobile version of PUBG, a blank area may also be made using this approach. To input these unique letters, press and hold your finger on the letter buttons on the phone’s display. Next, the proposed letters will be shown. By holding and wiping, press the special character buttons. Check out the new name in the name box after that. See whether there was a visible symbol that you wrote.

How Do I Get A BGMI Rename Card?

New players can finish progress objectives at level 10 to get a free rename card. As an alternative, you may purchase it from the treasure shop for 180UC. If they successfully accomplish a significant number of returners’ missions, the game system will instead award returners with a rename card. Before coming back, players must log out of the game for at least 30 days.

After that, the rename card will be put into your hand. Go to your inventory and seek the rename card if you want to alter your in-game name. Next, put the name into the “Use” button. The rename card does not display these unusual characters, only the keyboard box does.

How Can I Make My PUBG Mobile & BGMI Username Longer?

Due to the fact that the most recent versions of PUBG Mobile and BGMI do not allow users to add spaces or special characters to their names, many players struggle to acquire the name they want. The good news is that there are several methods you may use to add a space to your PUBG Mobile and BGMI names.

  • Let’s examine each approach separately:
  • Use a stylish texting app
  • You will need to download an application called Stylish Text in order to add space in PUBG or BGMI. By clicking on this link, you may download the application.
  • Open it on your phone when it has been downloaded.
  • In the text box marked “Type Here,” enter the desired name.
  • You will see many spellings of your name when you do this.
  • Choose the name that has a space, then copy it.
  • Open BGMI and PUBG Mobile after copying, then use Rename Card.
  • Copy the name, then press the OK button.
  • Your name has been successfully given some breathing room.

Copy Area Space

You don’t need to download any software or visit any websites to use this rather easy procedure. Follow the instructions below to learn how it operates:

  • Launch PUBG and BGMI
  • Use the Rename Card by navigating it.
  • If you want to add a space to your username, copy the space between the letters A and S (A S) and paste it there.
  • When finished, press the OK button.
  • This is it
  • Implement Special Character
  • In order to add space to BGMI and PUBG Mobile, follow these instructions:
  • Get the game started on your phone.

Use the Rename Card option by tapping the button.

  • Put your preferred name in the text box and space there by using the character, which can be reached by clicking and holding.
  • You must type playboy if you wish to have the name player boy. You are done here

These were some of the several methods that may be employed in BGMI and PUBG Mobile in 2022 to increase space.

Please share any more space-creating techniques you may be aware of in the comments section below.

Wrapping up

The aforementioned solution was a quick fix for beginners. If you want to improve your game and add a distinctive character, try the method below. We may add text characters from many languages in our name to make it appear great because PUBG is accessible in a variety of languages. Chinese and Japanese are included among the diverse languages because of their distinctive character sets. You must first add the Chinese language pack to your keyboard in order to achieve this. You may do this by selecting Keyboard & Languages -> Add Language.

You may head over to PUBG and utilize the rename card once the language has been introduced. Now that your keyboard has been changed to another language, you may try out various language characters to create a username that stands out.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I add space to the PUBG game?

You can do it simply by adding character Ī

2. Can I simply keep changing my name?

Yes, you can read this article to know more.

3. Can I keep the stylish name?

Yes you can totally choose your name if it is not already taken

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