How to Read Snapchat Messages without Opening

Snapchat was initially made for people to share photos or “snaps” with each other, but it has now added a wide range of new features. Now you can also send videos, voice and video call your friends, create your avatars, and even watch some news!

One more feature that was not present in its initial stages but was later introduced is the chatting or texting feature. Previously, users could only send pictures to each other, but then the company realized the need for messaging.

How Can You View First Message on Snapchat Without Scrolling

As you may already know, Snapchat is known for keeping the privacy of its users as its top priority. This is why people can only view snaps for a short while before they disappear permanently. Even if you “save the snap” or screenshot it, the app notifies the sender about it.

Snapchat’s most popular feature is the “disappearing messages.” Although you can save and screenshot them, Snapchat text messages disappear as soon as you close the chatbox. Even if you open the chat box to read old messages, Snapchat notifies the person and tells them you’re lurking!

In this article, we will discuss whether there is a way to read the very first message on Snapchat without scrolling for hours to reach the top. Along with that, we will also be answering a few queries related to Snapchat, so make sure you keep reading till the end.

Can You View The First Message On Snapchat Without Scrolling?

Let’s say you’re in a fight with your friend, and you need a screenshot of text messages to prove you’re right. We all have faced these situations at least once in our lives, and none can deny that chat screenshots do serve as great evidence. So, if you need to read or screenshot the very first text of your chat on Snapchat, you probably would need to scroll up for a long time.

If you have chatted a lot with the person since then and do not want to do the tedious job of scrolling for hours, you probably thought the Internet would be the right place to go to learn a few tricks or hacks.

We are deeply sorry to say this, but there is no way you can do that. There are no hacks, tricks, or shortcuts for this, and you cannot reach the top of your chat without manually scrolling. You have the choice to do it yourself or get someone else to do it, but there is no other way around it.

Can Third-Party Apps Help?

Scrolling to reach the top is certainly not the job for someone who is impatient. Sitting in one place and scrolling for hours can get extremely boring and irritating. So if you are in a situation where reading the messages is important for you, you must be wanting a solution desperately.

Surely you may have read a few articles on Google telling you how easy it is to get the job done with the help of third-party apps, but allow us to enlighten you on how dangerous it can be.

You store your private photos and videos on Snapchat, and linking a third-party app with it means allowing them to access your account completely. The owner of the third-party app gets to view and save your photos, videos, and possibly texts as well, and you certainly do not want that.

One may ask, what is the harm in giving access to a third party if they can get the job done? Well, it depends on person to person. If you are desperate enough to let a stranger save your account’s content and face the risk of getting your private pictures leaked, then go for it. Third-party apps guarantee no safety, and even if they do, there is no saying they won’t break their promises.

In 2014, a person had linked a third-party app with Snapchat for some purpose, and thousands of their images and videos were leaked on the Internet. When the person filed a complaint on Snapchat, the app refused to take responsibility. In its terms of use, Snapchat has clearly stated that no third party should be linked with it.

After around three months of this incident, Snapchat asked Microsoft to remove all Snapchat third-party apps from the Play Store (Android) and App Store (Apple) for the safety of its users. However, some users still attempt to download these apps from Google. You must not make this mistake.

how to see old messages on snapchat without scrolling

Wrapping up

As you have read in our article, there is no shortcut to view your first text with someone on Snapchat without manually scrolling up. Snapchat might add this feature later, but it is not much you can do about it as of now. Moreover, there are chances that you don’t even have those texts anymore if you had accidentally forgotten to save them.

Even if you are confident that you have those messages, you must not rely on a third-party app. No matter what they say in their terms of service, third-party apps have a bad reputation of being untrustworthy. Always remember, it is better to lose chats instead of your privacy!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens to Snapchat messages when a person blocks you?

Yes. If a person blocked you, you could still view saved chats with them, irrespective of who has saved them. The chats will look as they did before blocking, with no change. However, the person who has blocked you won’t be able to access these texts.

2. How to recover deleted Snapchat messages?

All of your Snapchat messages, be it texts, photos or videos, get deleted after 24 hours unless you save them. You can recover them by going to the My Data page, then Deleted Messages, and finally clicking on the Recover button.

3. Does Snapchat let you save recordings of video calls?

There is no option for recording your Snapchat video calls. However, you can use your phone’s recording feature to save them.

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