How to See Your Most Followed Follower on Twitter {UPDATED 2024}

Expressing our opinions and agreeing with or disagreeing with others’ comments is now standard practice on social media platforms. Online users are accustomed to doing everything in their power to get notices and gain some attention.  

In addition to likes and comments, your follower total is another metric people obsess over. We will talk about Twitter in this context today.

How to See Your Most Followed Follower on Twitter

Although it is frequently dismissed as a vanity measure, it has a small influence on your online success. Okay, so we know this claim is debatable, but our ingrained belief is that if an account has a sizable following, it must be genuine and reliable. We are sure you agree with it. 

Naturally, you need a healthy follower-to-following ratio if you want people to believe your account. We will put this topic to rest for another day. 

The question of the hour is, “how to see your most followed follower on Twitter?”

Do you know how to properly organize this data on the platform? We know that it might seem a little challenging at first. But we’re here to help you today. 

So, what are you waiting for? Please read the blog all the way through with us to find the answers to all your queries.

Can you see your most followed followers on Twitter?

We can use a variety of online tools to keep tabs on our Twitter followers, and if you’re serious about expanding your presence there, you’ll consider these tools seriously. We believe that this is especially true for businesses and creators on all social media platforms. 

These tools provide information on our overall growth, influence, and current and former followers. However, we must now ask, “Can you see your most followed Twitter followers? 

Oh well, we have some happy news for you! You can see who your most popular follower is on the platform. Read the parts below to learn more about the methods. 

Method #1: Check it manually

How many Twitter followers do you have? Does the number you have in mind indicate a sizable audience for you?

Keep in mind that the method we’re about to discuss will offer you an advantage if you have a small following. Check out the step-by-step instructions below for help. 

Steps to check manually

Step 1: Open a spreadsheet on your computer/laptop and list down the names of all your followers one by one. 

Set up a column for the followers’ names, followed by a column for the followers’ count. 

Step 2: Go to Twitter and tap on your profile icon in the upper left corner. 

Step 3: Tap on your followers tab and tap on their names individually. 

Step 4: Do you see their followers count in the profile? Look at the count and enter the number in the followers count column in your spreadsheet. 

Finally, you must review and compare the list to determine which of your followers has the most followers. 

If you have a large following, you will require a lot of patience, and the method is occasionally impossible to work on. Try one of the methods mentioned below if this seems like too much of a hassle. 

Method #2: Try Twitter analytics

Manual verification is not for everyone. Who, in all honesty, has the patience to wait through your thousands and thousands of followers just to find out who their most followed followers are? 

You can use Twitter analytics in this situation. It gives you access to the different metrics you need to monitor your Twitter profile. 

You can access information about your best tweets, conversions, tweet engagement, and follower growth. Thus, we advise giving Twitter analytics a shot! 

Worried about the steps? Check it out below. We’ll help you out. 

Steps to use Twitter analytics

Step 1: Open Twitter on your computer or laptop. Make sure you are signed in

Step 2: Go to the left panel and find and click the three horizontal dots icon to open the more tab. 

Step 3: Please select Creator studio next and tap the Analytics option. 

Step 4: Please tap on the Home tab at the top of the page. 

Please turn on your Analytics if it isn’t already. 

Step 5: Go to the Top Follower tab. You will find the name of the user along with the followers count. 

You might be puzzled as to why you were shown someone with a low follower count if you know individuals with many more followers than the one you were shown. You must note that the person with the most followers for the month is shown in Twitter analytics. Thus, you won’t see any top followers if no one follows you during a particular month. 

Method #3: Bringing third-party apps/websites into the mix

Third-party tools are exceedingly helpful if you are unable to use any of our above-mentioned recommended methods. You’ll be shocked to learn just how meticulous third-party applications can be. 

Therefore, there is no better way than using these tools if you want to conduct a thorough user analysis. You can test out real-time Twitter follower growth tracking tools online too. 

Please remember that you must purchase a subscription to view your followers’ growth monitoring and analysis. If you are able to obtain a free utility, make sure it will be useful for the task you intend to download or use it for. 

Please stay away from spam tools that don’t live up to their claims. They can access your Twitter account and damage it.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. Does using third-party apps to look for your most followed followers yield reliable results?

Please keep in mind that not all third-party tools are trustworthy, and some may also produce unclear findings. There may be some tools that even provide you with inaccurate results. Therefore, you should study its reviews and possibly speak with other users before deciding whether or not to use it. 

2. Do I have to pay for Twitter analytics in order to see who my most followed follower on Twitter is?

You are not required to pay for Twitter analytics. Every Twitter user has unrestricted access to it. 

In the end

We have come to the end of our discussion. So, let’s talk about the topics we have discussed today, shall we?

We discussed how to view your most followed followers on Twitter. Please look at them and decide which works best for you. 

Do you still have any questions that have not been resolved? Please post your inquiries in the comment area; we are only a message away. 

You can also pass along the blog to people who might be looking for these answers. Additionally, be sure to visit our website for more blogs about technology.

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