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If you use Instagram frequently, you probably already know that you can choose whether to make your account public or private. Going private is a viable option if you want to remain anonymous.

We all have seen Instagram accounts that are hidden behind private mode. So, if it is set to private only your followers would be able to see and engage with your profile.

Private Instagram Viewer – View Private Instagram Profiles

You must accept the follow requests from anyone who isn’t already a follower. They are permitted to look through your Instagram account once you have granted them approval.

Even while this functionality is great, what if you want to see someone’s Instagram profile? Do you believe that using the app would be possible? Let’s take a look at the blog today to see if some of the private Instagram viewers could assist you in your work.

Does Instagram allow you to view private Instagram profiles?

Users on Instagram are free to choose whether they want to become private or stay public. Instagram follows the regulations after you’ve made a decision.

Note that there is no direct or authorized way Instagram will allow outsiders to peep into other people’s accounts if they don’t send them a follow request. It protects the privacy of private users and prevents disruption of the platform’s peace.

So, keep in mind that Instagram is ineffective if you want to get over this security measure and check someone else’s private account. But if you’re still itching to peek into someone else’s private account, let us share some strategies with you.

Private Instagram viewers

We all know that you can’t view someone else’s private Instagram if you aren’t following them. So, we will discuss some private Instagram viewers that can assist us in achieving this goal.

These third-party apps can occasionally raise red flags, but that doesn’t imply they’re all scams. You must take a risk and, for once, have faith in the apps we have recommended.

Let us first introduce you to a couple of private Instagram viewers we think will be of use to you.


Hoverwatch will undoubtedly rank among the top private Instagram viewers. This social media monitoring tool is jam-packed with features. Besides, it can easily monitor all Instagram activity on a target device.

This tool features an invisibility capability that allows you to remain undetectable to the target. Although it is a subscription-based platform, it is less expensive than the majority of its rivals.

If the target owns an Android phone, you must install the software on it. And, if they have an iPhone, the only thing you must get hold of is their iCloud login information.


We also have eyeZy on our radar as a potential third-party app for you right now. Customers that use this third-party solution get flexible and feature-rich monitoring. Thus, remember that eyeZy is available to assist if you want to view your child’s Instagram account, but it is set to private mode.

The mobile surveillance app works with iOS and Android devices. It provides a cost-effective membership option that would meet your requirements.

After selecting a subscription plan, you must install this software on both your phone and the target’s phone. The application is easy to download and uses a stealth mode that prevents anyone from noticing anything suspicious on their phone.

You must then sync your phone with the target’s phone and go to your eyeZy dashboard in order to access someone else’s Instagram. You may also look through their direct messages and other activities on the platform.


If you want to check on someone’s private account without them knowing, sit back and let Glassagran handle the work. You can also access someone’s Instagram stories in secret using this tool.

You can view the activities you need to know about any social network account with this tool. It is available for download by iOS and Android users alike.

You can finish the setup within a few minutes after installing the program. The app offers real-time updates and a sample version for customers to try out before purchasing.

Other ways to view someone’s private Instagram account:

Send them a follow request on Instagram

Have you come across a picture of a dress of your dreams and wish to see more of them? Why not check out the user’s profile who posted it?

It’s simple to view someone’s Instagram profile if their account is made public, right? So, why not send them a follow request if you discover that the account is private? Believe us when we state that this approach is the most straightforward way to see someone’s Instagram profile. You only need to tap on that follow button and wait for them to accept your follow request.

Steps to send someone a follow request on Instagram:

Step 1: Run Instagram on your device and press the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the page.

Step 2: The Search bar is at the top of the page. Tap on it and enter the username of the person you wish to follow.

Step 3: Tap on their names once you see them on the search result and head to their profile.

Step 4: There must be a Follow button in their profile. Tap on it, and you have sent a follow request to that person.

Take help from a common friend

You have the opportunity to use this trick to your advantage if you don’t want to follow them directly. You should first find someone who is a common friend with both you and the person you wish to watch.

If they are far away, ask them to provide you with a picture of the post you want to see. If you are good friends, then perhaps you can ask them for their Instagram username and password. Then you can sign in to their account and see the person’s private account for yourself.

If you don’t know the individual well, you can say why you want to look at their profile. Then you might inquire whether they can assist you in seeing the person’s private profile.

Create a dummy account

Do you know what a dummy account is on Instagram? Well, it’s a false account you set up on Instagram to view content or follow individuals, which may often be challenging to do from your primary account.

You must set up a second Instagram account and request to follow them from there. You should also add some posts, upload a profile photo, and increase your follower count to prevent your account from looking suspicious. Do not enter your phone number on the app when adding your login details.

Steps to create a second/dummy account on Instagram:

Step 1: Open Instagram and go to your profile.

Step 2: Choose Settings from the hamburger menu.

Step 3: Go down the Settings page/tab, and tap on Add or switch accounts in the Logins category.

Step 4: Click on the Add Instagram Account.

Step 5: Do you see a Create New account option? Click on it.

Step 6: You should enter a username and tap on Next.

Step 7: Now it is time to Create a password. So, choose a strong password and tap on Next again to continue.

Step 8: You should see the Add new phone or email link on the next page. Click on it and enter your email here. Make sure to enter a new email address that nobody knows about, and avoid adding your phone number. Click Next.

Step 9: You must now enter the confirmation code you received at the specified email address.

Now, follow the instructions to complete your sign-up process.

Wrapping up

With this, we have marked the end of our blog. We discussed how to view a private Instagram account.

We talked about what private Instagram means. Next, we discussed whether viewing private Instagram profiles is possible on Instagram. We brought third-party private Instagram viewers into the mix. We discussed Hoverwatch, eyeZy, and Glassagram to help you out.

We also described a few methods for viewing Instagram in private mode. You can follow them, ask a friend you have in common to help, or create a fake account for this purpose. So, did these private account viewers assist you in viewing someone’s private account?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there alternate third-party apps that we can use as private Instagram viewers?

You may use mSpy, another well-liked software for monitoring an individual’s Instagram profile and chats. The app is simple to use and features a live chat tool to assist you if you get lost anywhere.

UMobix is another site that can keep an eye on your child’s activity if their Instagram account is set to private. Both of the applications offer good value for the money despite being subscription-based.

2. Is it illegal to view someone’s private account on Instagram?

It is not against the law to view someone’s Instagram profile. You may always send a formal request through the app to view people’s accounts. You might get into trouble if you use any unfair methods to view someone’s profile that goes beyond Instagram’s rules.

3. How to set your Instagram account to private?

Steps to set Instagram to private:

Step 1: Open Instagram on your phone and tap on the profile picture icon at the bottom right corner.

Step 2: You must tap on the three horizontal lines at the upper right side and choose Settings from the menu.

Step 3: Go to the privacy option and turn the toggle on for the Private account option under Account privacy.

Step 4: You will then get a prompt that states: Switch to a private account. Tap on Switch to private at the bottom of the message to confirm the action.

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