How to Find Phone Number of Private Instagram Account {UPDATED 2024}

What’s your favorite social media platform? Chances are that many of you will place Instagram in the top position!

Well, the app has gained quite a reputation in the social media game, and we cannot deny how incredibly amazing the platform is. 

How to Find Phone Number of Private Instagram Account

The app hosts millions of people daily, and people continue to join the app regularly. Naturally, some questions linger in our minds, and we are here to clarify one today. 

Do you ever wonder how to find out the phone numbers of a private Instagram account? We know that Instagram requires your phone number or email address to sign up and verify your account, right? 

However, can you pull out someone’s phone number just like that? Let’s address these questions in the blog today so that there is no room for confusion anymore!

Can you find the phone number of the private Instagram account?

Instagram makes a lot of things possible for us, and users who use the app are aware of it. We form friendships and strong professional connections and collaborate with our dream creators, which gives our careers a serious push. 

However, this doesn’t mean Instagram has all the answers you are seeking for. Perhaps, they don’t have an update you wish to try, or you are asking things that go against their privacy settings. 

The latest question among users is whether they can find phone numbers of private Instagram accounts and if so, then how! Now we won’t bore you, so let’s get straight to the point. 

Instagram does not allow you to extract a user’s phone number directly from the platform. The app keeps this information confidential, so you need to resort to indirect strategies. 

While we are at it, we should also mention that no matter if someone’s account is public or private, Instagram doesn’t give anyone’s phone number to other users. 

But today, we will talk exclusively about how you can find phone numbers on a private Instagram account. You must follow the sections below to make things clear. 

Refer to the Instagram Bio

Instagram bio is supposed to be the mirror through which a user would decide whether they would like to follow you. It is a reflection of your personality and things your followers should look forward to. 

People brainstorm for days to come up with that perfect bio to grab attention. Thus, no matter how easy it seems, please take note writing a bio that draws people into you is not as simple as some Instagram “gurus” make it out to be. 

A lot of Instagram users add their contact details on their bios so that people can reach out to them off social media. While it is common for public accounts, private Instagram users practice the strategy nowadays too. 

Although it isn’t quite common, you can always check out the target user’s Instagram bio to cross-verify whether they have added their phone number in that allotted section. 

Steps to check someone’s Instagram bio:

Step 1: Go to Instagram and sign in if it is required. 

Step 2: A magnifying glass icon is displayed at the lower section of the Instagram feed. Please click on it to proceed. 

Step 3: You must enter the person’s username and enter their profile. 

Step 4: You will see the Instagram bio right under their names. 

They will have their phone numbers mentioned here if they have added them. However, you need to check out the other methods if you cannot see them. 

Ask them via direct message

Direct message on Instagram is a place where ideas, conversations, memes, and reels are exchanged privately between a friend or a group of friends. You have the option to call your friends and interact with them away from the public eye.

You can send anyone a private message regardless of whether you follow them or not. The only difference is that private accounts you do not follow don’t receive your messages directly. They receive it as a message request which they can opt to open or now. 

However, if you follow these private accounts, the messages will go directly to their messages. You can request them politely and give them a reason why you wish to have their phone numbers. 

Many users might be reluctant to provide you with their numbers since it is usually considered confidential information. Thus, we would request you not to force them and allow them some time. It would be nice if they gave it to you on their own, but you can leave it if they don’t.

Here’s what you should do instead:

We discussed two potential methods that might work to reveal phone numbers from private Instagram account users. However, these methods are a shot in the dark, and a few people might actually be successful in these attempts. 

There is a legal way through which you can at least reach someone on social media like Instagram if you have their phone number. We will let you know about it in the section below.

Use the Discover people feature

Did you know that you can sync contacts on Instagram to find your contacts on the app? Yes, a built-in discover people tool makes it possible, and we are quite sure you know about it. 

You need to allow contact syncing for the app to access your phonebook and match it with the people’s information to suggest the right users. Please note that you can always disable the contact syncing option if you feel like you don’t wish to get discovered by your family on the app. 

However, it is the best method to reach people already there in your contact book to connect on Instagram as well. We will show you the steps to find the discover people page through the step guide below. 

Steps to find the discover people feature on Instagram: 

Step 1: Open the official Instagram app on your device and tap on the mini profile icon at the lower right corner of your Instagram feed. 

Step 2: The human icon is present next to the share profile option of the profile. Go ahead and tap on it. 

Step 3: The Discover people option will appear on the screen. You can swipe and see the list of people that appears on the screen. 

You can also click on the see all option.

Step 4: Upon doing so, you will be requested to allow Instagram to access your contacts. Please click on the allow access option.  

Step 5: In the next steps, you will need to tap on the allow button

Instagram will send you a quick contacts connected notification. That’s it; you will find all the people on the Discover people page now.  

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Should I use third-party apps to get someone’s phone number from a private account on Instagram?

We are aware that the internet is flooded with third-party apps and websites claiming that they will help you find someone’s phone number from their private account on Instagram. However, please don’t believe in such apps because your account can get suspended or banned on the app. Several of these apps are simply scams and don’t work as they promise. 

How to disable contact syncing on Instagram?

You can disable the contact syncing option whenever you want to on Instagram. We will let you know the steps, so make sure to follow them. 

Steps to disable contact syncing on Instagram:

Step 1: Go to Instagram and open your profile by clicking on your profile icon

Step 2: Select the hamburger icon and go to settings next. 

Step 3: Tap on the Account option and move down to click on the contacts syncing option from the list. 

Step 4: Turn the toggle off, and you will receive a confirmation prompt that says: Disconnect contacts?

Step 5: Select Disconnect from the box, and you are good to go. 

And that’s a wrap 

With this, we have marked the end of our discussion. The topic we studied was based on the frequently asked questions from Instagram. 

We addressed “how to find phone numbers from the private Instagram account.” We have provided a thorough detail, so make sure to read it attentively. 

In the comments, you can tell us what you think about our answers. Please follow our website for more interesting tech-related how-to guides. 

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