How to Recover Unsaved PowerPoint File? {UPDATED 2024}

In our day-to-day lives, we often rely on PowerPoint to make our presentations and docs. Whether you are a working professional or a student, PowerPoint is one of our go-to solutions for making presentations for assignments, meetings, projects, etc. 

A crucial presentation may vanish as a result of an unexpected PC crash. Working people may find themselves in this predicament frequently. Recovering unsaved PowerPoint can become challenging, especially when you spend hours working on it. 

How to Recover Unsaved PowerPoint File?

In this case, auto-recover is the best option to recover your unsaved presentation. 

Furthermore, you can utilize “recover unsaved presentation” in PowerPoint by navigating to the recent tab through the files tab if your auto-recover feature is disabled. 

If you are unfamiliar with these terminologies, wait. We have included the top methods for recovering unsaved PowerPoint files below, along with step-by-step instructions for each.

In this article, we have provided 4 methods to recover unsaved PowerPoint files without any complex steps. 

With that, it’s time to jump into the article now!

4+ Methods To Recover Unsaved PowerPoint Files

There are four different methods that will work perfectly to save PowerPoint files. Let’s break down each step in detail below.

Method 1. Use Autorecover Tool

PowerPoint provides an inbuilt auto-recovery tool to its users. Therefore, if you miss the chance to save your PPT or PPTX file, your data will be temporarily saved in a folder. 

Through these temporarily saved files, you can get your PPT back. Make sure you turn on the auto-recover mode in your PowerPoint. 

To check if the Autorecover mode is enabled on your PowerPoint, follow the below steps.

Step 1. Open PowerPoint presentation.

Step 2. Click on the files Tab.

Step 3. Go to Options and then save.

Once you do these steps, remember to look over the “save auto recover info every x minutes” and “keep the last auto recover version if I close without saving” box.

Now follow the below steps to recover your unsaved file if the auto-recovery mode is already turned on.

Step 1. Search and copy your file through “Autorecover file location”.

Step 2. Press Windows+E to open windows explorer or go to Files Explorer on the search box.

Step 3. Paste your path’s location on the files explorer search box and press enter.

Step 4. Search your desired file in the folder and save it.

Using AutoRecover is the easiest way to recover your unsaved PowerPoint file, and all it takes is turning on the auto-recover mode. 

However, if you are not lucky enough to get your file back through this method, move on to the second method.

Method 2. Use Recover Unsaved Presentation

If you have lost your PowerPoint file, there is a high chance that you will find your file in the “Recover Unsaved Presentation” All you have to do is follow the steps below.

Step 1. Go to PowerPoint.

Step 2. Click on the file tab in the upper left corner.

Step 3. Click on open and go to recent.

Step 4. Click on Recover unsaved presentation at the bottom of the tools panel.

You are likely to get your file back through this method. Nevertheless, if this doesn’t work for you, extend this method to the third method.

Method 3. Use Temp Files For Recovery 

Sometimes, Windows saves your unsaved file temporarily in a different folder. 

This feature of Windows allows you to get your file back if you forget to save it quickly. 

You can use the file path to get your unsaved file. Your file paths will look similar to the below-mentioned.


You can also use a different method to reach your unsaved file by following these steps.

Step 1. Click the Windows+R shortcut key.

Step 2. Type “%tempt” in the run prompt.

Step 3. The file explorer window will appear. Now search your file using extensions like ppt*tmp, *.pptx, etc.

You will find your PPT or PPTX file in your results, and you can easily recover it from there.

Method 4. Recover your PPT through OneDrive

The new version of PowerPoint offers an option to autosave your PowerPoint files to OneDrive automatically. 

All you have to do is turn on the PowerPoint autosave option. Once you do this, you can recover your unsaved PowerPoint files by following these steps.

Step 1. Go to the files tab on PowerPoint.

Step 2. Click on Home.

Step 3. Select your desired file.

You can also go to the OneDrive account and search your file on the recent files option. You can go to my files and find these files on documents.

Summing Up!

Here is a thorough tutorial on recovering an unsaved PowerPoint file. You can now rapidly use one of the aforementioned methods to recover your important presentation. 

However, it’s better if you remain alert while working and use the shortcut key Ctrl+S to save your important file. 

If you have mistakenly deleted your PowerPoint files, then instead of the above methods, check your recycle bin or take help from data recovery software like EaseUs. 

See, it was no rocket science to save your PowerPoint files, right? 

We hope the above article helped you figure out how to recover an unsaved PowerPoint file. 

Tell us your favorite method to recover unsaved PowerPoint files in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why didn’t my PowerPoint autosave?

Your PowerPoint autosave mode might be disabled because the PPT didn’t autosave. 

This happens with large files or files shared on share point. To enable PowerPoint autosave. 

Go to files and click on save in the options tab. Now check the tick in the autosave box.

2. Where is PowerPoint saved on PC?

If your PC has an already installed Microsoft PowerPoint. 

You can find PowerPoint in your start menu. Otherwise, you can install it to get it on your PC. 

3. How to check PowerPoint auto-recovery mode on Mac?

Follow these steps to check PowerPoint’s “auto-recover” mode on Mac.

  • Open PowerPoint.
  • Select options and go to save.
  • Go to save presentations.
  • Press save Auto recover info.

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