How to Fix Someone’s Last Seen Not Updating on Whatsapp {UPDATED 2024}

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app that allows users to send and receive messages, make voice and video calls, share media files, and more, all using an internet connection. It’s available on Android and iOS devices and is used by millions worldwide.

WhatsApp’s “Last Seen” feature lets other users see when you were last active. It works by displaying a timestamp next to your name in a conversation indicating the last WhatsApp you used. This timestamp will update as you use the app in real-time, so your contacts can see if you’re active.

How to Fix Someone’s Last Seen Not Updating on Whatsapp

To see the “Last Seen” time of contact, save that person’s phone number in your phone’s contacts list and add them as a WhatsApp contact. Once conversing with that person, you can see their “Last Seen” time next to their name at the top of the chat window.

It’s worth noting that the “Last Seen” feature only works if you have not disabled it in your WhatsApp settings. By default, this feature is enabled, and your contacts can see when you were last active on the app. However, you can choose to turn off this feature if you want to maintain your privacy.

Have you ever been in a position where you wanted to check on someone but their last seen wasn’t updating on WhatsApp? If your answer to this question was yes, then this article is where you can finally end your search. Hang tight with us till the end of this article, and we will show you how to fix someone’s last seen not updating on Whatsapp. 

Let’s break this process into a detailed series of methods and steps.

Last Seen Not Updating on WhatsApp Overview

WhatsApp’s Last Seen feature is a timestamp that shows the last time a user was active on the app. This feature is visible to the user’s contacts and is usually in the chat window below their name. It is updated every time a user opens the app or when they were last seen using it.

The Last Seen feature is useful because it allows users to know if their contacts are currently active and available to chat. For example, if a user sees that their friend was last seen a few minutes ago, they may feel more comfortable sending them a message knowing they are likely to respond soon.

However, some people may track others’ Last Seen on WhatsApp for various reasons, including:

Curiosity: Some people may simply be curious about their contacts’ activity on WhatsApp. They may want to know when their friends and family are online and what they do on the app.

Suspicion: Others may use the Last Seen feature to track their partners or spouses to check if they are being faithful or not. This behavior is considered invasive and can lead to trust issues and relationship conflicts.

Avoidance: Some people may track their contacts’ Last Seen to avoid them. For example, if they see that their boss or co-worker is online, they may choose not to reply to their messages to avoid work-related conversations outside of working hours.

Fixing the Last Seen Update Issue on WhatsApp

If you’re experiencing an issue where someone’s last seen on WhatsApp is not updating, there could be several reasons. Let’s review some of this problem’s most common causes and provide some steps to troubleshoot and fix the issue.

Check your internet connection

The first and foremost thing to be done by you should be checking your internet connection. If your internet connection is weak or unstable, it can cause issues with WhatsApp’s functionality, including the last-seen feature. To ensure your internet connection is stable and strong, try connecting to a different Wi-Fi network or switching to mobile data.

Check for WhatsApp updates

If your WhatsApp is not updated to the latest version, it may cause issues with its functionality. Ensure your WhatsApp is updated to the latest version on your device’s app store. If you notice an update is available, do not waste your time. Download and install it.

Check your privacy settings

If someone’s last seen is not updating, it could be because they have changed their privacy settings. Ask the person if they have updated their privacy settings, and if they have, ask them to change it back to allow you to see their last seen status.

Check your chat settings

If you have turned off your last seen feature, you may not be able to see other people’s last seen statuses. To turn on your last seen feature, go to your WhatsApp settings, click on Account, then click on Privacy, and turn on the Last Seen feature.

Restart WhatsApp

If the above steps do not resolve the issue, try restarting WhatsApp. Close the entire running app and reopen it after a few minutes. This will refresh the app and can help resolve the issue.

Reinstall WhatsApp

If none of the aforementioned steps tend to work, try uninstalling and reinstalling the WhatsApp app. This will definitely help to resolve any existing software issues that might be causing the problem.


1. Why does WhatsApp’s last-seen feature for my contacts not update?

For several reasons, your contact’s last seen may not be updated on WhatsApp. Poor internet connectivity, an out-of-date software version, or privacy settings could be at blame.

2. How can I find out if the contact on WhatsApp has disabled their last seen?

You won’t be able to check your contact’s status if they have disabled the last seen. You might try contacting them or sending them a message to see if they are online. If you cannot see their last seen update, they are online upon sending a message. This can be your cue. 

3. What should I do if WhatsApp’s last-seen feature for my contacts is not updating?

Try rebooting your device and launching WhatsApp once more as a first step. Try updating your WhatsApp to the most recent version if that doesn’t work. Furthermore, ensure your internet connection is working properly, and your contact hasn’t been disabled since last seen.

The Bottom Line

This article primarily discusses fixing someone’s last seen not updating on Whatsapp. The “Last Seen” feature in WhatsApp allows other users to see when you were last active, allowing users to check on their contacts. People may track others’ Last Seen on WhatsApp for various reasons, including curiosity, suspicion, avoidance, and trust issues. 

To troubleshoot and fix the issue, check your internet connection. Check for updates, check chat settings, restart WhatsApp, and uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp to resolve software issues.

As promised, we have mentioned all the reliable methods that help you to fix someone’s last seen not updating on Whatsapp So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try the methods mentioned above and update the last seen!

We hope this article was helpful in understanding how someone’s last seen not updating on WhatsApp. If you cannot find anything, let us know in the comment section below, and we will help you find the right solution!

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