Is There A Way To View Your LinkedIn Profile As Someone Else? {UPDATED 2024}

Looking at someone’s LinkedIn profile has become a standard among industry professionals. There are many hiring managers and recruiters on the website, so it’s best to keep your profile up to date at all times.

Please let us know: Have you ever had trouble finding someone on LinkedIn? We know a person’s actual name may cause hundreds of profiles to appear on the search result. You might be shocked to learn that occasionally, even with a much more thorough search, people are simply unsearchable.  

How to View Someone’s Linkedin Profile Without Logging In

Let’s come to questions of the hour “How could you view the LinkedIn profile of someone without logging in?” Do you think there is a way to complete this action? Ensure you read the blog all the way through because we’ll discuss the topic.

Can you see someone’s LinkedIn profile without logging in?

A person’s LinkedIn page is a window into their professional lives, so you should definitely look at it before hiring. It is possible to view a person’s LinkedIn profile without logging in. There are some restrictions but possible nonetheless. Let’s look at the methods you can use to complete this task. 

Method 1: Search them on search engines

You can view a person’s complete LinkedIn profile by logging into your account. However, what if you fail to sign in for some reason?

We think that looking them up on search engines will be beneficial. For those who were unaware, search engines like Google index LinkedIn accounts to make them searchable on a browser. 

You’ll be astonished to learn how simple it is to look up someone’s LinkedIn profile using the browser. You can look for them using their actual names on Google or another search engine and then add “LinkedIn profile” or “LinkedIn” to the search.  

You can view a few things when you follow the directions, such as:

  1. Profile picture
  2. Cover photo
  3. Bio
  4. About section
  5. Experience
  6. Education
  7. licenses & certifications
  8. Publication
  9. Recommendations received

We have listed the steps if you didn’t understand our explanation above. 

Steps to use Google to see someone’s LinkedIn profile

Step 1: Open your device and go to Google Chrome

Step 2: Tap on the search bar, enter Name+LinkedIn, and run the search. 

Remember to narrow down your searches if you can. 

For instance, you can enter “John Smith content strategist LinkedIn profile.

Step 3: Tap on the search result. You will see the person’s full profile on the page. 

Please take note that you must not be logged into your account for this to work. If you are logged in and select the result, you will be taken to their LinkedIn profile via your LinkedIn app.  

You are here, which means the previous method failed. Hey, we have another method for you here, so don’t worry. 

People frequently post a link to their social media profiles on various platforms so that more people can discover, interact with, and follow them. So, you can look for their profile link in their other platforms’ bio area. 

There are more steps to follow once you have their profile links. Please check out the guide below. 

Step 1: Copy and paste the LinkedIn profile on the search engine

Step 2: Run the search.

Step 3: The person’s profile is on the next page. 

Please keep in mind that LinkedIn will ask you to log in or sign up for the platform, so you cannot use this method multiple times. 

Method 3: Ask for a mutual connection

The app has started to grow steadily in popularity in the last number of years. We frequently interact with a wide variety of people on LinkedIn because, well, why not? 

You have a better chance of showing in search results with more connections. Additionally, if you are excellent at personal branding, it will increase the post views and possibly increase the number of inbound leads and referrals. 

So, you may share some common connections with the target user, isn’t it? You can always ask your mutual connection to send you a screenshot of the target user’s profile, right? 

It will be simple to use this method if you get along well with the person. If not, you must explain why you need it.

How to view someone’s profile anonymously on LinkedIn?

Do you get notifications like (username) viewed your profile on LinkedIn? The person gets a notification if you look at their LinkedIn profile.  

We know you’re shaking just thinking about all the accounts you’ve been stalking if you’re hearing it for the first time. However, you can always look through a user’s profile on the platform without that user knowing. 

If you were thinking about it, you do not need to pay for the LinkedIn Premium membership. But be mindful that it’s a two-way street. LinkedIn won’t tell you who is viewing your profile if you choose to be in private mode.  

We’ll go over how to switch to private mode on LinkedIn in the steps below. So, please check it out.

Steps to change to private mode on LinkedIn

Step 1: Run the LinkedIn app on your device. 

Step 2: Please tap on your profile picture. It is present at the top left corner.

Step 3: Click on the Settings option at the bottom of the left panel. 

Step 4: Do you see the visibility option on the settings page? Please click on it. 

Step 5: You will be whisked to the visibility of your profile & network page. Click on profile viewing options next. 

Step 6: You will see an option called Private mode at the bottom. Please select it. 

According to LinkedIn, selecting this will disable who’s viewed your profile and areas your viewer history. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. How do I access my LinkedIn profile link?

Retrieving your LinkedIn page link is simple if someone has asked for it. The steps are listed below. 

Steps to view your profile link on LinkedIn:

Step 1: Head to your LinkedIn account and click on your profile picture in the upper left corner. 

Step 2: Can you see the view profile option? Please select it. 

Step 3: Do you see the More option? You should tap on it and select send profile in a message

However, you must select the three horizontal dots if you use LinkedIn on a smartphone. 

Choose the share profile via option to share the link outside of Linkedin. You should select the share profile via message to send the profile link in the LinkedIn DMs.

2. Is it possible to find out who viewed my LinkedIn profile while it was in private mode?

Yes, you can access a list of users who have viewed your LinkedIn profile in private mode. However, only premium members of LinkedIn can access this function. 

Closing thoughts

With this, we have decided to wrap up our discussion for the day. Now let us revisit the topics we have discussed, shall we?

The topic of our discussion was how to view someone’s profile without logging in. We have recommended a couple of methods, so refer to them. Additionally, we discussed how to view a person’s LinkedIn profile anonymously. 

We trust you’ve found the solutions you were looking for. Please share your thoughts about the topic in the comments section.

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