How to Track Location of Someone’s Instagram Account {UPDATED 2024}

Instagram has undoubtedly gotten a hold of our time more than we think, ranging from being just a photo and video-sharing app to becoming one of the most active social media platforms and harboring several trends. People engage and communicate with a substantial amount of information daily through posts, stories, and reels.

How to Track Location of Someone’s Instagram Account

Over the years, the platform has gained a massive audience with a track of millions of active users daily. What’s more surprising is that when the platform came into existence, no one thought Instagram would rule over the world!

It is home to big brands for marketing, influencers, creators, artists, and celebrities, or simply communicating and networking with others. With advanced features, you can easily communicate with people worldwide.

You have the power to both create or consume content. Using reach-increasing tactics like hashtags, locations, and mentions, you can share pictures and videos and seek interaction from the public. And when you are sharing posts or posting stories in real-time, people get access to your location too.

Have you ever wondered how to track the location of someone’s Instagram account? There are various reasons why you may be curious to know someone’s location.

While Instagram has its pros, it certainly has its downside too. Let’s consider an example. You made a new friend, but you are doubtful if the person is actually from where they are claiming to be. Additionally, it can be challenging to believe someone on the internet.

This is where you may want to know their real location to know if they are not fooling you. In this article, we will explore all the methods to see someone’s location on Instagram.

So, sit back and hold tight while we do the work for you!

Method 1: Using Instagram

Instagram has an in-built feature that shows the user’s location; others can track it for free. If you use Instagram frequently, you might have noticed that there are locations on people’s posts.

But there are some obvious drawbacks to it, like, if the user does not share the location while posting the post for privacy reasons, then you will never be able to track them. Or, if the user has shared a post a while ago and moved to a different location, it will be inaccurate. There can be a location with the same name in 10 different places, and the user might have selected the wrong place but with the same name. In that case, again, you will be misguided.

So, location tracking on Instagram is easy and accessible to everyone, but at the same time, it has its own drawbacks, which weigh more than the benefits. So, trusting someone’s location on their post cannot be totally reliable.

Method 2: Using a Third-party Website

Besides seeing the location that the user puts, there is no direct way to track their location. Instagram is strict with users’ privacy and safety which is why it does not allow people to track their location. However, various third-party tools come into the picture to break the barrier and enable you to track their location.

IP Grabber functions in a very unique and secret way. It creates a tracking link that looks like it is a usual link, and it will even function like a usual link. But, there are lines of code secretly embedded in the links which grab the IP and send us the information without even notifying the user. The website is known as Grabify. Let’s see a detailed series of steps to create one.

Step 1: Pick a link of interest concerning the person so that it’s not suspicious of you sending them a random link. If the targeted person likes to watch sports, select an image link or a video link relating to it. Copy the link to your clipboard.

Step 2: Now, go to Grabify’s website.

Step 3: Find the field called “Enter a valid URL or tracking code” and paste the copied link there. Click on “create URL.”

Step 4: Copy the generated URL and save it to use later. It will be useful for getting the information we desire about the targeted user.

Step 5: Open your Instagram dm and send this copied URL to the targeted Instagram user. Make sure that they open the link because the IP address and other details are only visible if they click on that link. Send them the link in a way that does not look very suspicious, and ensure they have opened it, even if it is for a few seconds.

Step 6: Once the user has clicked on the link, go back to Grabify’s website, find the “tracking code” option, and press that button.

Now sit back and enjoy when the website shows you all the information about the targeted person, like their IP address, location, Internet service provider, etc. So this is the guaranteed way to get a location on anyone without having to worry about the drawbacks.

Wrapping up

Instagram has an in-built feature that shows the user’s location; others can track it for free. There are some obvious drawbacks to it, like if the user doesn’t share the location while posting the post for privacy reasons, then you’ll never be able to track them.

The simple solution is to go to Grabify’s website and enter a valid URL or tracking code.
Copy the copied link and send it to the targeted Instagram user. Make sure that they open the link. The results will show you their location, Internet service provider, and other information.

On an important note, we do not suggest you go against Instagram’s policy or use the method we have mentioned above for wrongful purposes. It would be better to respect people’s privacy and not invade it or conduct any unlawful activity. Unless it is important, we do not suggest you track someone’s location unlawfully!

We have mentioned all the reliable methods that help you track the location of someone’s Instagram account. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try the method mentioned above!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I be able to see the real-time location of the user via Grabify?

Yes, you can see the real-time location of the user via Grabify. When you send the embedded link to the targeted user and they click on it, you automatically get their location, IP address, and other information about them. It is updated on a real-time basis, and it’s accurate.

2. Which is the easier way to track someone on Instagram?

While there is no direct method, Grabify is the easiest and hassle-free way of tracking someone on Instagram. There is no room for drawbacks and errors as it updates the real-time location and other details like IP address.

3. Why is the location feature provided by Instagram not reliable?

The location feature by Instagram is straightforward to access, but it is not accurate. The location shown there is possibly not even right. It’s what the user chooses to show, and sometimes even the user might be mistaken because there might be 10 different places but with the same name.

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