How to Remove Someone From WhatsApp Group

Remove someone from whatsapp group without them knowing: Remember, years back, you had to pay hundreds to speak to your friends and family living in another country just for a few minutes? The days when we used to stay connected on platforms like Orkut, Yahoo, and Gmail? Fortunately, things are totally opposite in 2022.

How Can You Remove Someone from Whatsapp Group Without Them Knowing

The internet has made the world a small place, especially with the introduction of excellent messaging applications. One of which is WhatsApp. The meta-owned platform provides easy access to any person to send and receive messages, calls, pictures, videos, GIFs, stickers, audio notes, and so much more!

All you need is to download the app, register through your mobile number and you are all set! One of the best parts about WhatsApp is its highly user-friendly interface that has won the hearts of millions around the world.

In a world where we struggle to keep in touch with our family and friends due to distance and hustle, WhatsApp has made it convenient by giving us a safe space with our loved ones.

Besides its unique features, one of the most incredible features WhatsApp has introduced is ‘WhatsApp Group.’ unsurprisingly, WhatsApp groups are convenient for people who want to convey the message to different people. Still, they do not have time to speak to everyone individually.

For instance, you are throwing a party, and you want to invite your friends, in such a situation, you will prefer sending an invite by creating a WhatsApp group of your friends. This feature saves time and improves communication, especially allowing families to share their day-to-day lives.

Moreover, many businesses use WhatsApp groups to convey crucial information and messages to the team members. However, despite it being a fantastic feature to have a close space with your friends, it can also have various drawbacks.

Sometimes you may not be comfortable with someone else present in the group, or you may have other reasons why you do not want to stay with a specific person in the group. You may not even want to leave a group in such a case, but you simply want to remove the person without them knowing.

If you are wondering how you can remove someone from your WhatsApp group without them knowing, you have come to the right place!

In this article, we will explore all the possible ways how you can easily remove someone from the WhatsApp group without helping them know about it!

How to Remove Someone From WhatsApp Group Without Them Knowing?

How to Remove Someone From WhatsApp Group Without Them Knowing

If you have been using WhatsApp groups for a while now, you will be aware that it publicly displays who left the group or is removed from the group. For example, if the admin removes you from the group, you will see ‘X removed you.’

Similarly, other members present in the group can see ‘X removed Z.’ However, WhatsApp does not send a push notification displaying that someone left the group or someone was removed from the group. This means the person will not see that they have been removed from the WhatsApp group unless they check the chat to message.

After being removed from the group, the person can still see the old chats, group members and their information, access to all media and documents, and more. However, they cannot see new messages nor send any new messages.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not provide any method to remove anyone from the group without them knowing. Everyone in the group can see when the admin removes someone from the group. Despite WhatsApp users demanding to keep this information private, the application has not made any official declaration or updates about the same. It still chooses to keep the information public.

Even if you are using third-party applications for WhatsApp, everyone else will still see that you removed someone from the group. So, in the end, no method will help you grab this feature unless WhatsApp itself decides to roll out the feature to keep the information private.

Alternative ways!

We get it. Sometimes it may look rude to just remove someone from the WhatsApp group, especially when they will be able to see who removed them. For example, you have a group with your friends, and you want to share something meaningful with your friends. However, there is one friend whom you do not trust completely, or you don’t want to share the same with them. In such a situation, removing them (especially when you are friends with them) can affect your friendship, increase conflicts, and make you appear rude in front of them.

Therefore, when situations like this arise where you do not want to remove them but also want to keep your conversation private, you can create a separate WhatsApp group with all your friends/family except that person. Doing so will help you keep your privacy and eliminate you from appearing rude or arrogant. The good part? The other person will never know!

If the method mentioned above does not seem right, there is another possibility to try out your luck. You can approach the person privately, explaining to them about the entire situation. If the person is understanding, there are chances that they will leave the group by themself.

Lastly, if you removed someone and you are tensed about the aftermath, you can talk to the person privately and tell them why you removed them from the WhatsApp group. Of course, the reason should be valid and honest to not feel bad.

Wrapping up

WhatsApp is still a growing community of millions of daily users. The platform is easy to use, provides a convenient method for staying in touch with everyone worldwide, and provides plenty of cool features that one can explore.

Undoubtedly, having a WhatsApp group of people you like to talk to, such as your family and friends, adds more fun to your communication! After all, who does not like sharing posts, pictures, and videos with their friends and family altogether. WhatsApp group makes you feel at home, where you are closely talking to everyone simultaneously, even if it is from a distance.

Despite all the functionalities, you still do not get the feature to remove a person from the WhatsApp group without them finding out.

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