How to See Someone’s Snapchat Story if They Blocked You

Snapchat is one of the most used social media platforms globally. As a matter of fact, thousands of new users are added to the platform every day. Snapchat is primarily used for sending pictures and videos as snaps. Users can only let their friends play the snap once with a timeline associated with it.

How to Know Who Blocked You From Seeing Their Story on Snapchat

Apart from sending snaps, one can also watch videos from different creators on the platform. One of the interesting features of Snapchat is that it allows you to view where your friends are(location). Lastly, users can also post stories on the platform that will disappear after 24 hours.

Millions of its users widely love Snapchat. The stories were one of the reasons why Snapchat peaked since it was the first platform to introduce the stories feature. Another reason for its popularity is privacy. Unlike other social media platforms, Snapchat takes care of users with utmost privacy.

So, when you take a screenshot of someone’s story, snap, or message, the users are notified right away. While we all add our family and friends on Snapchat, we would not like to share our stories with them every time. This is where the option to hide your story comes in. Snapchat enables you to hide your story from specific people. So, once you choose not to share your story with them, they will not be able to see it.

But what if someone else does the same with you? One of the curiosities that arise is how can you find out if someone blocked you from their Snapchat stories? Well, we know you are looking for the answer.

In this article, we will be discussing how you can find out if you are blocked from viewing someone’s story. So, let’s get into the details right away!

Can You Check if Someone Blocked You From Viewing Their Snapchat Story

If you block a user on the platform, they will not be able to see your story, snaps, location, or any activity for that matter. Sadly, Snapchat does not have a feature that allows you to see who blocked you on the platform. No matter how much you try, there is no direct method to see if you are blocked from viewing their story unless you get to know someone else or the person, so, even if they upload a story, you would never be able to find out that you were hidden.

Why doesn’t Snapchat Show Who Blocked Me From Viewing Their Stories?

Like every other social media platform, Snapchat focuses on users’ privacy. Similarly, Snapchat has a feature that allows one to block someone from their list of friends. Blocking Someone stops them from watching your stories and activity. If a friend of yours blocks you on Snapchat, you will not be able to view their stories. As a result, Snapchat will not tell you who barred you from watching stories until you find out on your own.

How to Know Who Blocked You From Seeing Their Stories?

Unfortunately, Snapchat does not permit users to know who blocked them as a step toward respecting each user’s privacy. If Snapchat allowed you to know who blocked you, it would be a violation of the user’s privacy.

One sure way to tell if someone blocked you from seeing their stories is by noticing no posts from the user at all. If you notice that they do not post stories or snaps, they will likely block you. This would only work if the user who blocked used to post many stories earlier.

Ask a Mutual friend!

You can ask one of your common friends to help you out. If the user who blocked you has set their privacy settings of the story to “friends only,” you can ask one of your mutual friends to see if the story is visible. If it is, then it is likely that you have been blocked. This method will only work if one of the friends is added to the target user’s friends list.

If the user who blocked you has kept the privacy settings of their stories to “Everyone,” you can ask anyone using Snapchat to check if the story is visible. In a nutshell, no concrete methods exist to know if someone has blocked you.

Does a Third-Party App Help You See Who Blocked You From Their Stories?

Unfortunately, Snapchat is highly conservative and strict when it comes to people bypassing its policies. You can say they work as hard as police officers to find if someone is breaking their policies using third-party applications. Over the years, people have been downloading third-party applications to complete their sneaky features that normal Snapchat app doesn’t permit. However, within a few days or weeks, Snapchat banned their accounts permanently.

So, if you are willing to risk losing your account for life, go ahead and risk it! But, at the end of the day, we do not suggest using any third-party application and respect Snapchat’s privacy policies. This is because if you are invading someone else’s privacy, remember, someone else can do the same for you. And if that happens, you wouldn’t like it.

Wrapping up

So, now that we have come to the end of our article, you are now aware that there is no direct way to determine if someone has hidden you from seeing their stories. Well, we believe this is a crucial feature, and if Snapchat decides to reveal it, what would be the point of hiding your story from someone in the first place?

Additionally, it would give rise to numerous fights, misunderstandings, and arguments because people take social media actions seriously. And if you get to know your close friend or family hid their stories from you, wouldn’t that be a bit upsetting?

So, there is no direct way to see it. You can only find that by asking a mutual friend if they can see the person’s story. We hope this article helped you know all the details you were curious about. Let us know your thoughts about this feature in the comment section below!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to use a third-party app to know if I have been blocked?

No. It would be in your best interest not to use any third-party application to determine if you have been blocked. It would only risk your data and privacy.

2. Can a Snapchat glitch or error stop me from viewing someone’s story?

It is less likely that a bug, error, or glitch on Snapchat’s end will cause problems viewing your friends’ stories.

3. Is there any direct method to see if someone blocked you from their Snapchat stories?

Unfortunately, no. You cannot understand if someone has hidden their stories unless you get to know yourself.

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