Can a Blocked Person See My Posts if I Tag a Mutual Friend on Instagram? {UPDATED 2024}

If you’ve recently hit the “block” button on Instagram, you probably believe the person you blocked won’t have any access to your posts or updates. But what if you tag a mutual friend? Can they become a source for the blocked person to sneak a peek at your content? It’s a tricky situation that has left many Instagram users scratching their heads.

In this blog, we’ll unwrap the mysteries of blocking on Instagram and give more context on whether a blocked person can still see your posts if you tag a mutual friend. 

Can a Blocked Person See My Posts if I Tag a Mutual Friend on Instagram?

Whether you’re dealing with an ex, an annoying acquaintance, or simply seeking to regain control over your digital space, we have explained alternative options to blocking so that you can confidently navigate the Instagram landscape.

So, if you’re ready to gain clarity on this burning question and reclaim your Instagram peace of mind, let’s dive in. 

Can a blocked person see my posts if I tag a mutual friend on Instagram?

Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? Even if you tag a mutual friend, the blocked person won’t be able to access your tagged content. Blocking someone on Instagram offers more than just preventing them from seeing your tagged posts. It acts as a shield, safeguarding your entire Instagram experience from the blocked person’s reach.

When you block someone, not only are your posts hidden, but your comments and likes on their content also disappear. This ensures a clean break and complete removal of your interactions. Plus, your posts will no longer appear in the liked section of the blocked user, severing all connections and leaving no trace behind.

Can a blocked contact see the story if my mutual friend shares a photo and tags me? 

If you’ve blocked contact on Instagram, they won’t be able to see your photos and stories directly. However, there’s a catch when it comes to mutual friends. 

In case a mutual friend of yours who is also connected to the blocked user shares your photo or story, tagging you, the blocked contact might catch a glimpse.

It can be frustrating to think that even though you’ve taken steps to block someone, they still have a backdoor to peek at your content. But worry not; there’s a glimmer of hope. To eliminate such scenarios, Instagram has introduced an option where you can customize your story settings. 

By accessing your privacy settings, you can specifically hide your stories from your mutual friends connected to the blocked contact. Alternatively, you can restrict who can tag you in a story or post to ensure that your photos and stories remain hidden from prying eyes, even through the loophole of mutual friends.

If you wish to control who can tag you in a post, here is a guide to help you. 

Step 1: Open Instagram and log in to your account where you need to make the changes. 

Step 2: Now go to your profile tab by clicking on the profile icon located at the bottom right 

corner of the page. 

Step 3: From the given option, choose settings and privacy; tap on it. 

Step 4: Now scroll up a bit until you see how others can interact with you section. 

Step 5: In that specific section, you can find the tags and mentions option; tap on it. 

Step 6: In the tags and mentions tab, you need to tap on the manually approve tags option to control who can tag you in the future and what posts can appear under the tags options. 

This setting can immensely help you have a private circle within your Instagram space, ultimately giving you more privacy, safety, and control. 

Can a mutual friend share my Instagram content with a blocked contact? 

Instagram ensures that your privacy remains untouched and that your posts stay hidden from those you’ve blocked. So, your mutual friend won’t become a sneaky messenger, revealing your Instagram activities to the blocked contact. Instagram understands the importance of maintaining boundaries and protects your peace of mind by keeping your account locked up tight.

Although if you’re worried about your mutual friend accidentally slipping up and revealing information about you to the blocked contact, having a friendly chat is always a good idea. Make sure they’re aware of the situation, and subtly ask them to respect your privacy.

What are other aspects that can help you beyond blocking? 

Instagram respects its users’ privacy, and that’s the reason why users stay, use, and basically live on Instagram. Blocking is the last resort if you want to get rid of an Instagram contact, but you can also take other measures than blocking to control your account privacy. 

Control your activity status

Have you ever wished to maintain a low profile while browsing Instagram? Well, good news! Instagram allows you to control your activity status and decide who can see if you’re online. By accessing your settings, you can hide your activity status from specific individuals or even from everyone. This way, you can scroll through your feed without drawing unwanted attention or feeling pressured to engage in conversations when you prefer some alone time.

Notification Settings

From muting push notifications for likes and comments to managing story and live video notifications, Instagram grants you the freedom to tailor your notification preferences. Striking the perfect balance between staying informed and avoiding disruptions can allow you to enjoy the app at your own pace.

Manage message requests on Instagram

Sometimes, unsolicited messages from strangers can be a nuisance. Instagram offers a handy feature that enables you to manage message requests effectively. You can preview message requests and choose to either accept or decline them. This way, you have the power to filter out unwanted messages, ensuring your inbox remains clutter-free and only contains conversations that matter to you.

Hide comments and message requests you don’t want to see

It’s no secret that online interactions can sometimes turn sour. To protect yourself from offensive or irrelevant comments and message requests, Instagram allows you to hide them. By tapping the ellipsis (…) icon, you can easily remove unwanted content from view, promoting a positive and safe environment on your profile.

Restrict comments

Did you know that you can also specifically restrict individuals from commenting on your posts? You can easily choose the comments you want your followers or audience to see. This allows you to maintain a positive vibe across your account. 

Remove a follower

Occasionally, you may find it necessary to distance yourself from a follower. Instagram acknowledges this need and provides an option to remove followers without having to block them entirely. By accessing your followers list and selecting the appropriate option, you can maintain control over who has access to your updates and ensure a more tailored audience for your content.

With these additional privacy measures beyond blocking, you can navigate Instagram confidently, knowing you have the tools to safeguard your personal space. 

Frequently asked questions

1. Can a blocked person see my comments on a mutual friend’s post on Instagram?

In the help center, Instagram mentioned that the blocked user could see your comment on a mutual connections post; in contrast, some Instagram users report that the blocked users could not view or interact with the comment. 

2. Can someone tag me in a post if I block them on Instagram?

No, if you’ve blocked an Instagram user, they can’t tag you in a post. Moreover, they can’t find your profile even when they enter your exact username as a search query. 

3. Can someone I’ve blocked see my posts if I’m tagged?

No, if the blocked Instagram user can’t see the post you publish. However, they can view the posts that a mutual connection tagged you in. 

Over to you

By now, you may clearly understand whether a blocked person can see your posts if you happen to tag a mutual friend. 

Blocking someone on Instagram is a powerful tool to maintain your privacy and control over your social media experience. Understanding how your mutual friend account on Instagram can impact your decision is a bit tricky. That’s why we made sure you had every bit of information that was absolutely necessary to put your mind at ease.  

Remember, if you have any more burning questions or need further guidance, we’re always here to help. Just drop us a line below.

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