How to See Other Viewers on Facebook Story {UPDATED 2024}

Social media sites are constantly changing and introducing new and different features, which has changed in past years, with the introduction of stories, which disappear after 24 hours, which is why people started posting more and more stories to keep their viewers updated with their day to day life.

How to See Other Viewers on Facebook Story

Back in 2017, Facebook launched stories, after Snap chat which is the actual creator of stories or from where it really came into existence after that, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter all hopped in this, every app gave distinctive feature to its story, with that it really became an on-going trend and seems people actually Appreciating it.

On Facebook also people enjoy other people’s stories, you don’t know who viewed your Facebook profile, but you can definitely know who viewed your Facebook story, but here comes the thing, you can only know the viewer is in your friend’s list, other than that if your account is set to public, the only notification shows that ‘5 other people viewed this story without telling, who were they if you want to know why the platform doesn’t disclose then keep reading this blog.

Who are these other viewers?

They are the people who saw your Facebook story without being friends with you. Just for instance if you say you posted a story and it says 20 people viewed this story, these other people are just random people on Facebook. This will only appear when you have set the privacy option for your story to the public. Other viewers are those who watch your story in addition to your Facebook friend.

You should be aware that your story’s privacy option will by default be “Friends” only. By default, your story article may only be seen by your friends. However, if you switch it to “Public,” everyone on Facebook and Messenger will be able to see it. Before publishing a tale, you must adjust your privacy settings if you wish for other people to see it.

On the story page, the Privacy option is located directly there at bottom of the display. Your privacy settings can then be changed to “friends” or “friends and connections” from there.

After seeing your story, if a Friend on Facebook of yours blocks you on Facebook, the name of the person will disappear from the list of viewers; rather than showing the name, it will be tallied under another viewer and will display as 1 viewer.

This implies that any of your friends have blocked you from accessing their account or you have blocked him if you have published a story after changing the privacy options but are still only seeing one viewer under your story. As a result, their name is not present in the list of viewers and is instead represented by a number.

How to check who saw your Facebook story?

Step 1: You can always check to see who has seen a photo or video you’ve shared on your account.

Step 2: The only person who can see who has read your tale is you. Go to the Stories section at the top of your Feed to find out who has read your tale.

Step 3: Select your story.

Step 4: To display the list of viewers, select Viewers in the lower left corner of your tale.

How to Stop Others’ from Viewing Your Facebook Stories (Facebook Story Views)

On the Facebook story, the other viewers are unfortunately invisible. You can only see how many other people have viewed your story if the privacy option is turned to “Public.” Facebook has decided to keep this information confidential. Additionally, you can see that someone asked the following question on the Facebook Help Community: “How do you see who the “other viewers” are really that watch your story?”

You may easily prevent this if you are genuinely worried about someone else reading or seeing your Story by adjusting the privacy settings. You may, however, see a list of the friends who have read your story as well as a list of their profiles. And even after your story has stopped appearing, these names will always be available. You have the option to hide your story from accounts apart from your Facebook friends. You must switch your story’s Privacy setting to Friends in order to achieve so.

When you upload a tale with the privacy set to Friends, the public won’t be able to see that specific article. Only Facebook profiles that are under your list of friends may read the story, i.e. just your Friends on Facebook can view the Story and none else.

The steps below include all the information indicated above to adjust your Facebook story’s privacy if you wish to stop non-friend accounts from viewing it:

Step 1: Visit the location for Profile Archives.

Step 2: Select the gear icon.

Step 3: Change the story’s privacy on the page after that to friends.

Wrapping up

Your first story on Facebook will automatically have the privacy setting set to “Friends” only. However, if you changed it to “Public,” then your tale is visible to everyone on Facebook. Set your privacy to “Friends” if you are concerned about privacy; otherwise, you won’t be able to identify them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If someone blocked me can they see my story?

No, you both cannot watch each other’s story.

2. How to view a Story on a locked Facebook profile?

The only right way is to send them a request, if the other person accepts then only you can watch their story.

3. After changing my settings to the public, can anyone see my story?

If they are checking on your profile, they can see your story.

4. What happens to the first story we upload without changing the privacy setting?

Usually, For First Story, the Privacy setting is always with friends

5. Can you see if someone has viewed your Facebook story more than once?

No, but by clicking on the ‘viewers’ icon at the bottom of the page. But you can see the number of times your story has been viewed.

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