How Do I Get Unrecorded Call Recordings? {UPDATED 2024}

Ever wondered if you can get access to your call recordings or hear your phone conversations?

If your answer is yes, you have landed on the right page!

Every phone conversation matters, especially when you are talking to someone important or about something crucial. For instance, you are speaking to your client over a call, and you want to record your conversation so you know what you spoke to them.

How to Listen to Past Phone Calls on Android & iPhone (Get Unrecorded Call Recording)

In another case, you may want to record as evidence or keep it as a memory. Previously, Android phones had an automatic feature where you could record phone calls. Many Android phones still provide the option. However, with the latest phones, it can be tricky to record a phone call.

Additionally, sometimes you may want to get access to your previous call recordings even if you have a recorder in your phone. For example, you spoke to someone about work, but now you have forgotten all the minor details. You want to confirm the details you discussed over the call. In such a case, you may need your call recordings.

Besides this, call recordings also play a vital role in legal procedures. If you are going through a legal process, you can use call recordings as solid proof to show law enforcement how the other person responded or vice versa.

While Android users can still find it easy to access third-party call-recording apps, iOS users struggle the most with it. This is because Apple has strict privacy policies to ensure its users are safe. Nevertheless, whether you are an Android user or an iOS user, there are a few ways you can listen to your previous call recordings.

In this article, we will take a look at the different methods you can follow to access your old call recordings. With that, let’s dive into the details!

How do you Listen to Past Phone Calls on Android?

Unfortunately, there is no way to hear the phone calls you’ve made in the past if you haven’t recorded them on your phone. Calls are not recorded in order to protect the user’s privacy. That being said, calls that have not been recorded on your phone are inaccessible by default. The government of your country or local authorities in your state may record your calls for legitimate reasons and only with the assistance and permission of the service provider. Still, you cannot access them from your mobile phone, nor can you request the service provider to help you access them.

So, if you think you need to listen to previous conversations with your friends, family, or anyone on your Android phone, the best thing you can do is record your calls while they are going on using Android’s call recording feature.

Now, the call recording feature might not be switched on by default on your Android phone. You have to go to the settings and switch it on so that you’ll be able to record every call, and the recording will be stored in your local storage. And if you want to record just a specific call, there’s always a call recording option available on Android devices near the dialer while the call is going on.

There are many developers out there who have successfully created app platforms for Android users who want to have a substitute for in-built call recording. One of them is the Automatic Call Recorder. These apps record all the conversations and store them if you give them permission to do so after installing them. You get the name, date, and time stamp of the call that is being recorded, and you can save it in multiple file formats. Third-party apps like this usually permit you to share the recordings too. Also, You can easily disable the app whenever you wish to do it.

How to Listen to Past Phone Calls on iOS?

Individually recording a phone call conversation on iOS is not permitted by default. iPhones have an in-built feature of screen recording, but when you answer the phone, the built-in screen recording utility stops working. Apple uses these methods to respect and protect both the parties’ privacy and also to comply with local laws.

Recording using Third-Party Apps

TapeACall is software made by TelTech. They record the calls via a very unique yet not simple process where they incorporate a local access number that needs to be dialed before calling the other number. And all the incoming calls are automatically put on hold, so merging the access number and the other user’s phone number takes place so that recording can take place smoothly. It is a very convenient option for iOS users. Hence, it is paid software where you need to sign up for a monthly or yearly membership plan they have laid out to access their services. They also have a seven-day free trial, so you can have the time to think before purchasing.

Contacting Your Service Provider

Sometimes, people may need access to call recordings due to their legal battles. You can contact your mobile network service provider and ask them to assist you in getting your call recordings. It is vital to note here that your service provider will need evidence or a valid reason to give you access to your call recordings since they have their own rules.

Usually, you cannot access your past recordings if you do not have a valid reason.

Wrapping up

Everyone has different reasons why they need to access their previous call recordings. Many people want to use their call recordings as evidence, while many want to access them to remember the details they discussed.

Often, working individuals find call recordings as one of the easiest ways to remember what they discussed about work, including all the minor details. Through your call recordings, you can eliminate the hassle of taking notes manually or the chance of miscommunication.

If you have call recordings of your calls, you can avoid any miscommunication that occurs -both professionally and personally. While there is no official method to access your previous call recordings, you can use third-party applications.

However, ensure that the app you use is legitimate and does not breach your privacy. Be careful when going with any third-party application, as you can get into trouble if the app is not legitimate or not genuine.

We hope our article helped you understand everything about accessing your previous call recordings. If you still have additional questions, feel free to drop your queries in the comment section below!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I be able to retrieve my call recordings with the assistance of a Cybersecurity team?

No, there are rules and regulations made by the government for the users’ privacy, and the cybersecurity team has to abide by them. You cannot access a phone call recording if it’s not recorded on your device.

2. Can I record the call with the help of screen recording in iOS?

No, Apple doesn’t permit the usage of the screen recording feature while the phone call is going on. It’s being done to respect the user’s privacy and comply with the government’s rules.

3. Will I be able to see all the call recordings in one place while using the third-party application?

Yes, the application stores all the call recordings in one place and sorts them according to the name and date of the call. You can even search for the name of the person you want to hear the call recording of and share the recording.

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