How to Unblur Answers On Chegg

Do you “chegg” your way through your homework and exams as well? Well, if your chuckle when reading the term is any indication, you must already be aware of what it means.

Now, Chegg is your one-stop shop for all your learning needs. The company, which has its headquarters in Santa Clara, California, provides multiple web learning resources as well as textbook rentals.

Free Chegg Answers – Unblur Chegg Answers

The platform undoubtedly benefited from the switch in the traditional educational system around the world toward a digital one during the pandemic.

We are aware that being a student is taxing. It’s difficult to juggle exams, assignments, and homework under pressure. Are you tired of weighing yourself down with needless textbooks and a lack of a proper mentor?

The platform also understands your requirements and assists you in crafting your answers and clearing any confusion. But you should be informed that it is a paid service, so when you go to find answers on the platform for free, they would usually be blurred.

Now, you cannot afford to invest in the platform right now but desperately need the answers for an exam! Of course, you would be curious about how to unblur Chegg answers for free, right?

Let us help you with this question today in the blog!

Is it possible to unblur Chegg answers for free?

We must highlight to you that there is no perfect response to this question. Naturally, you are aware the platform is a paid one the moment you enter it. So, you need to subscribe to it in order to get your replies.

You can still check the Chegg answers for free, so don’t take our words above to signify you can’t. Therefore, let’s read the sections below where we’ve provided a few free ways for you to unblur those Chegg answers.

Use the Chegg free trial account

What if someone said that you could unblur your Chegg answers without using any sneaky means? You would undoubtedly be thrilled by the news because who doesn’t want answers without having to pay for them?

Do you know one of the best marketing strategies businesses use to draw customers? Well, offering a free trial is one. And Chegg is no stranger to this strategy.

Well, signing up for their free trial is the first method for getting Chegg answers for free. You can review this feature and decide whether or not you wish to use their services in the long run.

In case you weren’t aware, its study section offers a free 4-week trial. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn the answers to your questions by using the full four weeks.

A free tuition session lasting about 30 minutes is also included in the trial period. Chegg will begin billing you automatically for membership as soon as your trial period is finished. The platform won’t charge you if you cancel your subscription before then.

If you previously subscribed, you are no longer eligible for this service. Only the new users of the platform are authorized to use it.

Steps to get a Chegg free trial account:

Step 1: On your web browser, open Chegg.

Step 2: There is a Sign up button present when you scroll down the page. Tap on it.

Step 3: On the Create Account page, there are two empty fields for Email and Password. Enter the details and agree to the Terms and conditions. Then, hit the Create account button.

Step 4: You must opt for the I am Student option present there. Then, you have to enter your College or School name.

Step 5: In the next steps, go to your Profile icon and choose the option labeled My Account.

Step 6: Do you see the add payment methods in the Payment info tab? Click on it.

Step 7: Now follow the onscreen instructions, enter your card details, and complete the procedure.

Take help from the search engines

What do you do if you wish to find out the answer to any question you have in mind? Well, next to asking your friends, we believe you Google it! Why? Well, because this search engine knows everything, and no, we are not kidding.

The best feature, arguably, is that they can answer your inquiries in mere seconds. Why not use the same approach to get free answers to your questions that you would otherwise have to pay for on Chegg?

Thus, you must enter your query and click the search button on your web browser (such as Chrome). Numerous pages are relevant to your search that you can find. You can also use other web browsers besides Google, such as Opera or Mozilla Firefox.

We also recommend you visit the Wikipedia entries. The user community maintains the page and functions like a library of answers!

Who knows, you might get lucky, and these free search engines and pages can help uncover the solutions!

Scan through Chegg discord servers

If you are looking for some free answers, we would definitely vouch for Discord. It is the ideal place for those who cannot afford the subscription plan.

In case you don’t know what Discord is, it was originally designed as a platform for game communities, but it is now used by many other communities as well. People here join several servers depending on their area of interest.

You must join one of the several Chegg-specific Discord servers that are available on the platform.

If you’d like, you can join more than one of them! The more, the merrier, right? Additionally, it would make it easier for you to look for answers.

Search for Free Chegg Discord servers in your computer browser, then click the link that pops up in the search results. Your Chegg website or mobile app will open up. If you’re a new user, you must first register. Simply strike up a conversation with other students there, and they might be able to answer your questions.

Try alternate websites for free answers

We know that Chegg is one of the best platforms for tackling your academic woes. However, we must point out that it is not the ONLY platform that can assist you in finding the right solutions.

You agree with the statement, right?

Try a different platform for free answers if you’ve failed in your attempts to receive one. We are listing a couple of some of them below, so give them a try.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a popular learning platform among students today. It has a large archive of videos and educational tools. It is a nonprofit organization, and all instructional materials are distributed for free to everyone.

The platform’s greatest strength is, without a doubt, its capacity to allow you to study and grow at your own speed. Explore each of their many topics to see if you can find your answers there.


It’s difficult for us to imagine that some students still did not use Sparknotes for some last-minute exam revision. The platform is a great alternative to Chegg.

If you need help crafting your essay and making it more engaging or adding some last-minute details to your work, Sparknotes is the answer for you.

Use someone else’s Chegg account

Ask a friend or a fellow student for their Chegg account password if you still haven’t found the best answer. We are aware that you can only use one device at a time to access the platform. But if they are close friends of yours, they might lend it to you for a while. There is nothing wrong with trying to ask them, right?

You can ask them to look something up for you if you want to unblur specific answers. You can avoid paying for an account and promptly receive your answers in this way.

Wrapping up

Chegg is easily one of the best services available to students to answer their doubts. We covered how to unblur Chegg answers for free in this blog.

Although we are aware that it is a paid platform, we have discovered that there are ways to receive the answers without paying.

Look at each of the methods we covered in depth to find the one that works effectively for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How quickly do experts respond to questions on Chegg?

Chegg experts can answer your question in 30 minutes to 2 hours. The time frame often relies on your subject, experts’ availability, and the question’s complexity.

2. Is Chegg a secure website?

Chegg is a secure platform that millions of students all over the world rely on. However, you should always stay cautious on your end.

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