How to Recover Deleted TikTok Messages?

TikTok: A video-sharing app that has captivated users with its amazing content. Youngsters create the majority part of the TikTok fan club, and it is not hard to discover why!

The app gives them a sense of control and freedom, and it is quite obvious. They are free to post videos that make them break out of their shells. They share their passion by making bite-sized videos. 

How to Recover Deleted TikTok Messages on Android & iPhone

Audiences appreciate and shower them with love, and what else do you need to have a happy online life, right? You go viral, get collaborations and deals, and people who love you genuinely.

TikTok is easy to access, and contrary to popular belief, it is also quite convenient to use. Celebrities have started using the app for movie and song promotion, and they also come live to interact directly with their fans. 

People make content on a diverse range of topics on the platform. You can see creators collaborating and pulling pranks on each other and storytellers using the platform to create short movies.

You can always count on this platform to give you just the right videos to boost your mood and entertain you all the time. Besides, you shouldn’t miss out on the platform’s fun in the comments section. 

People are downright hilarious or supportive when commenting on others’ posts. Of course, you get mean comments, but we can always ignore that!

Perhaps the best feature of this platform is the direct messages. It is the melting pot of ideas, and, of course, messages we send privately to other creators for collaboration are another sweet deal. Naturally, a lot of people use this feature for important messages on the platform. 

However, what if you accidentally delete messages that were quite important to you? How do you recover deleted TikTok messages on Android & iPhone?

Do you belong to the same category of people who wish to uncover these answers too? Well, you are at the right place. Just stick with us until the end of the blog to find out all about it. 

Can you recover deleted TikTok messages on Android & iPhone?

Have you ever accidentally deleted your TikTok messages only to regret it later? We can’t say it is the same with everyone because people end up erasing messages they need. 

However, no matter what the cause of your message deletion on TikTok is, one thing is common to all of us. Do you know what that is? Well, we all desire to know how to recover those deleted messages on TikTok on both Android phones and iPhones. 

Now, we don’t know what others have told you, but please note that you can recover those deleted messages on Android and iPhone. Do you wish to know how to do it? We will explain the topic in detail, so make sure to stick by us. 

You can request data backups on TikTok

You will be a fool if you don’t create backups for your data! Don’t be offended because it is true, and you will agree with us if you have ever lost an important file with no recovery traces. 

Nowadays, people create backups of their secondary files and make as many copies of their important files as possible. They do that so they don’t lose their important files at any cost. Multiple social media platforms obviously have the necessary data backups, and you can request them too. 

Well, fortunately, TikTok has data backup features as well. Isn’t it just the news you wanted to hear? 

You can sit back and take a deep breath because the only thing you must do is request your data, and you will get your messages here. We know you might think it is easier said than done but let’s prove to you how easy it is to request data backups on TikTok.

Steps to request data backups on TikTok:

Step 1: Access the official TikTok app on your device. Please make sure to log in if you are signed out; otherwise, skip the step. 

Step 2: Do you see the Me labeled profile picture icon? It is present in the lower right section of the TikTok page. Please tap on it. 

Step 3: The hamburger icon sits at the top right corner of your profile. Make sure you click on it to continue to your Settings page/tab. 

Step 4: Click on privacy and security next. 

Step 5: Upon doing so, you will see the personalization and data section. Please click on it. 

Step 6: Go to Download your data tab and select Request data file at the lower part of the page. 

That’s it! You will now get the data backup with messages included once the download is completed. 

Ask the recipient to send the messages

We have the option to delete messages on TikTok, and there is no such option to unsend messages, isn’t it? The option to unsend is present on apps like Instagram, and it comes in really handy in order to bring back embarrassing messages. 

At times we send important messages and need to scroll through them to cross-confirm something. But then we remembered that we lost them after it was deleted the last time our Snapchat faced a technical glitch. 

Don’t worry because in such cases, you can always ask the recipient of those messages to send them back to you, don’t you think? We say so because deleting messages from your end doesn’t mean the messages will be removed from their accounts. We believe it is one of the quickest message recovery approach anyone can try, regardless of whether they use Android or iPhone. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Do third-party tools help in message recovery for TikTok?

Third-party tools that are scattered all across the internet claim to be of help when it comes to message recovery for TikTok. However, not all apps are trustworthy, so please review them before using them. You can ask people and look for their ratings before giving any information that might jeopardize your safety. 

Can I send messages to someone who is not following me on TikTok? 

No, you cannot send messages to someone who is not following you on TikTok. You need to follow each other to use the app’s direct messages feature. 

Besides, the message feature is banned for youngsters under 16 years of age. Please note that this law differs region-wise. 

And that’s a wrap

With this, we have reached the end of our discussion. So, let us revisit the topics we have discussed. 

We addressed a commonly asked question related to TikTok today. We addressed “how to recover deleted TikTok messages from Android and iPhone. 

We first explained the possibility of recovering messages on TikTok. Next, we considered requesting data backups and asking the recipient of the messages for messages. 

So, did you like our blog’s answers, and were they helpful? We hope the approaches were successful for you. 

Please drop your comments in the section below so that we can also read about it. Also, make sure to forward the blog to anyone who needs these answers. Do follow us for more how-to guides. 

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