How to See and Manage LinkedIn Followers

LinkedIn is a robust platform that has helped and is constantly helping millions of job seekers and recruiters worldwide. The platform has successfully brought the professional world closer and helped people land their dream job. Thanks to the expanded networking opportunity. LinkedIn is a true gem for people who want to build a successful career.

How to See Who I am Following on LinkedIn

Now, people are focusing highly on building their LinkedIn profile to create a good impact on the people they want to work with or are working with. Your LinkedIn profile is a reflection of your professional life. Hence, the platform is coming more into the spotlight.

Additionally, LinkedIn is a pool of knowledge. You can follow your favorite creators and people across the globe and learn from their stories and experiences. When you scroll through your feed, you can see posts from people worldwide. And with so much content being posted by millions of people on LinkedIn, you will never have ‘nothing’ to learn from.

So, if you are scrolling through your feed and come across an interesting post, the first thing you would do is go to their profile. After going through their profile, if you like their profile and content, you can hit the follow button. Once you follow the person, their content will show up on your feed, and you can also communicate with the person.

But, how do you see who you are following on LinkedIn? If you navigate through your profile, you will see there is no option to check your following. Instead, you can view your followers and connections. So, how do you check who you are following on LinkedIn?

Well, this article will give you the solution you are looking for. As you read the post ahead, we have tried various methods to determine how you can check your following list on LinkedIn. So, let’s get started!

Can You See Who You Are Following on LinkedIn?

You can absolutely view the people that you are following on LinkedIn. If you have used LinkedIn for a long time, you may have checked the following list on your LinkedIn account. Unfortunately, there is no direct way to check the following list in your account. You may think the process will be a cumbersome task, but it is not complex as you think. Follow the steps below to find out the users you are following on LinkedIn.

Step 1: Open your chrome browser and log into your account with your email and password.

Step 2: On the homepage, you will see an option as “My Network.” Click on it. The option will be available right at the top between Jobs and Home.

Step 3: You will see the “Manage my network” button with various options on the left side of the screen. From the options, click on “People I follow,” which is present between the Contacts and Groups.

Step 4: You will see the users and corporations you follow on LinkedIn. You can filter the result by choosing the Hashtags, Connections, and Out network options.

Now you can see who you are following on LinkedIn easily!

Other Methods to See Who You Are Following on LinkedIn

The method mentioned works for every user. However, there are also other methods that will help you see who you are following on LinkedIn. Let’s explore all these methods below!

Search The Keywords

In the search box, type the keywords of your follow list. For example, if you follow people from the Human Resources department, search for HR in your follow list. LinkedIn will show the results of users who are following that keyword.

Viewing The Follower Count

You can see your follow list by looking at the follower count. The trick works on both corporate and personal accounts. To see your follow list by follower count, click on the “Followers” page, and in the “Columns” section, click on “Follower Count.” LinkedIn will show the list of people following you and the number of followers they have.

Viewing Activity Level

You can see your following list by activity level. The trick works only on corporate accounts. Click on the “Followers” page, and in the “Columns” section, tap on “Activity Level.” LinkedIn will show the list of people following you by filtering how active their account is.

How to Remove Unwanted Users on LinkedIn

There are various reasons why you may have followed someone. For instance, you liked their specific post, or you like their content, and you are keen to know about their journey. However, you may want to remove some people you do not wish to stay in your profile after checking out who you are following. If you do not want to stay connected with someone on LinkedIn, here’s how you can unfollow them.

Step 1: Go to the person’s profile page and the following link: “Followers.”

Step 2: On the next screen, click the radio button following the user you don’t want to follow and tap on “Unfollow.”

Step 3: The user’s profile will show that they no longer follow you.

That’s all! Enjoy your clean feed and following list now.

Alternative Method to Unfollow Someone on LinkedIn

If the method above seems a lot, don’t worry. We have an option for every of your problem. Below is an alternative method to unfollow someone.

Step 1: Open LinkedIn and log in to your account.

Step 2: Tap on “Profile,” located at the top of the interface.

Step 3: In “People You May Know,” select the person you do not want to follow anymore.

Step 4: On the profile page, in “Followers,” click on the button: “Unfollow.”

Step 5: Confirm the decision by clicking the “Unfollow” button again.

Congratulations! You have successfully unfollowed the person you no longer wish to stay connected with.

Wrapping up

With everyone focusing more on their career and striving to land their dream job or get their dream client, LinkedIn is emerging as a powerful platform that connects recruiters with their ideal employees and employees with their ideal job.

As mentioned, your LinkedIn profile is your reflection of your work as you can list your details, including work experiences, certifications, education, skills, and more on your profile, and people can view it. Once someone likes your profile, they can connect with you and take the conversation ahead.

However, if you were curious to know who you have been following ever since you created your LinkedIn account, we hope the methods mentioned above helped you check your following list. You can also quickly clear your following list and keep it updated with your latest likes and dislikes.

So, go ahead and try the methods and let us know which method worked for you in the comment section below!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the other user know if I follow them on LinkedIn?

Yes, the user will get a notification when you follow them, but if the recipient checks and follow you back, they will probably forget you.

2. Can I view other users’ followers on LinkedIn?

Yes, you can view other users’ followers. All you need to do is click on X connections (X= no. of followers) below the user’s profile picture. You can see the followers listed in the people tab.

3. Will the user be notified that I unfollowed them on LinkedIn?

No. LinkedIn does not send a notification to users if you unfollow them. However, they will have to check your name in their follower’s list manually.

4. Will the other person know if I check their following list on LinkedIn?

Directly, the other person will not be notified that you checked their following list. However, since you will be checking their following list by going through their profile, they will be notified that you viewed their profile.

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