How to Hide WhatsApp Profile Picture from Everyone

If you ask anybody about their favorite and most used social media application, most of them will answer Whatsapp. It is because Whatsapp has a smooth user experience, hassle-free texts, and easy to understanding interface. People of any age can easily understand how to use Whastapp. Be it texts, videos, calls, video calls, location sharing, and even sending payments, Whatsapp has recorded remarkable performance.

How to Hide Someone’s Profile Picture on Whatsapp

The convenience of chatting offered on Whatsapp cannot be seen on any other social media platforms. For example, the story feature first appeared on Snapchat and launched on Instagram. After that, Whatsapp too bought the story features that users initially disliked but soon gained popularity.

Often, you do not want to see someone’s profile picture for some personal reason. You lookout for ways to remove their profile picture, but you can not do that. Blocking them is not a solution every time, and even it does not even guarantee that you can see their profile picture due to other user’s privacy settings.

If you have a problem with someone’s profile picture, you can simply ask them to remove or change it, but the profile is theirs, and they may not listen to you. Therefore, changing someone’s profile photo is not under your control.

If you are looking for easy to remove or hide someone’s profile picture on Whatsapp, you are at the right place. Below are some tricks by which you can hide someone’s profile picture on Whatsapp. So let’s get straight into the details.

How to Hide Someone’s Profile Picture on WhatsApp?

1. Find a suitable profile photo

Step 1: If someone’s profile pictures bother you, you can look out on Google for a photo you want to replace. Google has countless images or avatars that you can download. Thus the downloaded picture is ready to use as the user’s profile picture.

Step 2: The next step to downloading the photo involves resizing and renaming the image. It is an essential step of the process, and you need to be careful about it. Open the photo in any editor application and set the desired size to 561×561 pixels. It is the deal resolution for the Whatsapp profile picture.

While you resize the picture, you will also be asked to rename it. Add the desired person’s contact number and country code in the beginning.

Step 3: You have to replace the downloaded photo with the actual image. For this purpose, copy the picture you just saved and open your phone’s manager library. Look for the Whatsapp folder and click on the “Media” folder. You will find the “WhatsApp profile photos.” folder and paste the profile photo you copied.

Step 4: Reopen Whatsapp and search for the contact and check whether the profile photo has changed or not.

If this trick does not work, try out another way discussed below.

2. #Symbol method

You can hide anyone from Whatsapp by putting the #symbol before the desired contact stored in your phone. It is quite a simple and easy method to try.

Step 1: Rename your contact with any name (optional).

Step 2: Put # before the desired persons’ contact number stored on your phone. Save the contact number with the hashtag.

Step 3: Now, open your Whatsapp and search for the desired contact.

Step 4: Now, you can see that the person’s profile photo has vanished.

3. Delete the contact

If you are okay with deleting the contact number for not seeing their profile picture, you can. However, it is only possible if the person chooses to hide their profile picture from unknown people on Whatsapp. Once you delete their contact, you will no longer be able to see their profile picture anymore. If you choose to hide your profile picture from an unknown number, the other person will too not be able to see your profile photo. There are two disadvantages to this method. Firstly, if the person uploads any status, you can not view them anymore until you save the number again. Secondly, you will not know when they will change their profile picture. So if you still want to delete someone’s contact knowing the disadvantages will not bother you, you can surely try this method.

4. Archive the chat

If you do not like seeing someone’s profile picture or do not want to talk to them regularly, you can achieve them. The most significant advantage of archiving someone’s chat is that the other person can still view your profile picture, but you can not. Another advantage is that they will not think that you have blocked them.

Wrapping up

You cannot hide or delete anyone’s profile picture on Whatsapp because you do not have access to their account. You can either ask them to change their profile picture, or else any one of you can delete their contact number for a reason. But with some tricks, you can easily hide their profile picture and will not be shown on your phone anymore. You can only remove their profile photo from your side. You can also archive their chats if you do not like seeing them. Which steps did you choose to hide someone’s profile picture? Let us know in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you actually hide someone’s profile picture?

Yes, you can hide anyone’s profile picture with the steps mentioned above. However, the changes will be from your side. It means only you cannot see their profile picture, but others can. For the third method, if the person chooses not to show their profile picture to unknown people, then you can hide their profile picture.

2. Why can’t I see the profile picture of a person on Whatsapp?

If you can not see someone’s profile picture, it means they have either blocked you or did not save your number. If the person chooses to hide their profile picture from an unknown number, you can not view them. People can set their own privacy settings for profile pictures on Whatsapp.

3. How to view someone’s profile picture if the person did not save your contact?

The only way you can do this is by asking them to save your contact. If you ask them to save your number, you can see their profile picture. There are no other third-party apps to view someone’s profile picture if they choose to hide it from unknown people.

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