How to View Private TikTok Accounts {UPDATED 2024}

Have you become weary of using the same social media platforms repeatedly? Move over because TikTok, the most popular app in town, is now available. 

The app has everything from the funniest dance videos to cooking instructions. These are quite a few instances, but there are plenty more to choose from. 

How to View Private TikTok Accounts

So, what exactly are you doing if you’re not joining TikTok? Is it possible to view private TikTok accounts? 

That is the pressing subject of the moment. Let’s cut to the chase now and discuss the topic, shall we? 

What is a private TikTok account? 

Bite-sized video content is the new cool on TikTok. Creators post them online for others in hopes that their videos go viral or just out of enthusiasm. 

But not everyone desires to create content while having the entire world see their every move. Private TikTok accounts come into play in this situation. 

It is incredible to be able to keep our account private since, like any other social media network, TikTok respects privacy. 

Only users who have been authorized as followers by the account owner can visit a TikTok account that has been set to private. Private accounts are special and allow users to share information with a particular audience!

Can you view a private TikTok account?

We know you are sick of feeling like you are missing out on the special stuff available on a classmate’s private TikTok account. We’re here to let you know if the well-known TikTok app allows you to browse private accounts.  

Think again if you believe that private TikTok accounts are off-limits! Please don’t be concerned since seeing private TikTok accounts is doable. 

We know it could seem difficult, but we have you covered. Let us now take matters into our own hands and provide some tips and strategies to properly see a private account on TikTok. 

Method 1: Send them a follow request on TikTok

We know that you are undoubtedly eager to find out what content your favorite TikTok user uploads on their private account. Sending them a follow-up request could be your ticket to accessing their premium stuff. 

Are you prepared to stand up and view the information kept from the public’s gaze, then? Why don’t you try this official way, though? 

Don’t worry if you feel stuck and unsure where to start; we are here to help you with the next few stages. Please be aware that we shall list below the simplest method for following someone on TikTok.

Step to send someone a follow request on TikTok

Step 1: Open your TikTok account on the device.

Step 2: The Discover tab is at the bottom navigation bar. Please select it. 

Step 3: Use the search field to type in the username of the specific account. 

You can tap on the follow button next to their names if it is visible. 

Alternatively, you can tap on their username, enter their profile, and hit the follow button from there. 

Method 2: Use a fellow TikToker’s account

Are you prepared to advance your TikTok skills? Let us now explain the most effective way to see private TikTok accounts without being followed. Use a TikToker friend of yours to follow them and view their content. 

While using another TikToker account to access private information could seem like a smart workaround, it’s vital to keep in mind that this approach might not always be successful. You might not have a buddy that can assist you because it feels like an invasion of someone’s privacy! It is preferable to avoid using this strategy altogether in this situation. 

Method 3: Sign up for a second account

Sometimes you are prepared to explore TikTok in-depth, but a private account prevents you from doing so. Why not register for a second account to view this private account?

We know this strategy could seem a little cumbersome to some of you, but it works! Your task will be completed without the need for outside assistance. 

Just bear in mind that you should never submit your real phone number while creating an account. If you choose to utilize email instead, create a new email address before creating an account on TikTok. 

Method 4: Search for them on different social media platforms

How frequently do you see popular TikTok videos on Instagram’s Explore tab or Twitter’s trending section? Perhaps you also come across it when going through your feeds on Facebook. 

Creators like promoting their videos to a larger audience so that they can become viral. A TikToker’s video may thus be found on other platforms as well. 

Now you must look for them on social media using their true names or usernames. Please visit their profiles when you come across their names to see if you can locate their private TikTok videos. 

Method 5: Third-party online private TikTok account viewers

We sometimes encounter a TikTok video that we adore, but it is private when we try to contact the creator. What if we say that you can now have a glimpse of their videos without asking to follow them, thanks to third-party online private TikTok viewers? 

The question now is whether or not the tools are secure. We’ve provided two options for you to choose from to address this problem so that you won’t have to sort through the sea of options. Kindly refer to the sections below to learn more about the tools. 


Do you wish to monitor your child’s activity on TikTok? Although we are aware of your stress, what if we informed you there are online private TikTok account viewers that can assist you in keeping an eye on their content and ensuring that they are secure online?

mSpy enters the pictures as one of the most powerful TikTok account viewer tools. It works with both iOS and Android. Please be aware that it is a little more expensive than other spy programs, but the key point is that it produces results. 


Hoverwatch, which is useful if you need to monitor your partner’s private TikTok account, is the second-best tool. The app has several features and operates in stealth mode, so the intended user won’t know it. 

It is a paid tool that works with both iOS and Android. Additionally, you may use it on both Windows and Mac computers. 

The installation of the tool won’t take more than five minutes. Additionally, this mobile spying tool is quite simple to use.  

Therefore, use this third-party tool to determine whether it was worthwhile for your work.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. Are third-party tools safe to use?

Yes, they are secure as long as you utilize these tools carefully. But read the review and believe the positive ratings before moving further. 

2. Are there any free third-party tools that let you view private TikTok accounts?

Yes, free tools provided by third parties are available to view private TikTok accounts. However, occasionally they don’t work or give you the desired results. 

In the end

With this, we have decided to end the discussion. Please allow us a few minutes to walk you through the topics we have discussed. 

So, we discussed how to view private TikTok accounts. We have mentioned five reliable methods that can be of help to you. 

Make sure you comment down your thoughts below. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. We will do our best to clear it for you. 

Please pass along the blog to people who need these answers. Make sure you follow us for more tech-related content. 

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