How to See Who Viewed Your Twitter Profile

When we talk about the most powerful social media platforms, one of the names that top the list is Twitter. It comes as no surprise that Twitter has been home to millions of daily active users, and the count keeps increasing every day! After all, the world’s richest man- Elon Musk, offered to buy Twitter and almost closed the deal!

How to See Who Viewed Your Twitter Profile

Twitter is an excellent platform to keep yourself updated with all the latest news globally, be updated with your favorite celebrities by connecting with them, meeting like-minded people, expressing your thoughts, and more. Over the years, we have seen people opting for Twitter when it comes to social media platforms.

This is because of the clean user interface and the popularity of the platform. After all the amazing features it offers, who wouldn’t love to be a part of a fantastic community? Besides that, Twitter also takes care of user privacy and respects what users would like to see or protect their information from the public.

By putting your thoughts into tweets, you can create a safe space for your feelings. Now, if you use Twitter every day, you may be curious to know who is stalking your profile. Some people want to know who is viewing their Twitter profile to see if they are being stalked by someone they shouldn’t. For instance, let’s say you don’t want your boss or your colleagues to come across your Twitter profile as you think of it as a safe and personal space.

Since Twitter does not directly reveal who is checking out your profile, it generates higher curiosity as to who is really checking out your profile. So, can you really see who is checking your Twitter profile?

In this article, we are going to explore how to see who is lurking in your Twitter profile. Yes, we are going to list working methods that will help you explore all the possible options! With that, let’s get into the details right away!

Can You Check Who Viewed Your Profile on Twitter?

Other websites can claim that you can see who viewed your Twitter profile, but the truth is you cannot. Even if you turn the Twitter Analytics Feature on, you can not see the profile name of the user who viewed your profile, as it stays entirely anonymous. Twitter keeps this information confidential.

If you have a Twitter account, you might have come to a point where you wondered who engaged with your profile. There are some things that can be found easily, but as we said earlier, you will not be able to see who viewed your Twitter profile. In reality, people basically want to know whether their ex, crush, or boss is checking out their profile. Unfortunately, Twitter analytics only show the profile visits and Tweet details, like the number of views on your tweets, mentions, impressions, and others.

Twitter Analytics only shows the number of people who visited your profile but did not reveal who visited. Therefore, we will explain how to see the number of people who viewed your profile.

Step 1: Open the Twitter application on your phone or the website on your PC.

Step 2: Log in to your account using the correct credentials.

Step 3: Now, choose the analytics, and you will be taken to the Twitter Analytics page.

Step 4: Click on the “Turn Analytics On” option.

Step 5: Next, you will see the number of people who viewed your Twitter profile.

Fortunately, the process goes both ways. Therefore, if you cannot check who viewed your file, nobody can do it either. You can stalk anybody on Twitter by remaining anonymous.

If you have a private Twitter profile, only your friends can know what you are up to. All kinds of activities, like certain tweets and replying to them, will be hidden.

Alternatives to Check Who Saw Your Twitter Profile

Now the truth is, the method mentioned above may not give you the kind of details you need. Although you get an overview, you won’t be able to see which user is viewing your profile.

However, there are also alternatives to see who viewed your Twitter profile. Let us take a look at them below!


It allows you to watch football on your Twitter profile in a calibrated and organized manner. It provides trends for the week, insights, a number of tweets, popular tweets, and new followers gained. It will help you focus on more popular content with your followers, tweets, and most loved posts.

Crowd Fire

Just like Hootsuite, Crowdfire is a helpful social media management application that will allow you to gather meaningful insights. You will also be provided with a gist of your profile performance every week, and you can edit or manage them.

Browser Extension

Unfortunately, browser extensions cannot reveal who visited your Twitter profile. They are random coding pieces designed to steal your private information and send malware to your device. It is best to avoid such applications as much as possible.

Some extensions claim that they can actually show who visited your Twitter profile by installing them on your device. And such extensions are designed so that it is nearly impossible to predict that they are using your personal information. It is better to avoid such extensions that seem sketchy. In the end, you do not want your security to be compromised.

Similarly, third-party applications can neither show who visited your Twitter profile. Once you create an account in such applications, they will redirect you to add some deposit, which is totally sketchy.

Wrapping up

Within a world where social media is our go-to place to relieve stress and socialize, Twitter remains at the top. Unsurprisingly, it remains popular for crucial discussions or celebrities/famous people putting out statements and their opinions to the world.

Previously, Twitter was considered a platform for celebrities. However, now it has become more of an open space where you can easily stay connected and share your views. Whether it is a trending debate that you want to express yourself in or support your favorite artist, Twitter easily facilitates everything!

As your Twitter usage increases, you may want to ensure that your privacy does not get invaded, especially when you share your personal thoughts over the platform. This is when you may be keen to know who is checking your profile. Sometimes, even if someone views or goes through your Twitter profile, you wouldn’t know (unless they end up liking your Tweet/retweet)!

So, since this puts up a lot of anxiety, you can now rely on the methods mentioned above. If the method doesn’t work for you, we recommend keeping your Twitter account private. It can help in protecting your privacy and ensure you only accept follow requests from people you know.

With that, we hope our article helped you ease your curiosity and gave you the right solution. Over to you. What are your thoughts about the same? Let us know in the comment section below!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to know if the users viewed my Tweets?

Just like you cannot see who visited your profile; similarly, you cannot see who saw your Tweets. But, you can know the number of people engaged with your Tweets.

2. Is there any trustable application that can show who viewed my Twitter profile?

Unfortunately, no applications can reveal who visited your Twitter profile. Even if any application manages to get your browsing history and online activities, they are breaking Twitter’s privacy laws. So it is better to keep your account safe by not using such applications.

3. Why can I not see who viewed my Twitter profile?

Unfortunately, Twitter does not provide a feature where you can view someone’s profile. So, you may not be able to view who is viewing your Twitter profile through the app itself.

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