YouTube Thumbnail Downloader – Save YT Video Thumbnails {UPDATED 2024}

It isn’t surprising to know YouTube is one of the biggest search engines in the world, with billions of videos. 

Most of us tend to switch to YouTube at least once daily. Whether it is to watch something or check out our favorite creator’s work, YouTube has been home to millions of videos. 

A YouTube video’s fate is determined by its thumbnail. Out of all the best-performing videos on YouTube, 90% of videos were those which featured a customized thumbnail. Evaluate these thumbnails before creating your own if you wish. Use YouTube thumbnail Downloaders from the internet and upload the link of the video to acquire its thumbnail. 

YouTube Thumbnail Downloader – Save YT Video Thumbnails

Ever seen a video where the thumbnail was quite attractive? After seeing an attractive thumbnail, you might want to save it. However, if you know, YouTube doesn’t give a direct option to download YouTube’s thumbnails. 

So, how do you download a YouTube video’s thumbnails if YouTube doesn’t give an option? Well, we have got you covered!

If you’re still unclear, read the article below for a brief explanation of how to download YouTube thumbnails. 

With that, deep dive into the article now!

How To Download YouTube Thumbnails?

As mentioned above, YouTube doesn’t provide a straightforward option to download thumbnails. However, with some workarounds, it is possible to download thumbnails of the videos you see on YouTube. 

Downloading YouTube thumbnails is easy all you have to do is follow the directions given below.

Step 1. Open YouTube and go to the video.

Step 2. Open the video and click on its share icon.

Step 3. Click on”Copy link.” ( You can also copy the URL from the browser directly)

Step 4. Go to the Youtube Thumbnail Downloader. Paste the URL in the box.

Step 5. Once you paste the link and click on get thumbnail images. The thumbnail of the link will appear on the screen.

Step 6. Select the quality and size of the thumbnail and click on download.

That’s it! The thumbnail will be downloaded to your phone or PC. There are multiple thumbnail downloaders available on the internet, including, and where you download thumbnails for free. But can you use downloaded thumbnails on your videos? Get the answer to this question below.

Can You Use a Downloaded Thumbnail In Your Youtube Video?

You cannot use a downloaded thumbnail in your video due to copyright issues. Since the thumbnail belongs to the owner, you cannot use it as your youtube video thumbnail otherwise, you will get a strike from YouTube to prohibit its terms and conditions. Many people consider downloading a good way to improve SEO. However, this is not true, and using someone else’s thumbnail will harm your channel and its reputation. 

Why Have a Thumbnail For Your Youtube Video? (How to Make a Thumbnail?)

A thumbnail on your video helps users decide if the video is click-worthy or not. You need a thumbnail to build curiosity and urgency in your viewer’s mind. While uploading a video, you can either use a random snapshot of your video that comes by default or create an interesting snapshot of your video by customizing it. 

To make an interesting and clickable thumbnail, you can take a screenshot of the most interesting part of your video and use Canva or Photoshop to customize it further. Keep your thumbnail size to 1280×720 pixels with 640 pixels width. Observe your competitor’s thumbnails to know what graphics excite your audience to watch the video.

Wrapping Up!

Whether you are a YouTuber or a normal person looking to save an interesting YouTube video thumbnail, you know how to do it now. Various YouTube thumbnail Downloaders are freely available to use. All you have to do is to search them on your browser and put the URL of the video to get the thumbnail in your picture. 

However, all you can do with the thumbnail is keep it to yourself since putting it in your video will get you in trouble, and YouTube might remove your channel for violating its policies. 

Either way, you can use the methods we have mentioned above to save thumbnails on YouTube. So, next time your eyes land on an attractive thumbnail, you no longer have to stress out about how to download it. 

With that, we hope this article was helpful in downloading YouTube thumbnails. Did the method work for you? Let us know in the comments section below!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the highest thumbnail resolution?

The highest thumbnail resolution is 1280×720 pixels.

2. How many mm is a thumbnail?

The standard size of a Youtube thumbnail is 108.37×60.96 mm.

3. Can I download the YouTube thumbnail of someone else?

Although YouTube doesn’t provide a direct option to download or save a YouTube thumbnail, there are various methods you can follow. One of the methods we have mentioned in our content can help you achieve the same. 

4. How many thumbnail sizes are available for downloading?

Different thumbnail Downloaders offer different sizes however these size options are mostly available on all youtube thumbnail Downloaders.

  • Default (120×90 pixels)
  • Medium (480×360 pixels)
  • High quality (1280×720 pixels)
  • Standard (320×180 pixels)

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