Can You View Someone’s Instagram If They Blocked You? {UPDATED 2024}

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. With billions of users globally, the app enhances its user experience with plenty of new features. Similarly, Instagram is one of the most secure platforms that protect its user’s security and maintain privacy.

How to View Someone’s Instagram Profile After They Have Blocked You

When a random stranger is constantly annoying you or threatening you, you can block them directly. Blocking someone on Instagram restricts them from viewing your profile. This means even if they search your name in the search bar, they cannot view their profile.

Recently, Instagram updated the block feature by allowing users to either block a specific account or block any account they create. This gives additional security to the people.

Now, what if the tables turn and someone blocks you? Suppose your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend blocked you. The curiosity to see their profile when they have blocked you is real. However, is there any option to view someone’s Instagram profile if they have blocked you?

Well, Instagram does not allow you to see someone’s profile if they have blocked you directly. Multiple third-party applications will enable you to view someone’s profile even if they have blocked you. Remember, using third-party applications means you allow them to view your private data, which can threaten your privacy.

But, don’t worry! Besides third-party applications, there are a few tricks (legit) that you can follow to see someone’s Instagram profile even if they have blocked you.

With that, let’s get straight into the details.

1. Search Them on Google

So, you might think, does this even work? Or will Google actually help you view their profile? Well, the answer is – yes! You can view anyone’s profile on Instagram through a Google search. However, remember to log out from your account because if you are logged in to your account, you won’t be able to view someone’s profile.

All you need to do is search for their username in the search bar of Google. After the search, their Instagram link shall pop up at the top. Unless you are logged out, click on the link, and you will be redirected to their profile.

Note: The above method only works for private profiles. If the person who blocked you has a private account, you won’t be able to view it. For private profiles, you can follow the other methods mentioned ahead.

2. Create a Different (Fake) Profile

The method may sound funny and straightforward, but if it allows you to see the profile of the person who blocked you, what’s the big deal? All you need is an email address or contact number to create your profile. By creating a fake profile, you can stay anonymous and get access to their posts and stories.

If the user account is public, you can instantly view it by searching for their username. However, if the user profile is private, send them a follow request and wait for their approval. Once the request is accepted, you can see their profile.

3. Ask a Favor From a Friend!

Sometimes people create a private profile because they do not want to access strangers to their profile. While creating a fake profile to see someone’s posts is one of the most popular methods, it does not guarantee that the user will accept your follow request, especially when you are a stranger to them. So, you can ask a friend to send them a follow request.

If the person accepts their follow request, you can ask a friend to share their posts, stories, etc. Again, the chances of the request being accepted depend solely on the user.

4. Ask a Mutual Follower

Another method you can try is asking a favor from a mutual follower. If the person who blocked you has a history with you, there are chances that you both have a lot of mutuals. You can ask a mutual follower to help you see their posts and stories as far as you remember. If the mutual is on good terms with you, they will spill the tea! However, it depends on your relationship with the mutual follower, but it sure doesn’t hurt to try!

Wrapping up

Instagram has created a new world with its crazy features. The platform itself is an introduction to an entirely new world. Since it focuses on users’ privacy, it allows people to block any profile with a click of a button.

So, when your ex-girlfriend, boyfriend, or friend blocks you post-breakup, you may become desperate to see what they are posting, what they are up to, and more. When this curiosity rise, you may be disappointed by hearing that you cannot view someone’s profile on Instagram if they blocked you.

However, creating a fake profile or asking a friend wouldn’t go too long. Unless you are too curious and desperate to try, we do not encourage you to create fake profiles or use one.

We hope the methods mentioned above come in handy for you. Over to you, how are you viewing their profile? Let us know in the comments below!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use third-party apps to see the Instagram profile of the person who blocked me?

Third-party applications may help in many cases. However, we do not recommend and encourage people to use third-party apps as it gets access to your Instagram data. Moreover, Instagram restricts third-party apps, so doing so will go against Instagram’s privacy policies.

2. Can I view someone’s Instagram profile if they blocked me?

No, you cannot view someone’s profile if they block you on Instagram. Once the person blocks you, you will no longer be able to see their profile or even send them a message. The image and profile disappear, and you cannot view them unless they unblock you. Luckily, you can follow the tricks mentioned above to view their profile.

3. Will I be able to send messages if the person has blocked me on Instagram?

No, you will no longer be able to send them a message. Since the account gets hidden from your account, you can send them messages or view their profile through other accounts.

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