Instagram Fake Follower Checker – Spot Fake Instagram Followers {UPDATED 2024}

AI has taken over social networking apps to make running multiple apps easier amidst busy schedules. But we beg you not to let it rule your life. 

Instagram bots/and fake followers buying are currently at their peak, which is undoubtedly bad news. They might give you the impression that they are helpful, but they are not. 

Instagram Fake Follower Checker – Spot Fake Instagram Followers

On the other side, Instagram will most certainly delete your account from the platform if you use these applications. So, our question is: Why should you take such a chance? Well, perhaps, you are stupid or too lazy to grow your account organically! 

People have been mass-buying fake followers to provide their accounts credibility, especially if they are big accounts. These fake followers or bots will leave automatic likes and comments under people’s posts. 

However, that is not the point at hand. The point is that some Instagram users, like ourselves, want to know how to recognize fake Instagram followers. Therefore, we’ll talk about it today!

So, let’s get started because it’s time to finally end the confusion. 

Can you spot fake followers on Instagram?

It might be difficult to spot fake followers on Instagram since they don’t always come with the same red flag. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look for them at all. 

We’ve got you covered with a number of telltale signs to look out for when figuring out whether a user account is fake. Keep one point clear: The moment you are certain that an account is fake, you report it to Instagram instantly. 

Without further ado, let’s look at the warning signs of fake followers listed below. 

Sign 1: Profile picture and bio not updated

“Blank profile pictures and empty bios” – Do you accept followers with this description? 

It feels like a mystery, and you must stay away from such an account—it may be a fake follower!

Never trust an account without a photo to bio if you have spotted them. You have no idea who may be lurking behind that emptiness, and that’s scary. 

We all frequently post our profile pictures on social media, and our bio is our personal space for creative writing. You will find everything here, from funny quotes to life-changing lessons and one-liners. 

But, if someone doesn’t bother with these important aspects of Instagram, there must be something wrong. Not having these basic social media needs means a user wants to stay private or conceal their genuine motives—such as spamming or scamming. 

We urge you to scan for this information before accepting a follower that may be fake. If you see someone’s followers and notice most of the accounts like these, well, they probably bought fake followers. 

Sign 2: Leaves generic comments

“Great post,” “nice,” and “great share.” and thousands of generic comments are other revealing signs you should be on the lookout for to spot fake followers. 

None of us like having these comments that provide no value and are just there existing. They lack any real content or insight!

But why do these fake accounts post such generic comments?

Well, there are reasons, and we believe, First of all, it makes them appear active without actually making an effort. So, they don’t care if they are forming a connection with the other users; they merely worry about coming off as reliable and increasing a user’s follower count.

Sign 3: Huge gap in the follower-following ratio

Here’s another handy indicator to spot a fake follower – check out their follower-following ratio!

It’s a dead giveaway, and you cannot miss it. Imagine an account that has thousands of followers. Now, look at their followers and enter one of their followers profiles. 

What do you see? They have a minimal follower count, but they are following a large number of people. 

Let’s break it down: If someone follows a lot of accounts but has no followers, they are fake accounts. And if you see your rival account’s followers list brimming with such followers, they are not organic, so cheer up!

They only want to seem popular, but they are really getting nothing out of it. There is a high chance of them getting suspended from Instagram if people start to report such profiles.  

Sign 4: Low engagement rates on their posts

If you see a sudden surge in your follower count, it is probably time to run a quick check to look for fake followers. Over time, these profiles will start posting a few pictures, but they will have Low engagement rates. This indicates that your follower list contains these unwanted fake accounts.

Think about this: You have a massive following on instagram, but only a small percentage of them are actively engaging with your posts and videos; there’s something that’s definitely not right. You can never get a real insight into your posts’ performance, and that stunts your growth as an influencer or creator too. Find real people who are more likely to engage with content that speaks to them, and you form genuine connections. 

Low engagement rates are also a dead giveaway that most of your followers are inactive now. So, don’t you think it is time for a follower cleanup? You need active followers, after all!

Sign 5: Less video/reel videos

You still need another hit; well, we have more for you in this section. Check out a fake follower’s profile to see how many reels or videos they’ve shared on their profile. 

They have probably posted none, which might be a red flag that someone is a fake follower! But we cannot say that for sure! 

But if you see reels, tell us how many views there are on average. Now, we are guessing? Well, it has to be; after all, there is no scope for getting quality engagement! They want to seem authentic, but their engagement rate speaks for themselves. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why did Instagram block us for using bots?

Instagram’s community rules and terms of service are intended to guarantee a fair and authentic experience for all users. You are effectively violating their guidelines if you use them. Thus, using bots or buying fake followers is the wrong move on the platform. 

Instagram may issue a warning or possibly suspend your account if you are found using these bots. So, it would be best if you maintain distance from them. 

2. Do third-party tools help trace fake followers on Instagram?

Several third-party tools are available to assist you in locating and deleting fake followers. But you should be careful while using them.

It’s important to remember that Instagram strictly prohibits the usage of third-party tools on its site. They can suspend or block your account if you’re found utilizing these tools often.

However, in some circumstances, using these tools to spot fake followers and clean up your follower list can be beneficial. If you do decide to utilize these tools, try using them once or twice and stop them altogether next time. 

In the end

Any Instagram user who wishes to have a genuine community and active following must focus on creating high-quality content. We should once again tell you that buying false followers is not a good idea. 

We have included some telltale indicators to spot fake followers on the platform. So, please take a look at them and let us know if you have any additional questions about the subject. We are here to help you out. Also, follow us for more Instagram-related topics.

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