How to Count Number of Messages in Messenger Chat {UPDATED 2024}

If you have been using Facebook for years now, you may be aware of the changes it underwent throughout all these years. Initially, Facebook’s features were limited, but with advancement, Facebook has introduced a lot of excellent features to stay in competition with other social media platforms.

How to Count Number of Messages in Messenger Chat -A Quick Guide

One of the common changes we noticed is that Facebook shifted its messages to a separate application. Previously, you could communicate with your friends through messages directly from the Facebook application. However, soon it shifted the communication part to Messenger. Messenger enables you to communicate with your Facebook friend. There are plenty of features that you can enjoy on Messenger, including sending messages, GIFs, stickers, pictures, videos, audio, video/audio call, and more!

Facebook’s Messenger goes hand in hand with every Facebook user. The separate messenger application has proven to be useful for many users. Messenger mainly allows its users to text or message their friends on Facebook. While it may sound convenient, some people prefer to think that counting the number of messages in a chat in Messenger can be difficult.

There could be several reasons one would want to count the number of messages. Maybe you want to jump back to the first message by calculating the count before scrolling. Or, one might need the total count to know how much they texted their friends. Anyone can be curious to know how much you have spoken to someone throughout these years.

No matter what your reason is, you may be wondering how to count the number of messages in Messenger Chat. Well, don’t worry. We have got you covered! In this article, we have written all the details about counting messages in your chats in Messenger. So, stick to the end to find out!

Can You Count the Number of Messages in Messenger?

Many users have tried counting the number of messages in a chat. Although, the only way to calculate the messages of a conversation in Messenger will be possible by counting each message manually. Counting each message manually will not be ideal and only result in time and data consumption.

Unfortunately, there is no way to count the messages of a chat without going through it manually. To count messages, you will have to manually scroll through the entire conversation and count it. As a result, most users will not rely on counting manually. For example, if you have had a conversation with someone with more than 30 texts, manual counting will not be optimal in such a case.

Another Alternative For Counting Messages in Messenger

We can understand if you continue to look for an alternative method to Achieve the total count of messages. There are high chances that a user might ask if they can count the messages using the web version of Facebook on a laptop or a computer.

Users might have noticed how much the web version of Facebook and Messenger have changed. For the older version of Facebook Messenger, getting a count of the messages was still impossible. Many users have tried scrolling up manually in the web version. However, the website might keep loading messages until the first message appears.

In a nutshell, there is no way to get the count of messages in the web version of Facebook Messenger. You cannot use an Android, iPhone, or laptop/computer to generate the count of total messages in a chat.

Does Third-Party Application Help in Counting Messages?

When we were doing our research, we came to know there are various third-party applications that promise to provide you with a number of messages in the chat. However, one of the common things that we noticed is that these third-party applications are not safe and pose a security threat to your data. For instance, they get access to your private data, and you never know what will happen.

Furthermore, many third-party applications follow the click-bait method, wherein they will ask you to complete a survey to make sure you stay on their website for a while, and once their work is done, there will be zero results. Therefore, we do not encourage our readers to try third-party applications for counting the number of messages in your chat. If you know someone who has personally used a certain app, you can try it at your own risk.

Wrapping up

Messenger has become a powerful platform that helps you communicate with your Facebook friend easily. You can send and receive texts, make calls, send stickers, GIFs, pictures, videos, and more. Furthermore, Messenger also protects your privacy by enabling you to block the user directly from the Messenger app.

Instead of blocking someone from Facebook, you can simply choose to block them through Messenger. Additionally, you can delete the Facebook application and just use Messenger for communication if that is your priority. All these things make it easier to communicate with people. Similarly, Messenger is an excellent platform for people conducting business online. You can communicate with your customers directly through Messenger and accept and make payments easily!

Unfortunately, there is no direct method to check the number of messages in Messenger. You can only do that manually. So, we hope this article was useful in understanding how to count the number of messages in chats. Over to you. What are your thoughts about this post? Let us know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you use a third-party application to count the number of messages in Facebook Messenger?

No third-party application will allow you to count the number of Messages in Facebook Messenger chats. Facebook does not provide the option to generate a total count of messages. As a result, no third-party application can count the messages.

2. How can I generate a count manually?

If you are okay with manually counting each message in the Messenger application of the web version, there are a few simple steps you should take. Firstly, you should launch the Messenger app and find the chat whose count you want. Once done, you should start scrolling up from the bottom by keeping a count of each message and counting until the first message appears.

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